I have been on this site throwing my two cents in for a few years now, so I’m going to speak my mind about a few things.

As far as the New Testament goes, in my teachings, I have been called everything from “legalist” to liar, but I thought of something tonight that I want to share with my brothers and sisters. Has it dawned on any of you that if AMERICA had adhered tightly to New Testament doctrine  that we would still have our laws as they were written? We would have outed the communist before now. We would have stopped them in their tracks, first for subverting scripture, and then for subverting law.  Continue reading “Let’s Piss Off The “Christians””

“We must make sure that when the tall towers of our greatest cities have crumbled to dust in the turnings of time, the Jewish people will still be on this earth to cast their blessings.”


Satan’s Library

By means of the press [Jewish control] and by their great wealth, the Jews are able to stifle any impartial investigation into ritual murder.
–Thomas Burbage 1916

“Alilath Seker” a slush found in today terms, provided bribe money and expenses [for Jews] to combat blood accusations.
–Dr Philip Devier, “Blood Ritual”  Continue reading “Jewish Ritual Murder”