Washington Examiner – by Gehrke

Economic calamities caused by the coronavirus pandemic could trigger a historic wave of migration from Latin America to the United States, according to officials.  Continue reading “‘Unprecedented’: US braces for pandemic to drive largest refugee wave ever to the border”

The Hill – by Chris Talgo

The U.S. economy is sinking, and some on the far left have a preposterous plan to prevent Americans from drowning in more unpaid bills and debt: Stay home and don’t worry about anything. The government will send you a check for $2,000 every month. Continue reading “Universal basic income and the end of the republic”

John Hopkins

With the urgent need to limit the spread of COVID-19, the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, with Bloomberg Philanthropies, today launched a free online course to help train a new cadre of contact tracers to reach and assist people exposed to the virus. Taking and passing this course will be a requirement for thousands of contact tracers being hired by the state of New York to fight the pandemic. Continue reading “Johns Hopkins and Bloomberg Philanthropies, with New York State, Launch Online Course to Train Army of Contact Tracers to Slow Spread of COVID-19”

NBC News

California Gov. Gavin Newsom is set to announce the closure of all beaches and state parks following the crowds that gathered at beaches last weekend, particular in Orange County, multiple law enforcement agencies told NBCLA Wednesday night. Continue reading “Governor Set to Close All Beaches and State Parks in California”

Yahoo Sports

(Bloomberg Opinion) — In the pre-coronavirus days, the Los Angeles Lakers was one of the most valuable and profitable sports franchises on the planet. Forbes estimated last year that the team earned $147 million in 2018 and would fetch about $3.7 billion in a sale. A trust controlled by the children of the late Jerry Buss, a wealthy investor, owns a majority stake in the team. Other co-owners include Philip Anschutz, a billionaire with a broad portfolio of holdings in energy, real estate, media, entertainment and other industries; Edward Roski Jr., a successful commercial real estate developer; and Patrick Soon-Shiong, who owns the Los Angeles Times. Continue reading “The Lakers Got Federal Aid and Your Corner Shop Didn’t”

Fox Business

A Connecticut town’s police department will be the first to try out “pandemic drone” technology to check for symptoms of the novel coronavirus, such as high fever, and monitor social distancing amongst the public, officials recently announcedContinue reading “Connecticut town using drones for coronavirus symptom-monitoring”

New York Post – by Mark Moore

The International Monetary Fund warned the economic havoc caused by the coronavirus pandemic could spark further social unrest around the globe and urged governments to take steps to prevent the disturbances, according to a report.  Continue reading “IMF warns of global social unrest amid coronavirus pandemic”

Market Watch – by Paul Brandus

I’ve mentioned before that Social Security is now dipping into its reserves—the so-called “trust fund”—to pay benefits. That’s because the system isn’t taking in enough cash from payroll taxes, which is how the gargantuan Social Security program—by far the single biggest source of federal spending—is financed.  Continue reading “Thanks to COVID-19, Social Security’s day of reckoning may be even closer than we thought”