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Scientist: Professor’s Claim that Unborn Babies Are ‘Parasites’ Is ‘Borderline Satanic’

Breitbart – by Tom Ciccotta A professor at the University of California, San Diego, told his students that unborn babies are “parasites” during a class lecture. Now, a scientist from LSU is pushing back against this absurd claim. Breitbart News reported … Continue reading

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Closed Immigration Checkpoints Are ‘Green Lights’ for Cartels, Says NM Sheriff

Breitbart – by Bob Price The massive numbers of families crossing the southwestern border continues to pull agents from their security missions to care for migrants. The vice president of the National Border Patrol Council recently told Fox News, “We’ve … Continue reading

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Gene Simmons of KISS Gives Emotional Tribute to America During Pentagon Visit

Breitbart – by Kristina Wong Gene Simmons, bassist and co-lead singer for the rock band KISS, made news when he visited the Pentagon on Thursday as part of an initiative to connect the American public to the United States military. … Continue reading

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Harvard/Harris Poll: 2-in-3 Americans Oppose Releasing Border Crossers into U.S. Interior

Breitbart – by John Binder The majority of American voters oppose releasing border crossers applying for asylum into the interior of the United States while they await their court hearings, a new poll finds. The latest Harvard/Harris Poll reveals that … Continue reading

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China Hosts ‘Carnival of Diversity’ While Putting Minorities in Concentration Camps

Breitbart – by Frances Martel The Chinese Communist Party hosted a “carnival celebrating diversity” late Wednesday in Beijing featuring Party-approved performances from the likes of Jackie Chan and Andrea Bocelli. The show was a stark contrast to efforts to eradicate Uighur … Continue reading

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Antisemitism is now a mass movement in Britain

Aletho News – by Gilad Atzmon It seems as if British Jewish pressure groups have achieved their goal: anti-Semitism is now a mass movement in the UK. The rabid Zionist Algemeiner reports that “Antisemitism and virulent Israel-hatred were rife on Saturday at a pro-Palestinian demonstration in London.” … Continue reading

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Louie Gohmert: ‘This Came Very Close to Being the First Successful Coup’ in U.S. History

Breitbart – by Robert Kraychick Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) warned that America “came very close” to suffering its “first successful coup,” describing Robert Mueller’s operation — marketed as an “investigation” by authorities — as an attempt to usurp a duly … Continue reading

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US Special Forces Command Issues New Guide For Overthrowing Foreign Governments

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden No kidding – this is not our headline, but Newsweek’s: “US Special Forces School Publishes New Guide For Overthrowing Foreign Governments” – and as far as we can tell they are the only major mainstream outlet to … Continue reading

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Cop Shoots 14yo Boy Through a Fence as He Played With His Friends

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist Oklahoma City, OK — Disturbing body camera footage was released this week showing how normal childhood acts can and will lead to children being shot by police. Boys being boys is apparently now … Continue reading

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CDC: Stop washing your raw chicken

Fox News Health officials once again warned consumers about the dangers of washing raw chicken before cooking it, citing the risk of spreading harmful bacteria to utensils or other foods. In a tweet sent out on April 26, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention … Continue reading

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May 1: Victims of Communism Day | Ten Films to Honor the Dead

Miss Liberty Perhaps as many as a hundred million people were victims of communism in the last century, deliberately rounded up, shot, starved, or simply forced to march into snowy wasteland until dead, exterminated by communist regimes. 

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Ilhan Omar: ‘This Is Not Going to Be the Country of White People’

Breitbart – by Penny Starr Black Lives Matter and other anti-Trump groups held a rally on the grounds of the Capitol on Tuesday to call for President Donald Trump to be censured for what he said about Rep. Ilhan Omar’s … Continue reading

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Atlantic Council Takes Over ‘100 Resilient Cities’ From Rockefeller Foundation

Technocracy News Since 1973, the Atlantic Council has been a hotbed of Trilateral Commission members and initiatives. Founded by David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Commission resuscitated historic Technocracy and fed it to the United Nations as Sustainable Development. Today, … Continue reading

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Seed Company Cancels Cliven Bundy Visit On Growing Watermelons After Threats From Twitterati

Information Liberation – by Chris Menahan Baker Creek Seed Company on Monday canceled a scheduled visit from rancher Cliven Bundy on how to grow ancient crookneck watermelons in a desert climate after Twitter mobs started threatening all their vendors. The … Continue reading

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MSNBC Venezuela Coverage Shows Why U.S. Founders Wanted Armed Citizenry

Breitbart – by AWR Hawkins While covering Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro’s efforts to hold power, MSNBC reporter Kerry Sanders noted Maduro has the advantage of guns against an unarmed populace. The MSBNC segment, published by The Washington Free Beacon, begins with anchor … Continue reading

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Cuban News Agency: John Bolton a ‘Warlock,’ ‘Neo-Nazi of the Purest Strain’

Breitbart – by Frances Martel Cuba’s government-run Radio Reloj website published a commentary Monday referring to American National Security Advisor John Bolton as a “warlock” and “neo-Nazi” for his opposition to the communist Castro regime. The column, titled “John Bolton: Sinister … Continue reading

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2020 contender Kamala Harris calls for ban of ‘right to work’ laws

Fox News Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., indicated on Saturday that she would use the “bully pulpit” to fight “right-to-work” laws, describing them as an attack on workers’ rights. “The barriers to organized labor being able to organize and strike are … Continue reading

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Hard Times Are Coming, Welcome It

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Unsold Luxury Homes Are Piling Up in the Hamptons

Newsmax Lavish vacation homes are losing their luster in New York’s Hamptons, the beachfront retreat favored by financiers and celebrities. There were 869 luxury properties available at the end of the first quarter — almost triple the supply from a … Continue reading

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Florida Senate Passes Bill Allowing Teachers to Be Armed to Shoot Back

Breitbart – by AWR Hawkins The Florida Senate passed legislation on Monday that will allow teachers to be armed to shoot back if their classroom comes under attack. WJCT reported that the legislation, SB 7030, passed by a vote of 22-17. … Continue reading

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