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Tom Homan: Lawmakers want California to ignore immigration laws, as if it were an independent nation

Fox News Driven by Trump Derangement Syndrome, the Democratic-controlled far-left California Legislature is determined to stop the Trump administration from enforcing immigration laws enacted by Congress and past presidents. By doing this, the Legislature is effectively making the absurd claim that it … Continue reading

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Volvo bringing European tech to North America

American Trucker – by Josh Fisher DUBLIN, VA. Volvo Trucks is rolling out new technology in North America aimed at easing the wear and tear on drivers and increasing safety and fuel efficiency. Volvo Dynamic Steering (VDS), Volvo Active Driver … Continue reading

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Gold Beach, Oregon – Chilling with Spike and Digger Dan….

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Cape Blanco heavy winds, rain rocking the rig. Enjoy

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Doo doo doo looking out the motel room door

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Leaving the house for the beach

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Felicity Huffman sentenced to 14 days in prison and a year probation in college cheating scandal

Daily Mail Felicity Huffman will serve 14 days in federal prison, followed by a year of probation for paying a five-figure bribe in exchange for a proctor falsifying her daughter’s standardized aptitude test to get the teen a higher score. … Continue reading

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Heading to Henry’s for some well deserved R&R

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Layout Tour: John & Judy Fiero’s B&O Railroad

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Multiple victims stabbed at Tallahassee industrial park before suspect is arrested

Daily Mail At least five people have been hospitalized after an alleged mass stabbing incident at an industrial park in Florida. Tallahassee police responded to reports of the stabbing at just after 8.30am local time on Wednesday. Officers arrived at Dyke … Continue reading

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Nebraska retiree uses earths’s heat to grow oranges in snow

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Miniatur Wunderland – World’s Largest Model Railway

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Bill Of Rights Becomes The Talk Of the Town

All of the sudden we now have long awaited big talk about our Bill of Rights. Personalities from every corner of the internet are now jumping into what has been the long awaited conversation. A conversation that was brought forth … Continue reading

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Pivotal days ahead for bill that could wipe out California owner-operators

Overdrive – by James Jaillet Still in the works in the California legislature is a bill that trucking groups say will likely kill the leased owner-operator model in the state, though time is waning for the state’s lawmakers to clear the legislation … Continue reading

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Omar’s Husband Comes Forward, Issues FINAL Demand That Will End It All

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Fired Trucker goes on MASSIVE Shooting Spree!

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Biden insists it doesn’t matter that he confused pieces of three different war stories

Daily Mail Former Vice President Joe Biden is defending the war story he told on the campaign trail that conflated details from different heroic events and got key details wrong. Biden called the individual details of the story he told … Continue reading

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Tropical Storm Fernand forms in the Gulf of Mexico

Daily Mail Tropical Storm Fernand has formed in the Gulf of Mexico and three other disturbances are spotted as the center of Hurricane Dorian finally begins to move away from the Bahamas and towards the US mainland. Fernand has prompted a tropical … Continue reading

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Two truckers killed, one injured in West Texas shooting spree

Overdrive Three truck drivers were among the victims of a mass shooting in West Texas on Saturday, Aug. 31, in which a truck driver who had reportedly been fired killed seven people and injured 22 others. Two truckers were killed … Continue reading

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