As an American National who loves his freedom, who basically cherishes it, I find myself having plenty of time to think of ways of making sure as Americans, we keep it.

As we plod through this condemic called Covid -19 it’s a given that while fighting for the abolishment of this garbage and the reinstatement of our Bill of Rights, it’s almost guaranteed some of us are going to end up facing a bullshit complaint in an illegal court of law in front an illegal corporate ass judge. Continue reading “The Extra Chunky Defense”


NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. health officials Wednesday redefined what counts as close contact with someone with COVID-19 to include briefer but repeated encounters.

For months, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said close contact meant spending a solid 15 minutes within 6 feet of someone who tested positive for coronavirus. On Wednesday, the CDC changed it to a total of 15 minutes or more — so shorter but repeated contacts that add up to 15 minutes over a 24-hour period now count. Continue reading “CDC redefines COVID-19 close contact, adds brief encounters”

Yahoo News

President Donald Trump painted a rosy picture of his financial condition during a televised town hall Thursday night, calling his hundreds of millions of dollars in debt coming due “a peanut” and saying he had borrowed it as a favor to lenders eager to take advantage of his financial strength.

In fact, the loans, and the unusual requirement he had to accept to receive them, illustrate the financial challenges he faces and the long-standing reluctance of banks to deal with him. Continue reading “$421 Million in Debt: Trump Calls It ‘a Peanut,’ but Challenges Lie Ahead”

What can I say other than I love you all, during these times of tyranny and deceit, we have stuck together like sticky tape. Some of us with other agendas have left our site, some out of pure ignorance and others who have followed and participated for years, and have grown away from our philosophy, still welcome back whenever they damn well please, these people are our family, no question.

Henry Shivley is no doubt the strongest man I’ve ever met, followed by his pure love for freedom and the “Bill Of Rights”, but also for all of us here at this site. In return, he expects respect for our cause, and he shows us the way in which to address all the wrongs in which have killed the American Dream, more importantly, how to bring those dreams back. Continue reading “Our Family Here At The Trenches”

Al Jazeera

The leaders of Greece’s fascist Golden Dawn party were sentenced to prison on Wednesday for running a criminal gang linked with hate crimes.

Presiding judge Maria Lepenioti handed down 13-year jail terms to six former lawmakers, including Golden Dawn’s leader Nikos Mihaloliakos, a 62-year-old mathematician and Holocaust denier, at the Athens Criminal Appeals Court. Continue reading “Greek neo-Nazi chief sentenced to 13 years in prison”

Yahoo News

As a businessman, Donald Trump ran 6 businesses that declared bankruptcy because they couldn’t pay their bills. As the president running for a second term, Trump is repeating some of the mistakes he made as a businessman and risking the downfall of yet another venture: his own political operation.

In the 1980s, Trump was a swashbuckling real-estate investor who bet big on the rise of Atlantic City after New Jersey legalized gambling there. Continue reading “We’re watching Trump’s 7th bankruptcy unfold”

Forbes – by Michela Tindera

Nearly five years ago Donald Trump descended an escalator inside Trump Tower and announced a long-shot bid to become president of the United States. Standing on a stage in the building’s lobby, in front of eight American flags, he spoke to a gaggle of cameras. “I’m using my own money,” Trump said, indicating that he would self-fund his campaign. “I’m not using the lobbyists. I’m not using donors. I don’t care. I’m really rich.” Contributions made by nearly all donors were made to two joint fundraising committees, Trump Make America Great Again Committee or Trump Victory and then transferred in part to the Donald J. Trump For President Committee. Continue reading “Here Are the Billionaires Backing Donald Trump’s Campaign”

If you don’t like the words posted above, please read below.

The Constitution is the new go-to word for the phony American leaders now, the fact that thousands died while fighting for the Bill of Rights doesn’t mean squat.

You never hear the words Bill of Rights mentioned because those are the words that put control of America back into the people’s hands.  Continue reading “I’m Donald Trump, The “King Of The Jews”, And Could Care Less About The Bill Of Rights Or The Everyday American”