American Partisan – by Gray Man

It’s said that the 20th century was the American century, or the century when America became the only superpower in the world, and defeated several other countries who were on their way, those being Germany and Japan in WWII, the Chinese in the Korean War and the Soviets in the Cold War. This century has turned the tide in the direction of China, and recently China has been conducting activities that appear to have the hallmarks of “winning a battle before fighting it”, as Sun Tzu would have likely put it. Continue reading “China is actively waging a 4th generational, guerrilla proxy war against the U.S.”

It’s been a while since the mastermind of the chemtrail pandemic has shown his whiskers, undoubtedly shaking in his boots while his security is hovering trying to protect their investment. After all, the man is the Bilderberg choirboy with his billions generated by millions of people who bought his Microsoft product, now trying to figure how to kill them all off.

Bill Gates and crew are slowly losing this pandemic con, and it’s becoming more obvious by the day, because if it was the other way around, he would be out there shooting his mouth off. Continue reading “Bill Gates Hiding Like A Rat In A Hole – Billionaires On The Run”

As a senior, I should be retired, living in a home relaxing during my last years of life. Instead, I live in a truck, working my fool head off driving all over the US trying to stay alive. On top of that, I’m now required to wear these damn masks at times while having to deal with the different situations as required. Stairs for example is a real concern for many.

Problem is, breathing becomes a problem.  Continue reading “Can’t Breath While Wearing These Damn Masks”

It’s not too hard to miss, our lives and livelihoods are pretty much swirling round and round in the proverbial whirlpool, caught and waiting for the flush. People, we are caught in something that has taken hold all by itself, started by the elites and has taken hold.

What we are witnesses to is Rome burning to the ground, no help in sight. The only help that will do any good is for the people to stand and fight, and that isn’t happening. What is happening is the birth of the new normal, something that grows from the cowardice of the people who expect things to change all by itself, without their own hands getting dirty. Continue reading “Beginning Of The End – The Collapse”