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It appears the United States is starting to favor beheading over lethal injection.

Huffington post reports:  SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — An influential federal appeals court judge said Thursday that the nation’s third lethal injection execution to go awry in six months underscores his call to bring back firing squads. Continue reading “Prophecy: Guillontines, FEMA Camps, And The New World Order, It’s All Here!”

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America the chickens are coming home to roost.

Since 9-11-2001 the United States has been engaged in destabilization of the Middle East. Now it seems the same people are in the process of destabilizing America. ISIS Threatens 9-11 style attack. 11 Libyan Airliners missing.

Mainstream Meida has begun an all out fear and propaganda campaign right here in America. As you are about to see in this video, MSM is fully engaged is fear mongering, attempting to instill fear in the hearts of American the people.   Continue reading “Red Alert: MSM Warns ISIS Sending 11 Missing Libyan Airliners To America On 9-11-2014”

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By using plain and simple math, along with data charts, scientists at the New England Complex Systems Institute have come to a clear-cut conclusion that when food prices rise, as much as they are in the US, then people start rioting.

Did you know right now in the US, 49 million Americans are already dealing with food insecurity. One in seven Americans rely on food banks.

One quarter of the American military needs outside assistance to feed their families. And of course, minorities are facing serious hunger issues.   Continue reading “Scientists Warn The United States To Prepare For Even More Riots, Brace Yourself”

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Day after day police seem to feel using excessive force is the way to protect the communities they serve.

Joseph Jennings is the latest example, on Aug 25th Joseph Jennings was brutally shot by police in The Orscheln Farm and Home parking lot on 2008 Princeton St in Ottawa, Kansas.    Continue reading “Kansas Police Shoot Unarmed Teen 16 times As Bystanders Beg Them to Stop Shooting”

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NOVA is reporting that the new Ebola bio-warfare is to reduce Africa’s growing population and will spread worldwide outbreak no treatment no cure deadly virus.

Also in this post I am sharing supporting links from various sources on the recent Ebola outbreak. As you are about to see there are many questions that need to be addressed.

2014 July 23 Breaking News Reuters Sierra Leone’s chief Ebola doctor contracts the virus USA – DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE equipped largest Ebola treatment center in Sierra Leone – Stephen Becker Bio weapons virologist states growing evidence that the current Ebola outbreak is a covert biological warfare operation.    Continue reading “NOVA Reports Depopulation Begins, CDC Ebola Biological Warfare USA Department of Defense Eugenics”

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This is how Michelle Obama really feels about White America. What world is Michelle Obama living in?

How can Michelle Obama justify her racial implications toward white people when she was giving her speech to graduating seniors in Topeka Kansas last week. Lately First Lady Michelle Obama seems to be going from one rant about racism to another. In Michelle Obama’s recent speech to High School seniors graduating in Topeka, Kansas, she urged students to “monitor their own family members for racial intolerance.”    Continue reading “Michelle Obama Insults America, ”When Grandpa Tells That Off-Colored Joke At Thanksgiving””

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This new information should be a wake up call to the world. The elite, illuminati, the people who control the worlds wealth, have determined that this world needs to be depopulated and vaccines will be the most effective way to accomplish their goals.    Continue reading “Vaccination Programs, Not What You Think”

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Beware: The False Prophet Supports the New World Order and One-World Currency:

The False Prophet will give over his mesmerizing global worldwide influence to the man of lawlessness who will arise as a (false) peacemaker to end the global war that is soon coming and to assist him in establishing the new-world order, which is discussed in Chapter 13 of the Book of Revelation. Continue reading “Pope Demands “Legitimate Redistribution” Of Wealth, Supports United Nations New World Order”

There is a growing awareness that our elected officials like Harry”Dirty Harry”  Reid have or are selling the American people as collateral to a hostile power that has declared the United States as is principal enemy… The People’s Republic of China

Moreover, there is a movement afoot to identify patriot prosecutors, judges and sheriffs and patriots willing to sit on grand juries to determine whether their representatives have committed any state crimes and to indict them in the various states, and to get ride of them while isolating WA DC.   Continue reading “The Bundy Incident and Rumors of War”

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This letter via the great Kevin Jackson comes from a black Marine going by the name of Charlie Delta:

The media distorts information to the point of social division. This is a photo of myself and the resilient, often charismatic, and maybe not so tactful Cliven Bundy. He’s a cowboy and a helluva family man, not an orator.

One thing he definitely isn’t – a racist. I found his comments to not only be NOT racist, but his own view of his experiences. Who the heck are we to determine another man’s perspective on the world around him?! Just because Picasso’s view of the world was abstract, does it negate the fact that his art was genuine?   Continue reading “Black Marine, Acquaintance Of Cliven Bundy, Says Listen To My Experience With Clive Bundy”

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Below you are two videos, the first video is the original video the NY Times edited to make there racist news report against Cliven Bundy. The second video is the NY Times Version Of how they want you to view Cliven Bundy.

Funny how even the NY Times edits (Government Censors) their videos to fit there progressive agenda. All of this to give a old rancher a black eye because he is standing up for his constitutional rights as an American citizen. Chicago style politics at it’s best.   Continue reading “Bundy Hoax Exposed: Full Video Of Cliven Bundy’s Non-Racist, Pro-Black, Pro-Mexican, Anti-Government Remarks”

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This report has not been confirmed yet, but this is breaking news. It has been reported by videographer Blaine Cooper that a federal judge has indicted on BLM for their recent abuse of power in the Cliven Bundy Ranch episode.

This report was supposedly reported on TV in Arizona. I will update this post as more news becomes available.   Continue reading “Bundy Ranch Update 4/24/2014 Blaine Cooper – Federal Judge Indicts the BLM”

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RED RIVER RUMBLE? BLM Wants to Seize 90,000 Acres of Texas Ranchers’ Land!

Looks like Harry Reid’s BLM is getting ready for a really big land grab. The next target appears to be 90,000 of acres of Texas Ranchers’ Land near Red River.   Continue reading “Harry Reid’s BLM’s Next Victim: Red River Land Grab Happening Now, First Bundy Ranch Now This!”

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One of the categories in ICD-9 is this one: “Legal execution: All executions performed at the behest of the judiciary or ruling authority (whether permanent or temporary) as: asphyxiation by gas, beheading, decapitation (by guillotine), capital punishment, electrocution, hanging, poisoning, shooting, other specified means.”

These codes were not created by Obamacare, however Obamacare is trying to implement every American citizen under international codes to link us to the “international” system. These codes were actually created by the WHO (World Health Organization) . The WHO is a specialized agency of the United Nations.   Continue reading “Obamacare The Long Arm Of Agenda 21 And The New World Order, Questions, Facts, Answers”

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Residents of the Kola Peninsula witnessed the fall of a celestial body similar to the famous Chelyabinsk meteorite on Saturday night. It flashed at 02:10 am local time and was clearly seen in the sky. However, no sound of explosions was heard. Officials say that the nature of the celestial body is unknown.   Continue reading “Watch Amazing Meteor-Like Object Over Russia’s Murmansk Caught On Dash-Cams Last Night”

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The state of Michigan has just became the 34th state to vote that a Constitutional Convention be called, and no one really noticed. Now the required 34 States Call for Constitutional Convention.

What is a Conctitutional Convention?   Continue reading “The U.S. Constitution Is Going To Be Rewritten, One Of The Largest Events In US History, Yet It Goes Unnoticed”

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This speech is like taking a walk through time, we can’t look into the future or can we? The issues and warnings in this speech should help people understand how impotant the advancement of the New World Order and Agenda 21 is to the powers that be and how long they have been working their plan.

Ronald Reagan A Time For Choosing 1964 Warns Of NWO.   Continue reading “Warning: Ronald Reagan 1964 New World Order Land Grab & Property Rights Speech Warns Of Agenda 21”

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Did you know Federal Government land ownership is concentrated in the mineral resource rich western United states? Specifically, 62% of Alaska is federally owned, as is 47% of the 11 coterminous western states.

By contrast, the federal government owns only 4% of lands in the other states. This western concentration has contributed to a higher degree of controversy over land ownership and use in that part of the country.     Continue reading “Kansas City Federal Reserve Warns Of Looming Farm Bankruptcies And Loss Of Farms To Follow”