The Daily Telegraph – by Miranda Devine

WHEN young Sydney mother Maddie asked her closed Facebook group of 26,186 mothers for some tasty alternatives to sandwiches for her husband’s lunches, she wasn’t expecting the backlash.

“I would love to hear what other mums make their hubbies for lunch and snacks throughout the work day,” she posted on Tuesday. “We are getting over sandwiches.”

You would think she’d asked for a hemlock recipe, judging by the torrent of scolding which erupted.   Continue reading “When making a sandwich is a crime against feminism”

The Guardian

To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee’s classic novel about racism and the American south, has been removed from a junior-high reading list in a Mississippi school district because the language in the book “makes people uncomfortable”.

The Sun Herald reported that administrators in Biloxi pulled the novel from the 8th-grade curriculum this week.   Continue reading “To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee taken off Mississippi school reading list”

New Nationalist – by Russ Winter

One of the more fuzzy-logic arguments being applied against the reality of hoaxes states that gun control hasn’t really happened to any significant extent; therefore, the idea that hoaxes are in play is invalid. This overlooks that there are about 10 other reasons for hoaxes other than simply gun control.

These are multi-level frauds and agendas, with gun control being but one element. Here are 10 other reasons these frauds are committed on the public:   Continue reading “10 Reasons for Staged Deception Hoaxes Other Than Gun Control”

Independent – by Ryan Hooper

Family doctors, nurses and other medical staff will be able to quiz patients on their sexual orientation under new Government plans.

Service users over the age of 16 visiting their local GP or hospital may be asked to confirm whether they are straight, gay, bisexual or other from 2019.

The NHS guidance apparently asks medical professionals to keep a record of the patient’s answer during face-to-face consultations.  Continue reading “UK: Doctors to quiz patients on sexual orientation under NHS plans”

Aunty Acid

We’ve all heard or seen evil in one way or another. From the fairytales, we were told as children, or hearing about someone who decided to murder innocent people.

Evil comes in many forms, and it’s often hard to recognize at first glance.

After all, not all evil people are labeled ‘Evil Queen’ or ‘Wicked Stepmother’!   Continue reading “12 Warning Signs That You’re Dealing With An Evil Person”

Alternet – by Bill Berkowitz

A travesty of our criminal justice system.

There are nearly 100,000 people being held in solitary confinement today in America’s prisons. They are locked up in cramped, often windowless cells for nearly 24 hours a day. They eat alone. They exercise alone in small fenced-in areas known as cages or dog runs. They are almost completely segregated from the mainstream population and there are no programs available to them. Most aren’t allowed to make phone calls to loved ones. And they are often subject to extreme and excessive punishment, euphemistically called “cell extractions.” Robert Hillary King, an Angola 3 member who spent 29 years in solitary confinement, has called this isolation a matter of “moral depravity.”   Continue reading “100,000 U.S. Prisoners Are Trapped in Isolation Units”


Sweden already leads the world in using noncash methods of payment and, according to a new study, could well become the world’s first cashless society in just five years from now.

Last year, only a meager 1 percent of the value of all payments was made using coins or notes in Sweden. The smooth transition toward a totally cashless society could be completed already in 2023, when shops are likely to stop accepting cash altogether, a study from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and the Copenhagen School of Economics suggested.
Continue reading “Sweden to Become World’s First Cashless Society by 2023”


The maker of a little red pill intended to treat a rare condition is raking in hundreds of millions of dollars a year as it aggressively targets frail and elderly nursing home residents for whom the drug may be unnecessary or even unsafe, a CNN investigation has found.

And much of the money is coming straight from the federal government.

The pill, called Nuedexta, is approved to treat a disorder marked by sudden and uncontrollable laughing or crying — known as pseudobulbar affect, or PBA. This condition afflicts less than 1% of all Americans, based on a calculation using the drugmaker’s own figures, and it is most commonly associated with people who have multiple sclerosis (MS) or ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.   Continue reading “The little red pill being pushed on the elderly”

Bored Panda – by ​Ilona Baliūnaitė

Look carefully at this floor. There’s a big hole in it isn’t there? Nope, it’s actually perfectly flat and was designed to stop you running down the hallway of a showroom for Casa Ceramica, a tile company from Manchester, UK.

Just why people are dashing into their showrooms at speed instead of walking hasn’t been explained, we can only assume that their tiles are just so good that people can’t wait to see them. Duncan Cook, the owner of Casa Ceramica posted a videos of himself first ‘navigating’ the floor, followed by a demonstration of it all being actually in your mind, walking straight over the ‘hole’ and finishing with a neat dab.
Continue reading “Genius Optical Illusion On This Floor Stops People From Running In The Hallway”

The Guardian

Athletes need to be fitted with microchips, in a similar way that dogs are, in the fight against drug cheats in sport, according to a leading representative of international sports people.

Mike Miller, the World Olympians Association chief executive, claimed that radical anti-doping methods – including implants to recognise the effects of banned substances – are needed to protect clean sport.   Continue reading “Call for athletes to be fitted with microchips in fight against drug cheats”

CRI is owned and operated by Doron Benbenisty, a former member of the Israeli Special Forces.

“They have been providing expert services for over 17 years in the United States and have trained thousands of U.S. personnel and first responders in counter-terrorism techniques.

“Their offerings extend to civilians, law enforcement and military personnel.”  Continue reading “CRI, the Israeli-led Counter Terrorism Training School, is based in Las Vegas, Nevada.”

Information Liberation – by Chris Menahan

Comedian Sarah Silverman’s new song titled, “I Love You, America,” features Silverman ranting about “white privilege” and Americans “voting against their best interests.”

In between her repeatedly singing the riff, “I love you, America,” Silverman whines about how “mad” she is about “the stupid sh*t you do,” such as voting “for these rich f**ks who lie to your faces and then systematically rape you of your rights and your job and your healthcare.”   Continue reading “Sarah Silverman’s New Comedy Song On ‘White Privilege’ Crashes And Burns”


A Boston museum honoring the popular children’s author Dr Seuss has become embroiled in a race row over a mural depicting a “jarring stereotype” of a Chinese man.

The Dr Seuss Museum in Springfield, Massachusetts has agreed to remove the offending image but has now been criticized for kowtowing to political correctness. The illustration in question was taken from Dr Seuss’ first book, ‘And to think that I saw it on Mulberry Street,’ from 1937.   Continue reading “Dr Seuss ‘racist’? Museum vows to remove mural by celebrated author amid ‘PC gone mad’ cries”