I am only 53 years old and I grew up in Wisconsin and now live in Oklahoma, but I cannot ever remember the color of the leaves on the trees changing color in August. Over the past week, as I am walking Henry, I have noticed the leaves on the trees in my back yard are all changing colors. The earliest I remember the fall colors is in mid-Septemeber and they are usually at their peak in October. Am I remembering incorrectly or is something strange occurring this year?

Jill in OKC

I have not even looked at a television screen in more than 3 years. The main browser I use is Brave so all advertising is blocked for me. I have done my share of research on 5G and the lack of testing for safety.

In surveys I take, I am exposed to some advertising such as that from wireless companies about 5G and today I noticed a banner ad offering $250-$1,200 per month for hosting a 5G antenna. Does this mean that without the people’s consent they are still rolling out the 5G network?

Jill in OKC

I thought the Trenchers would appreciate this. I am a regular survey participant despite the fact that frequently am not qualified to take their surveys because I am NOT a registered voter. As I have stated before, I regularly suggest the surveyors visit this site for truth.

Recently I have noticed the political surveys entrance question: Are you registered to vote? Offer only one option to select which is “Yes”. This means they must now include everyone in their surveys because not enough people are registered to vote. Word is spreading about the fraud !!!

Today I took a survey that used two terms I was not familiar with. First I will say that of the four people listed as conducting the survey, three were Chinese. I am not at liberty to discuss the topic of the survey but the two terms were Utilitarian and Hedonic. In case you should run across them being used in the future here are their meanings: Continue reading “Two new terms used”

On Sunday May 17,2020, I took a survey from Princeton University concerning UBI (Universal Basic Income). Obviously the so-called government believes this worldwide pandemic is the opportune time to push for it with so many out of work now. At the end, when they ask for comments on the survey, I clearly point out that the supreme law of the united States is the Bill of Rights, ratified on December 15, 1791. And that the CONstitution was never ratified. I pray that the comments I give survey presenters wake more people to the truth. Have a great day!
Jill in OKC

I do not have access to television in my home and do not even see a TV at the places I go. I am not active on any social media other than the Trenches. This morning a survey asked me how the quarantine is changing my life. I was not aware of any quarantine. I have seen changes like the carts restricting access to Walmart but even this has not changed how I live. Is Amerika under quarantine now? How do they expect people such as myself who do not pay any attention to mainstream media to be aware of this supposed fact?

Just curious, Jill in OKC

Take Back Your Power – by Derrick Broze & Josh del Sol

During this chaotic time it’s extremely important to take note of the advancements of legislation and political maneuvers which threaten our liberty and privacy. Continue reading “REPORT: How Surveillance and 5G Are Being Fast-Tracked Under the Pretext of Fighting Coronavirus”

AT&T gave me extra high speed data yesterday so I decided to update Koyote’s laptop. I started with updating Avast anti-virus which included Google Chrome. Google Chrome has just changed it’s policy which will be effective March 31, 2020. Chrome will now read whatever you type and change what you say to fit their paradigms if you do not remove this feature. Luckily the laptop gave me the chance to remove it immediately. Just a reminder: Do NOT automatically accept updates to policies with any company now! They are all changing in an attempt to control us.

Jill in OKC

Dear Trenchers,

I am slowly recovering after Koyote’s passing. I am requesting prayers that the Lord will assist me in selling the power wheelchair that belonged to Koyote so I may continue paying bills. For those that pray I ask that you please include Jill in OKC in your prayers. Thank you.

Jill in OKC

My dearest Trenchers,

This is Jill in OKC, partner/caregiver for Koyote. I have some bad news. Koyote had a few seizures yesterday after a day of feeling poorly. When I got up this morning, he was no longer breathing and already cold. He passed away sometime during the night. He always assured me he had no fear of dying because he would go to be with our savior, Jesus Christ. As I type this I am still in shock. I am waiting for his son and the coroner to help me from here.  Continue reading “Trencher Alert: Koyote has passed”

Green Med Info – by Sayer Ji

Water is life, as the saying goes. And it’s more than just a poetic phrase. Water is so intrinsically connected to life, if you counted all the molecules in the human body, 99% of them would be water!

On average, a human life can be sustained for up to three weeks without food, but a person won’t survive more than a few days without water. Under extreme conditions, an adult can lose around one liter of water per hour, all of which needs to be readily replaced to maintain a healthy fluid balance. So, what could be more important than consuming high quality, non-contaminated water?  Continue reading “Why There Is No Such Thing As ‘Safe’ Tap Water”

Green Med Info

The Telecommunications Industry promises fast, ubiquitous and unlimited mobile internet access with the next generation of 5G technologies by 2020, along with removal of cheap, secure and safer landlines. This 5G network is designed to provide faster downloads, streaming movies, wireless virtual reality, in addition to being the platform for the Internet of Things, whereby all our household devices are connected to this system wirelessly for remote control. While there may be limited medical applications, 5G will mainly be used for more immersive entertainment and surveillance with much greater public exposure, especially in “Smart Cities”. Continue reading “5th Generation (5G) Telecommunications Uses Gigahertz (GHz) Millimeter Sized Wavelengths”