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Trump Says US Is Now Staying In Syria To “Protect Israel”

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Un-American Pro-Zionist Laws Exposed

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CAUGHT ON CAMERA! Zionist Criminals Spying on America

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EXPOSED – Jew Donors Granted Unfettered Access To NYPD HQ

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More Shekels America!! Israeli Aid Now $3,800,000,000.00 Per Year

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US Pledges $3.3 Billion in Military Aid to Israel, but Cuts Humanitarian Aid to Palestinians

Middle East Monitor The US House of Representatives passed two separate Israel related bills this week, endorsing what is being described as the largest aid package in American history and the appointment of an international tsar to monitor anti-Semitism and … Continue reading

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“Q – The Plan to Save the World” – Red PILL or Red FLAG???

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Way of Life

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CA Senate Candidate Patrick Little “We are going to name the Jew until they kill us”

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The Death of Free Speech

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5 Stories You Missed While The Media Was Obsessing Over Michelle Wolf’s Speech

Free Thought Project – by Rachel Blevins The name “Michelle Wolf” has dominated headlines and has become the talk of the mainstream media following the comedian’s speech roasting the Trump Administration at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on Saturday. While … Continue reading

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Netanyahu: Iran Nuclear Deal Is Based on Lies – Here’s the Proof

Haaretz Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed a cache of documents he says proves Iran lied to the world about its nuclear program for years, even after the 2015 nuclear deal with the world. “Iran did not come clean about its nuclear program,” … Continue reading

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How I became a “self-hating Jew”

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ISIS attempted to launch an offensive after Israeli missile attack on T-4 Airbase

Veterans Today – by Ian Greenhalgh A Syrian airbase has been hit by missiles, two days after several countries, including the US, had blamed Damascus for staging an alleged chemical attack in Douma despite the fact that a probe into … Continue reading

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Deir Yassin outrage remembered: 70th anniversary

Veterans Today – by Stuart Littlewood Today is the 70th anniversary of the Deir Yassin massacre, one of many committed in the vicious frenzy of the Zionists’ land grab. Here is an account of that appalling event….. Early in the morning of … Continue reading

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ISIS Exposed

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Two Witnesses Saw Nikolas Cruz AND a Tactical Shooter

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Under 21 ‘Assault Weapon’ Ban Requiring Gun Surrender Clears Illinois Senate

Truth in Media – by Barry Donegan The Illinois State Senate passed HB 1465 on Wednesday, a bill banning the sale of certain types of semi-automatic weapons to individuals under age 21. The bill would also make owning such a weapon below … Continue reading

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Israeli soldiers attack civilians, journalists and emergency workers…

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Oded Yinon Plan – Israel’s – The Clash of Civilizations Exposed

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