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Did the Florida Supreme Court Just Give Cops More Leeway to Kill With Impunity?

Reason – by Jacob Sullum On Friday the Florida Supreme Court confirmed that police officers as well as other citizens are immune from prosecution under state law when they legally use deadly force in self-defense. Under Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” self-defense law, that … Continue reading

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D.C. proposal would let police take guns from people accused of domestic abuse

LMT Online – by Peter Hermann, The Washington Post WASHINGTON – The D.C. Council on Tuesday could pass new laws restricting the ability of gun owners to modify weapons and require police to seize guns while enforcing protective orders in … Continue reading

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Policing For Profit: How Civil Asset Forfeiture Has Perverted American Law Enforcement Picture this: You’re driving home from the casino and you’ve absolutely cleaned up – to the tune of $50,000. You see a police car pull up behind you, but you can’t figure out why. Not only have you not … Continue reading

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The cost of bad policing: Review of Iberia Parish cases leads to 18 tossed convictions

The Advocate – by John Simerman A campaign of violence meted out by a squad of Iberia Parish drug deputies landed many of them in the federal pen and left the fate of Sheriff Louis Ackal in the hands of … Continue reading

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NY sues 3 companies over lead levels in kids’ jewelry kits

PIX 11 ALBANY, N.Y. — Two of the nation’s largest retailers and a third company are named in a New York lawsuit claiming the companies imported and sold children’s toys with lead levels up to 10 times higher than federal limits. … Continue reading

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Hertz’s airport facial recognition program uses customer loyalty rewards to change public opinion

MassPrivateI Americans no longer have to worry about the TSA (DHS) using facial recognition to spy on you and your family. Because private corporations and sports stadiums are doing their dirty work for them. Two days ago, Hertz Global Holdings Inc., … Continue reading

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Inside the Philadelphia DA’s side hustle — selling seized homes to speculators and cops

Plan Philly – by Ryan Briggs Maleny Vazquez remembers when the police came and took the house across the street. Vazquez has only lived on this block of Waterloo Street for a few years, but in this chaotic section of … Continue reading

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Maryland man says he saved passenger in deadly crash, had his own vehicle seized by police

Fox 5 DC – by Anjali Hemphill WASHINGTON – D.C. police are investigating a deadly crash that happened along Suitland Parkway Sunday night. Kyree Payne of Northeast D.C. died when the car he was driving sped off the road and crashed … Continue reading

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The Deep State Wants Your Guns

The Mises Institute – by José Niño James Bovard notes the threat to private gun ownership posed by the “deep state,” the “officials who secretly wield power permanently in Washington, often in federal agencies with vast sway and little accountability.”

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Police use facial recognition doorbells to create private watchlist networks

MassPrivateI Earlier this year, I reported that Amazon’s spying Ring doorbells are being installed everywhere and how everyone’s privacy is at stake. But a recent CNN article revealed that Amazon wants to turn homeowners doorbells into facial recognition devices using their Rekogntion software.  

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The Largest Conspiracy Theory Peddlers Are MSM And The US State Department

Medium – by Caitlin Johnstone The US State Department has issued a statement accusing the Syrian government of having carried out a false flag chemical weapons attack in northwestern Aleppo with the intent to blame it on the jihadist factions in the … Continue reading

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Street corner competition for Wilkinsburg police gun buyback program; constable from Harmony Township cited

WTAE WILKINSBURG, Pa. — A man identified as an elected constable faces a citation and potential fine of up to $600 for allegedly trying to buy guns from people on the street as they were entering the Wilkinsburg Police Department for … Continue reading

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An Israeli tech firm is selling spy software to dictators, betraying the country’s ideals

Washington Post – by Max Boot Israel has always prided itself on being, as the Book of Isaiah says, “a light unto the nations” — an exemplar of “righteousness” to inspire Jews and gentiles alike and bring salvation to mankind. … Continue reading

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Nebraska principal reportedly bans candy canes, says ‘J shape’ stands for Jesus

Fox News An elementary school principal in Nebraska was placed on leave after telling teachers to avoid decorating their classrooms with Christmas-themed ornamentations so as not to offend those who don’t celebrate the holiday. 

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The Speeding Exemption

Eric Peter’s Autos – by Eric In Orwell’s other book – Animal Farm – we read about a mutiny against the farmer by the livestock, who draw up a kind of Declaration of Rights premised on the idea that all animals are … Continue reading

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It used to be illegal to throw snowballs in this Colorado town. Not anymore

LA Times The forecast for the town of Severance for the first time in decades: Cloudy with a chance of snowballs. That’s because 9-year-old Dane Best — in a dress shirt and bow tie — stood before the Severance Town … Continue reading

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Homeland Security creates exclusive “Platinum” spy on your neighbors cam-share club

MassPrivateI Looking for that special gift for your family this holiday season? Why not signup for Homeland Security’s “Platinum” spy on your neighbors cam-share club. According to an article in the Advocate, DHS and New Orleans law enforcement have just created a … Continue reading

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School’s historical re-enactment causes shooting scare

AP COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — Dozens of police offices rushed to a South Carolina elementary school Tuesday after 911 dispatchers heard gunshots and someone pulled an alarm reporting a shooting on campus. But it turns out the gunfire was actually … Continue reading

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Mother, children left homeless after police damage house looking for son

MLive BUENA VISTA TWP, MI — Debris consisting of the home’s interior littered the lawn of the house on the 1000 block of South 27th Street. The inside looks like a hurricane blew through it. Crystal Thomas and her children were … Continue reading

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NYPD launches drone program

Fox 5 NY NEW YORK (FOX 5 NY) – The skies above New York City will be covered by a fleet of drones piloted by police officers. The New York City Police Department announced its Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) program on … Continue reading

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