You know goddamn well what really is going on here, your buddies over at 5G central can no longer con the American National, or continue to subvert our Bill of Rights. Our people are sick and dying because of your greed, and misinformation concerning whatever it is you’re trying to hide.  Continue reading “Bill Gates And Company – Go To Hell”

In my 61years I’ve never seen so many illegal invaders pour into my country, especially now as we are supposedly experiencing a pandemic of this magnitude. American Nationals experiencing unheard of sickness and loss of livelihood. Millions out of work as EX-PRESIDENTS receive full pay and ridiculous benefits, Obama owns four mansions, he came to office flat broke, and without adequate proof of American citizenship. Continue reading “Why Are Ex-Presidents Receiving Full Benefits While Millions Out Of Work- Especially Illegally Appointed Obama”

When you watch the idiot box, the idiots you are watching are telling us that they know what’s best for the good of all, they think that we are too incapable of grasping or taking care of ourselves, as they continue to release whatever it is they have designed to herd us like sheep to the slaughter.  Continue reading “Exponential Growth – The Shut Down Argument – This Is Their Bullet”

As I travel around America, I have been looking for chemtrails and can’t seem to find any. I guess they have served their purpose. Usually, they are all over the place.

As airline traffic has basically stopped, could the doctor Frankensteins of our world backed off from implementing them for fear of being caught? Were they using the regular daily traffic as cover? Continue reading “Chemtrails Have Stopped – Or Have They?”

And the biggest rat of them all, Bill the Rat Gates wants his money’s worth. Billy Boy Gates and his billionaire rat traitor community are bungled up like rats in big square footage underground goliath manors, complete with movie rooms, heated swimming pools and gourmet kitchens, all furnished by the sheep who bought their wares. Continue reading “Are The Big Monied Elites Hiding Underground? – You Bet They Are – Millions Invested To Hide Like A Rat!”

Yahoo News

“Open for takeout and delivery.” The slogan, or some variation, has been plastered on the windows of restaurant after restaurant in the weeks since the coronavirus pandemic hit the U.S. As the virus continues to spread, many state governments have ordered dining establishments to close or limit their seating areas to prevent further contagion.  Continue reading “Will the restaurant industry survive the coronavirus pandemic?”

Twelve Round

There is no legal means by which to quarantine HEALTHY people, other than communist-level restrictions of liberty. If we were a better educated people, it would be sufficient to request that we do the intelligent things to avoid any spread of the disease, but since the public school system has been utilized to convert logical intelligent people into obedient slaves of governmental dictates, these quarantines are the only means by which to ensure compliance.  Continue reading “Eating the Elephant”

The other day, I received an email from our dear friend, John. I had to read it twice because I was so thrilled to receive it. Sure enough, phone numbers were exchanged.  After about an hour and a half of hard laughter and fond memories, I asked John to contact Henry, sure enough it happened.  Continue reading “The Trenches Proudly Welcomes Back An Old Friend”

NBC Bay Area

Amazon said Monday that it needs to hire 100,000 people across the U.S. to keep up with a crush of orders as the coronavirus spreads and keeps more people at home, shopping online.

The online retailer said it will also temporarily raise pay by $2 an hour through the end of April for hourly employees, who work at its warehouses, delivery centers and Whole Foods grocery stores. Hourly workers in the United Kingdom and other European countries will get a similar raise.  Continue reading “Amazon Seeks to Hire 100,000 to Keep Up With Surge in Orders”


Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson shared an update from Australia, where they are both in isolation after testing positive for coronavirus.

Hanks tweeted a picture with his wife Thursday night, thanking those who’ve cared for them as they battle the virus. “Hello folks. Rita Wilson and I want to thank everyone here Down Under who are taking such good care of us. We have Covid-19 and are in isolation so we do not spread it to anyone else,” he said.  Continue reading “Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson share update after coronavirus diagnosis”