Information Clearinghouse – by Mike Marqusee

Taunting and tainting opponents with the charge of anti-semitism is a long-standing Zionist ploy, familiar to everyone involved in the Israel-Palestine issue. As their support weakens in the face of evidence-based argument, Israel’s advocates have stepped up their use of the accusation as a means to close down debate, particularly on proposals for boycott, divestment and sanctions.   Continue reading “How a London Court Repudiated Zionist Abuse of the Anti-Semitism Charge”

Since the Christian Science Monitor doesn’t allow comments in its articles, I emailed them the following letter, in the hopes they’ll clarify what it is they are babbling about.

They must be on some kind of mind-altering substance, as evidenced by this article:   Continue reading “Christian Science Monitor Staff Taking Drugs?”

The Kansas City Star – by Christine Vendel

A Kansas City woman shot a would-be intruder through her back door Thursday afternoon.

The woman, believed to be in her 50s, called police shortly after noon to her home in the 10600 block of Greenwood Road.

She said a car backed into her driveway and a man knocked on her door. She didn’t recognize him, so she didn’t open the door.   Continue reading “KC woman shoots would-be intruder”

Video Rebel’s Blog   [Satire]

Blythe: Hello, I am Blythe Masters, Vice-President of Global Commodities here at J P Morgan. As you know, I am the creator of Credit Default Swaps, a 700 trillion dollar plus market. I want to welcome the two of you as J P Morgan’s newest board members. I am going to give you a tour and brief introduction into how Morgan and the world really works. I am sure you know you were selected for the board because we are expanding into areas that require your corporate expertise, in Internet surveillance and mercenaries.   Continue reading “Blythe Masters Tells How The World Really Works”