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The estranged wife of the leader of the far-right extremist group the Oath Keepers has launched a GoFund Me page to help pay for her divorce, BuzzFeed reported this week.

Tasha Adams, 48, is asking for $30,000 in donations to pay off overdue legal bills and hire a new attorney to complete her divorce from Stewart Rhodes, which has been pending for more than three years. Continue reading “The wife of the leader of the Oath Keepers is asking for $30,000 in public donations to help her escape her ‘weird’ marriage”

Yahoo News

Former Trump White House trade adviser Peter Navarro was allowed to go unchecked on Fox News as he spewed an unhinged conspiracy theory about Dr. Anthony Fauci and called the nation’s top infectious diseases expert the “father” of the coronavirus.

In an interview on “Fox News Primetime,” Navarro flipped out over footage of Fauci hailing his decision in 2020 to go “all-out” on developing a COVID-19 vaccine. Continue reading “Fox News Lets Ex-Trump Aide Spew Fauci Conspiracy Theory With Zero Pushback”

Repost from September 30, 2018

Seemingly forever American Nationals have had to endure this waste of the oxygen, a girly man who pretends to be something he isn’t. One of America’s true embarrassments, somehow continuing to get himself elected into office while being laughed at by the rest of the world, a true blight upon South Carolina.    Continue reading “Lindsey Graham – An Effeminate Joke Representing South Carolina”

As I’m sure you all of you have heard, the Communist Jew loving pariah, not only wants billions of human beings to disappear dead, but now owns huge farmland holdings inside our country. How such a thing was allowed to happen goes to the root of our problems. This coward who by the way refuses to show his head and explain to all of us what the hell he plans to do with it. That should have been a condition upon this illegal communist transaction, because Americans are getting hungry.

Bill Gates, you have played games your entire life, you played us like fools while lying your way through the Microsoft debacle, and you have lied your way through the phony ass pandemic, and now you’re well underway to achieving gangster chiefdom with this puzzle piece you have checkmated us with. Continue reading “Bill Gates Largest Farmland Owner In These United States – And That’s A Big Commie Ass Problem”