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Not all officers of the law are bad. Some are actually so good that they are worthy of our praise, condolences, and protection. (Like Darren Wilson, who received death threats for having the nerve to exercise his natural right to self-defense from being fatally assaulted by the store-robbing and old man-beating thug Michael Brown).

But on a normal day, what do most police officers in the United States think about the US constitution? That supreme body of law that they swore to uphold from day one. Do they really care about it so much if they are willing to abide by commands to set up unconstitutional roadblocks, search and seize property without a warrant, or enforce “free speech zones” at events and rallies?   Continue reading “What Most Police Officers Think Of The US Constitution”

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Source: Return of Kings

America has an odd way of making smart people stupid.

I went to a college full of people who were bright on paper. I was friends with people who were at the top of their classes, in classes chock full of smart people. Yet if you talked to these people about anything beyond their narrow field of expertise, they knew nothing. And not only did they know nothing, they had no desire to know more than nothing; even a subject of wide appeal like human nature wouldn’t get their interest. They were philistines in every area of human thought, except their own – and that too bored them. Political science majors would squint in confusion when you asked them about political philosophy, as if you had asked them how to refine uranium into fissile plutonium.   Continue reading “How America Makes Smart People Stupid”