Tuesday Pfizer announced it’s expanding its clinical trials for younger children ages 5 to 11-years-old. Medical doctors are calling this the final frontier.

This is a 2-year study, where a subset of the children enrolled in the trial will receive the COVID-19 vaccine, and a second group will receive a placebo or salt water as part of the Phase 2/3 trials. The Pfizer vaccine injected in children is the same as the one injected in adults, but the dosage will be less. Continue reading “‘Final frontier’: Pfizer begins COVID vaccine trials for children 5-11”


AstraZeneca Plc’s head of oncology research, Jose Baselga, has died at the age of 61, the company said on Sunday.

“An outstanding scientific leader, José leaves a lasting legacy in the scientific community and here at AstraZeneca,” the company’s Chief Executive Officer Pascal Soriot said in a statement. Continue reading “AstraZeneca’s head of R&D for oncology dies at 61”

Rebel News

Justin Trudeau invited China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to send its troops for cold weather training at CFB Petawawa in Ontario — and Trudeau raged at the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) for cancelling the training after China kidnapped Canadian citizens Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig.

This is only one of many bombshell revelations in The China Files, a 34-page access to information document released by the Trudeau government to Rebel News, seen below.  Continue reading “Trudeau invited Chinese troops to train at Canadian military bases”


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today announced a ban on some 1,500 makes and models of military-grade “assault-style” weapons in Canada, effective immediately. Continue reading “Trudeau announces ban on 1,500 types of ‘assault-style’ firearms — effective immediately”

White House

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including section 12304 of title 10, United States Code, and having determined that it is necessary to augment the regular Armed Forces of the United States for a named operational mission, specifically the “Enhanced Department of Defense Counternarcotic Operation in the Western Hemisphere,” I hereby order as follows: Continue reading “Executive Order on Ordering the Selected Reserve of the Armed Forces to Active Duty”

Global News

More than 10 people, including one member of the RCMP and the primary suspect, are dead after a shooting rampage across rural Nova Scotia on Sunday.

RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki said the force is aware of 13 deceased victims. Continue reading “13 dead, including one RCMP officer, after shooting spree in Portapique, N.S.”

A & E for 9/11 Truth

On March 25, 2020, researchers at the University of Alaska Fairbanks issued the final report of a four-year computer modeling study on the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7. Continue reading “University Study Finds Fire Did Not Cause Building 7’s Collapse on 9/11”


The cost of buying a barrel of Canadian oil fell to less than a Barrel of Monkeys on Thursday as the oil price again crashed to record levels.

Western Canadian Select (WCS) was selling for $6.45 US a barrel Thursday, down $2.84 US from a day earlier. That’s below last week’s record when it sold for as low as $7.63 US a barrel. Continue reading “Barrel of Monkeys now worth more than a barrel of Alberta oil”

CBC News

Canada’s top military commander issued a detailed set of “pre-pandemic planning” orders on Wednesday for units both at home and overseas.

The orders give base commanders the authority to, among other things, cancel large gatherings on bases in the event of a spike in the number of COVID-19 cases.  Continue reading “Canada’s military ordered to begin ‘pre-pandemic planning’”

Jerusalem Post

Hadash MK Aida Touma-Suleiman slammed Defense Minister Naftali Bennett on Sunday for his strong support of IDF soldiers who used a bulldozer to prevent the burial of 27-year-old Muhammed Ali al-Na’im.

Calling Bennett “a minister of death and brutality,” Touma-Suleiman said that Israel “steals a body, abuses it using a bulldozer and still claims it has the most moral army in the world.”  Continue reading “MK Suleiman: Israel steals body, yet says IDF world’s most moral army”

BBC News – by Joel Gunter

The Culpeper County 2A Facebook group had five rules.

Rule one was “Get Busy – Follow the Action Plan and take the necessary steps to protect our rights. Sharing memes isn’t enough. We need coordinated action.”  Continue reading “Sanctuary counties: Inside Virginia’s gun rights resistance”

Virginia Israel Advisory Board

At the invitation of Governor Ralph Northam, the Israeli Ministry of Defense is bringing a delegation of 20 Israeli companies with autonomous systems, avionics and naval technologies to the Commonwealth February 3 – 6th 2020.  Continue reading “Israeli Unmanned Systems, Naval & Avionics Defense Delegation Visiting Virginia”


They paid $2,000 US to cross B.C.’s border with Washington state.

And they would have owed a smuggler another $11,500 US once they reached their destination.  Continue reading “U.S. search warrant accuses Canadian resident of smuggling Mexicans across northern border”


Russia has halted oil supplies to Belarus as talks on strengthening economic ties remained stalled over concerns that Russia could effectively swallow up its neighbour.

In a case that has echoes of Russia’s relationship with Ukraine before it annexed the Crimean Peninsula, Belarus’s state-owned oil company said Friday that Moscow has stopped supplying crude until contracts for this year are drawn up. Belarus’s two main refineries were operating at low capacity, running on reserves. Continue reading “Russia cuts off oil supplies to Belarus as economic talks collapse”

Freight Waves – by John Paul Hampstead

This morning, Celadon Group (OTC: CGIP) executives told its employees that the company filed for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11 and will shut down the operations of its over-the-road fleet. The official announcement came after a chaotic weekend of credit, customer, and driver issues when word got out about Celadon’s impending Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing.

Employees were instructed to come to a meeting at the corporate headquarters in Indianapolis to be held this morning. But then in the middle of the night, fleet-wide messages went out to drivers’ telematics devices: (See them here.)  Continue reading “Celadon Group makes bankruptcy official, shuts down after 34 years”

CBC News

In a throne speech promising new efforts to tackle climate change, make life more affordable and impose a ban on “military-style” firearms, the Liberal government today called on members of Parliament to work across party lines to solve some of the country’s most pressing issues.

The first throne speech since the election — which saw voters return Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberals to power in a minority government — struck a conciliatory tone. Continue reading “Throne speech promises tax cut, climate action and ban on military-style firearms”