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The Red Flag Council

JPFO – by L. Neil Smith In America, the highest law of the land consists of the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution, commonly known as Bill of Rights. Unlike the remainder of the Constitution (which merely serves … Continue reading

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Australia Wants Two-Year Prison Sentences for Paying More Than $10,000 in Cash

Armstrong Economics – by Martin Armstrong In Australia, they want to make it a criminal act with a penalty of 2 years in prison for purchasing anything with more than $10,000 in cash. Australia is really going off the deep end. … Continue reading

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Colorado teen suspended from school after target practice with mom

The Daily Sheeple – by Sean Walton A Colorado teen has been told he cannot return to school until authorities hold a “threat assessment hearing” after he went target shooting with his mother.  Nate Evans, a junior at Loveland High … Continue reading

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‘Now or never’: Hong Kong protesters say they have nothing to lose

Reuters HONG KONG (Reuters) – Exasperated with the government’s unflinching attitude to escalating civil unrest, Jason Tse quit his job in Australia and jumped on a plane to join what he believes is a do-or-die fight for Hong Kong’s future. … Continue reading

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Hong Kong Crisis: Made in America

New Eastern Outlook – by Tony Cartalucci Claims that Western interests are driving unrest in Hong Kong to undermine China have been decried across the Western media as “fake news,” “disinformation,” and even grounds for censorship from platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Yet … Continue reading

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California police officers ‘heartbroken’ at discovering stolen doughnut van, ruined treats

Fox News It’s a classic case of who doughnut. Police officers tracked down a stolen doughnut delivery van early Thursday morning in Redding, Calif. — and discovered a scene that left them “heartbroken” and confused. 

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The Land Grab

Paul Stramer – by Anna Von Reitz Right now, you have a “DEED” on your property record that is held by the STATE OF WHATEVER  — STATE OF VERMONT, STATE OF TEXAS, etc. That entity is bankrupt, because its parent … Continue reading

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Hong Kong: US calls China a ‘thuggish regime’ amid fresh protests

BBC The US has called China a “thuggish regime” after a Chinese state newspaper published the name and photo of a US diplomat talking to activists. China dismissed the remark as what it called “gangster logic”. The Chinese have repeatedly … Continue reading

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Social Media Civil War

The Automatic Earth – by Raúl Ilargi Meijer The US government has to come up with very very strong legislation for social media, and it has to do that very soon. Because if it doesn’t, it risks those same social … Continue reading

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People are programmed to hate change

Bison Prepper Divide and conquer, from the same twats who tested airborne contagions on random subway riders, treated humans on par with herds of sheep in nuclear fallout tests, are magically able to collapse skyscrapers with a few random drops … Continue reading

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Hong Kong brought to a standstill as city-wide strikes and protests hit

The Guardian Hong Kong’s embattled leader, Carrie Lam, has warned that mass protests have pushed the region to the brink of a “very dangerous situation” as residents went on strike, paralysing the city. Lam, who had disappeared from public view … Continue reading

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