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Worldwide Wave of Action [#WaveOfAction] Propaganda Psy-Op? The “Global Spring” Begins?

Before It’s News Waves of Action have come and gone all with the hope and promise of Global Awakening. Are these merely distraction giving hope or the real deal? There are many that know something Biblical is about to happen … Continue reading

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Are Americans FINALLY Starting to Stand Up to Those Who Are Trying to Take Away Our Liberties?

Before It’s News Are indoctrinated Americans finally beginning to wake up and realize the system is broken? Any that spend 30 minutes researching online any serious topic reported on by the main stream news, learns quickly just how bad things … Continue reading

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Santos Bonacci Speaks After Court – Exposes Entire Fraudulent Legal System To The News

Before It’s News Very few have had the opportunity to speak with such depth to the open public, Santos is for sure a pioneer in the next level of human emancipation. This video is real world application of the recent … Continue reading

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Hack The Olympics: NBC News’ Richard Engel: My Computers, Cellphone Were Hacked ‘Almost Immediately’ In Sochi

Before It’s News Being a reporter at the Sochi Olympic Games just got even worse. NBC News’ Richard Engel said that upon arriving in Russia to cover the upcoming event, he was hacked “almost immediately” — and privacy is not something … Continue reading

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Cop Arrest Firefighter, Again!

Before It’s News My father is a retired Fire Chief and was not happy when he seen this. He said, “The Fire Dept. has complete authority at any scene they are called to.” Safety is the first step they take. … Continue reading

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Exposed: Churches Accepting Bribe Money from Government To Deceive Attendees

Before It’s News 501(c) Tax Exempt is not what it seems for Churches. Listen as Mark Dice explains in the below video. Read the 501(c) IRS Tax Form Here  

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State of The Union Address (FULL) w/LIVE Commentary

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TSA Target Alec Baldwin For His Twitter Rant About his 5/mo Old Going through “Enhanced Screening”.

Before It’s News TSA Target of Latest Alec Baldwin Rant on Twitter 0% Terrorist Capture Success Rate TSA now has Alec Baldwin in their crosshairs over his latest rant on Twitter where his 5/mo old daughter was molested by ‘our’ … Continue reading

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Biggest Threat to the Internet You’ve Probably Never Heard Of! TPP- STOP IT NOW!

Before It’s News The Trans-Pacific Partnership n. 1. A “free trade” agreement that would set rules on non-trade matters such as food safety, internet freedom, medicine costs, financial regulation, and the environment. 2. A binding international governance system that would require the United States, Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, … Continue reading

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Nancy Grace vs. Nancy Grace On Smoking Pot!

Before It’s News “I say what I need to say when I need to say it!” -Nancy Grace hypocrite (see Nancy Grace) hyp·o·crite [hip-uh-krit] Show IPA noun 1. a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that … Continue reading

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FEMA Camp Sales Pitch – History Repeating. Hollywood Hints at the Reality of FEMA Camps?

Before It’s News If you have not watched and want to watch “The Boy in The striped Pajamas“, this below clip is a spoiler for the entire film. Just Letting you Know.. Don’t watch it unless you do not care … Continue reading

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The Real Snowden – John McCarthy! Jullian ASSange & Snowden Are CIA / Mossad Assets.

Before It’s News ” Unlike Snwoden I did not have a 200,000$ a year CIA job… in Hawaii… I lived there for 19 years… and was forced to leave the US in fear for my life and future… No country … Continue reading

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Slap On Wrist: Police Officer Caught On Tape Violently Slamming a Woman Into a Metal Seat

Before It’s News Look at this below video.. just look at it! And what is his punishment? 30 days jail, fine, and community service. *smh* Had this been Joe Six Pack.. He’d been buried under the jail! I’ll admit, it takes … Continue reading

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NSA Whistleblowers Point To Obama’s Omissions in NSA Speech

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Govt Owns Our Kids! TPTB Clearly Know What The Most Precious Commodity is, and this is… Our Children!

Before It’s News “The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. … Continue reading

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Free Energy Suppression – For Greed Power and Control – Covering Bob Lazar and Stan Meyer

Before It’s News It has been long known by many Tesla was the true genius behind many invention we take for granted today. That, he was in-fact railroaded and driven into poverty by his colleagues because his inventions would have … Continue reading

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Alarming West Coast Sardine Crash Likely Radiating Through Ecosystem

Before It’s News More and more Earth Shattering news is appearing daily regarding the Fukushima disaster that goes completely ignored on all Talmud Vision Owned News Outlets. The evidence is over-whelming and hardly a peep about it is mentioned on … Continue reading

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Hard Proof! Chemtrails caught in the act.. This is Hard Evidence.. Undeniable!

Before It’s News After my last article I posted related to Chemtrails (HERE) and then after searching to see which sites picked up the article trying to discredit the facts I presented, I had to find even more HARD PROOF that can … Continue reading

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No Doubt Chemtrail Proof. “For the Sheep Who Call Them Contrails!”

Before It’s News “It is easier to fool the masses than it is to convince them they have been fooled.” -Mark Twain Many Photos Inside Chemtrail Planes Here After the post here by Live Free or Die and the Anonymous comments to … Continue reading

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OBAMACARE -Say No More! Aka: DeathCare

Before It’s News Below is an interesting read I got from a friend who lives in California and his experience dealing with Obamacare. Which should be renamed to “DeathCare”. Also.. an eleven part video series exposing “DeathCare” as Evil. Many … Continue reading

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