Just like wildfires in the pacific northwest, the flames are spreading fast as the murdering police begin to burn. Brianna Taylor speaks out from the grave, and it isn’t going to be pretty. Again, we hear about another commie cop shot in Louisville, KY. just after the Brianna Taylor grand jury protects her murderer.  


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — Two Louisville Metro Police officers were shot Wednesday night in downtown Louisville amid protests in response to the Breonna Taylor decision, according to interim LMPD Chief Robert Schroeder.  Continue reading “2 LMPD officers shot in downtown Louisville sustain non-life-threatening injuries; suspect in custody”

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Trump, being the bullshit artist that he is, ran on one of many lies, one being we will fix America’s infrastructure. As you look around, that is not happening, yes there is a little road work being done, but as far as bridges buildings and waterways its basically crickets.

This is damaging as hell to the American National because as America deteriorates, so does our jobs. There are bridges falling apart in the midwest that when finally determined unsafe and close, traffic will have to be re-routed causing up to a four hour detour for commutes and truck freight routes, this while we have disappearing trillions of dollars. Continue reading “America Is Falling Apart, States Are Expected To Deal With Their Own Problems – The Commie Plan”

Living in a truck is conducive of bathing techniques that require small amounts of water. I CLEAN UP DAILY ON A HALF A GALLON. I stay just as clean as a ten minute shower.

Have your chlorine and your soap or detergent handy, pour a couple drops into your container along with whatever soap or detergent your using, this keeps things nice and sanitary. Dip in your rag, and go to it, when done, your cleaned up. Throw water out, and your basically clean enough to attend a mobster wedding bash. Continue reading “Get Used To The Idea Of A Water Shortage – Relearn Your Bathing Routine”

The Conversation

A safe and effective vaccine could end the coronavirus pandemic, but for it to succeed, enough people will have to get inoculated.

Recent polls suggest that the U.S. is far from ready. Most surveys have found that only about two-thirds of adults say they would probably get the vaccine. While that might protect most people who get vaccinated, research suggests it may be insufficient to reach herd immunity and stop the virus’s spread. Continue reading “Could employers and states mandate COVID-19 vaccinations? Here’s what the courts have ruled”

Sciencing – by Maria Kielmas

Saltpeter is the popular name for the chemicals potassium nitrate and sodium nitrate. It is an important component of fertilizers, explosives, food preservatives, propellants and toothpaste for sensitive teeth. A concentrated solution of potassium nitrate speeds up decomposition of vegetable matter such as tree stumps. It has oxidizing properties that make it useful as a rust inhibitor for metals. Potassium nitrate also has a medical use in the treatment of high blood pressure and angina.

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Henry Makow

A disease with no symptoms is not a disease. According to the Illuminati, the contagion is humanity.

“What is REALLY going on is the PLANNED economic collapse to usher in the tyrannical one-world government, which you are helping by complying with orders that have NO BASIS IN REALITY and are, in fact, specifically designed to make people sicker, both physically and mentally/spiritually.” Continue reading “Mask Control: Prove Coronavirus Exists!”

With a world approaching an eight billion population things had better start to change, because now millions are living like rats and they are feeding the billionaires, the billionaires have never had it so good.

It’s not a good day on Planet Earth.  Continue reading “One Man Worth 100 BILLION – Millions Of Men With Nothing – It’s A Bad Day On Planet Earth”