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My dearest Trenchers,

This is Jill in OKC, partner/caregiver for Koyote. I have some bad news. Koyote had a few seizures yesterday after a day of feeling poorly. When I got up this morning, he was no longer breathing and already cold. He passed away sometime during the night. He always assured me he had no fear of dying because he would go to be with our savior, Jesus Christ. As I type this I am still in shock. I am waiting for his son and the coroner to help me from here.  Continue reading “Trencher Alert: Koyote has passed”

Green Med Info – by Sayer Ji

Water is life, as the saying goes. And it’s more than just a poetic phrase. Water is so intrinsically connected to life, if you counted all the molecules in the human body, 99% of them would be water!

On average, a human life can be sustained for up to three weeks without food, but a person won’t survive more than a few days without water. Under extreme conditions, an adult can lose around one liter of water per hour, all of which needs to be readily replaced to maintain a healthy fluid balance. So, what could be more important than consuming high quality, non-contaminated water?  Continue reading “Why There Is No Such Thing As ‘Safe’ Tap Water”

Green Med Info

The Telecommunications Industry promises fast, ubiquitous and unlimited mobile internet access with the next generation of 5G technologies by 2020, along with removal of cheap, secure and safer landlines. This 5G network is designed to provide faster downloads, streaming movies, wireless virtual reality, in addition to being the platform for the Internet of Things, whereby all our household devices are connected to this system wirelessly for remote control. While there may be limited medical applications, 5G will mainly be used for more immersive entertainment and surveillance with much greater public exposure, especially in “Smart Cities”. Continue reading “5th Generation (5G) Telecommunications Uses Gigahertz (GHz) Millimeter Sized Wavelengths”

Green Med Info Newsletter – by Sayer Ji

I created over 10 years ago to raise awareness about the most pressing health challenges of our times, and ways to solve them. Because of this advocacy, I’ve experienced both a lot of support and push back, especially on topics related to your basic human right to informed consent, with vaccination being the biggest powder keg, and your right to use natural alternatives to drug-based medicine a close second. Continue reading “5G Summit: Awareness and Accountability”

LinkedIn – by Cathy Bilsky

What does a signature mean? I will tell you right now that when you sign something (no matter what “they” say), it means that you accept liability. And if you don’t read and agree to EVERYTHING you sign, you are making a big mistake.

I am constantly being asked… “How do I sign my name? … AND maintain my rights?”  Continue reading “How To Sign Your Name Without Assuming Liability.”

Since I frequently hear the phrase “Think Tanks” I decided to take the time to tell you about my experience.

About 10 years ago I began waking to the lies surrounding me thanks to, I hate to say it, Newt Gingrich and his book ‘Drill Here, Drill Now”. I received a flyer on my car and the things I read on the flyer began my awakening.  Continue reading “For Discussion on “Think Tanks””

Newser – by John Johnson

Mexico has agreed to a fundamental change on how it deals with migrants seeking asylum in the US. Instead of being allowed to cross into America, they will now be returned to Mexico to wait out the legal process, reports the AP.

The Homeland Security Department calls Mexico’s agreement to accept the migrants “historic,” while the Mexican government made clear that it viewed the move as a temporary one, reports the Washington Post.    Continue reading “Mexico Just Made a Big Change on Migrants”

Newser – by Rob Quinn

The family of a man used for medical practice by 11 fire department employees as his body lay on the station floor is suing the city of Bellingham, Wash., for more than $15 million.

The employees have admitted practicing intubation, the insertion and removal of breathing tubes, on the body of Bradley Ginn, the Bellingham Herald reports.   Continue reading “Family Sues for $15M After Body Used for Medical Practice”

Newser – by Rob Quinn

Major League Baseball no longer wants to play ball with the Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith campaign. The league, which made a $5,000 donation to the Republican’s US Senate campaign in Mississippi, asked for it back after it was publicized by the Popular Information blog, reports the New York Times.

“The contribution was made in connection with an event that MLB lobbyists were asked to attend,” a league spokesman said in a statement, adding that MLB has asked for the donation—which was of the maximum legal amount—to be returned.   Continue reading “MLB Wants Its Money Back From GOP Candidate”

Newser – by Jenn Goodman

It’s Halloween season, meaning candy corn, Mallomars, pumpkin spice everything, and … cookies with human remains? That’s the snack that at least one California student reportedly brought to Da Vinci Charter Academy High School in Davis, per the San Francisco Chronicle, containing the not-appetizing ingredient of a grandparent’s ashes.

The Chronicle says it was her grandmother’s remains, FOX40 says it was her grandfather’s, but either way, Lt. Paul Doroshov of the Davis Police Department says nine students were reportedly given the cookies on Oct. 4 (it’s not clear how many, if any, ate the cookies), and students are speaking to the media about their experience, per KCRA.   Continue reading “Cops: Cookies With Human Remains Possibly Doled Out at School”

Newser – by John Johnson

A new Stephen Hawking book is out Tuesday, and the late physicist issues a warning in it that sounds straight out of a dystopian sci-fi movie. Hawking worries that genetic editing will allow the rich to turn themselves into “superhumans” who will eventually dominate the world and perhaps the universe, reports the Guardian. “Once such superhumans appear, there will be significant political problems with unimproved humans, who won’t be able to compete,” warns Hawking in Brief Answers to the Big Questions, as excerpted in London’s Sunday Times.   Continue reading “Stephen Hawking’s Last Warning for Humans Is Dire”

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