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Vyacheslav Ivanov  is a CFO of Rosatom, Russia’s nuclear energy company. He is alleged to have been involved in Hillary Clinton’s Uranium One deal with Russia back in 2009 under Barack Obama.

This name appears on the list of the deceased in today’s An- 148 air crash in Moscow. Reports are yet to be confirmed whether or not it is the same person.   Continue reading “Reports: “Trump Dossier” sources aboard the crashed Russian flight”


A plan by New York mayor Bill de Blasio to house the city’s rising homeless population is facing opposition over a shelter that backs on to a super-luxury residential skyscraper on “Billionaires’ Row”.

According to the city’s department of homeless services, the former Park Savoy Hotel at 158 W 58th St in midtown Manhattan will house 150 homeless people. It is scheduled to open in March, and backs on to One57, a 75-storey skyscraper on 57th Street.  Continue reading “Wealthy neighbors pack community meeting to oppose planned homeless shelter on ‘Billionaires Row’”

LifeSiteNews – by Dorothy Cummings McLean

February 9, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – For the first time in Olympic history, men who identify as “women” are being allowed to compete against women during the Winter Games in South Korea.

Reports Larry Brown Sports:

For the first time, the IOC [International Olympic Committee] has ruled that transgender athletes can take part in the Olympics. Female-to-male athletes can compete “without restriction,” while male-to-female athletes must undergo hormone therapy. Previously, IOC guidelines called for athletes to have reassignment surgery followed by at least two years of hormone therapy in order to be eligible. The only remaining regulation is that male-to-female athletes must demonstrate that their testosterone levels have consistently been below the cutoff point for at least one full year prior to competition.

Continue reading “2018 Winter Olympics allows men claiming to be ‘women’ to compete against real women”

Fox News

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi spoke for a record eight hours on the House floor Wednesday, urging lawmakers to take up a bill on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

The marathon address included many stories from Pelosi (D-Calif.), including one in which she said her 6-year-old grandson once wished that he was Hispanic on his birthday.  Continue reading “Pelosi Tells Story of Grandson Wishing He Had ‘Brown Skin and Brown Eyes’”

Daily Mail

A university library worker claims he was accused of harassment because he typed an email in all capital letters.

Grandfather Stephen Poole said he sent the email after ‘snowflake’ bosses told him to work longer hours with just one week’s notice.

He finished off the email with the words ‘YOU DO IT’ before being ordered days later to see the library’s manager.    Continue reading “Snowflake university library bosses ‘accuse colleague, 65, of shouting at them and harassment’ after he used capital letters in an email”

Breitbart – by Katherine Rodriguez

A Utah school board voted to change the name of the oldest elementary school in its district from Andrew Jackson Elementary School to honor a NASA engineer with the same last name.

The Salt Lake City school board voted unanimously this week to change the school’s name from Andrew Jackson Elementary School to Mary Jackson Elementary School, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.   Continue reading “Utah School Named After Andrew Jackson Renamed to Honor NASA Engineer”


A luxurious island resort exclusively for women is set to open off the coast of Finland, with a strict no-men policy in force.

The brainchild of entrepreneur Kristina Roth, ‘SuperShe Island’ aims to inspire women and allow them to focus on themselves without the distraction of the opposite sex. The island will open to guests in June, but those interested in taking a testosterone-free vacation must apply in advance for exclusive membership, according to the websiteContinue reading “Sexist paradise? Luxury island resort to open – for women only”

Sorry to hear: A good friend of mine, after 7 yrs of medical school and training has been fired for one minor indiscretion. He slept with one of his patients and can no longer work in the profession.

What a waste of time, effort, training and money. He’s still paying off his school loans. This just goes to show you, one minor mistake can ruin your life.

Thoughts and prayers for him and his family. He really is a great guy and a brilliant veterinarian.

Vigilant Citizen

Sweet Jesus is an absurdly popular ice cream chain that’s been around for a few years and is quickly expanding in Canada and the United States. Deemed “Toronto’s Most Overrated Ice Cream” by the Globe and Mail, Sweet Jesus nevertheless attracts huge crowds on a daily basis. The chain has been enjoying lots of media coverage and because its stores are custom-made to be “Instagrammable”, Sweet Jesus is all over social media.  Continue reading “Sweet Jesus: The Disturbing Marketing of a Trendy Ice Cream Franchise”

Daily Wire – by Emily Zanotti

Last year, Harvard University took the unprecedented step of banning on- and off-campus single-gender organizations. The ban targeted sororities and fraternities, but also “unrecognized single-gender social organizations” called “Finals Clubs” that served as gathering places for the school’s legacy students.

In early February, after several rounds of appeals, the school finalized the ban — but, because of a campus-wide outcry from feminists, only leaders and members of “male-focused” single-gender clubs will face repercussions from Harvard’s administration.  Continue reading “Harvard University Bans Single-Gender Clubs — Unless They’re Women-Only”

Daily Mail

A violent bike-riding mob has smashed up several cars and terrorized drivers in Manhattan, leaving one police officer with minor injuries.

The roving gang of 14 to 16 bicycle riders descended on New York’s Chelsea neighborhood near West 23rd Street and Seventh Avenue at around 5pm on Saturday, police said.

Video from the scene shows males on bikes, some in masks, riding the wrong way in traffic, surrounding cars and harassing drivers.   Continue reading “Violent NYC bicycle mob is caught on camera smashing cars and terrorizing drivers”

Old Proverb: “A man is known by the company he keeps.”


(JTA) — An event marking Israel’s 70th year will be held at President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida.

The event scheduled for late March is organized by the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, which is selling tickets for $1,000 per table, Haaretz first reported.  Continue reading “Mar-A-Lago Will Host Gala For Israel’s 70th Birthday”