St Louis Post Dispatch – by Kevin McDermott

With five written words Thursday morning, one of Missouri’s most controversial state lawmakers spawned a U.S. Secret Service investigation, potentially endangered her own political career — and flung St. Louis squarely into the middle of America’s raging racial-political debate in the wake of the unrest in Charlottesville, Va.

“I hope Trump is assassinated!” Missouri state Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal, D-University City, wrote during a morning Facebook exchange, referring to Republican President Donald Trump.   Continue reading “Missouri’s top Democrats call for senator to resign for ‘I hope Trump is assassinated’ post”

Infowars – by Jerome Corsi

WASHINGTON, D.C. – has learned the White House counsel has prepared, at the request of President Trump, a pardon for former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio that is ready for Trump to sign.

The question is whether President Trump will sign the pardon now, before traveling to Phoenix for a rally at the Phoenix Convention Center on Tuesday, May 22 – or if President Trump will sign it at all.   Continue reading “White House Prepares Arpaio Pardon For Trump’s Signature”

Daily Mail

There is no conclusive evidence that marijuana helps with chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder, experts say.

Since legislation, 80 percent of medical marijuana patients use it for chronic pain and about 33 percent use it for PTSD.

However, experts warn that there isn’t enough research to confirm it is effective for users.  Continue reading “There is NO conclusive evidence that marijuana helps with chronic pain and PTSD, 20-year study finds”

Daily Mail

President Donald Trump said Thursday that he will officially declare the opioid crisis a ‘national emergency’ and pledged to ramp up government efforts to combat the epidemic.

‘The opioid crisis is an emergency. And I am saying officially right now: It is an emergency, it’s a national emergency.

‘We’re going to spend a lot of time, a lot of effort and a lot of money on the opioid crisis,’ Trump told reporters during a brief question-and-answer session ahead of a security briefing Thursday at his golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey.   Continue reading “Trump declares opioid crisis a ‘national emergency’”

The Guardian – by Samuel Gibbs

Tesla is working on electric, self-driving trucks that can travel in “platoons” or road trains capable of following a lead vehicle, according to leaked correspondence with regulators.

The electric truck, which is due to be unveiled in September by Elon Musk’s electric vehicle company, is close to prototype on-road testing, with both Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and California officials in talks to permit trials on public roads, according to documents seen by Reuters.   Continue reading “Tesla seeking to test driver-free electric trucks on public roads”

CNBC News – by Jeff Cox

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon told CNBC on Tuesday that Congress must implement tax reform to make the country more competitive.

“America is the best country on the planet. I’m a complete patriot,” Dimon said in a live interview from Chicago. “It is the shining city on a hill. But we should acknowledge our problems and fix them.”
Continue reading “Jamie Dimon: US ‘should acknowledge our problems and fix them’”

Daily Mail

Two tree surgeons could very well be out of a job after accidentally felling a tree onto somebody’s house.

Hilarious footage shows the two men hacking and hammering at the tree in a suburban garden.

The professionals continue carefully working the tree until the point of collapse.

But instead of falling into a clearing, the huge tree collapses down through the roof of a nearby house.   Continue reading “Moment bungling tree surgeons saw through giant trunk seconds before it wrecks a HOUSE is filmed by bemused neighbour”


President Donald Trump should not impose a tax increase on the wealthiest Americans, media mogul and two-time GOP presidential candidate Steve Forbes told CNBC on Monday.

Axios reported last month that top White House advisor Steve Bannonis pushing for a tax increase “on the wealthiest Americans to pay for steep middle and working-class tax cuts.”

“That kind of populism Ronald Reagan would have choked on,” the Forbes Media chairman and CEO said on “Squawk Box.” “What people want is a vibrant economy. They don’t care if Bill Gates gets richer. They want to know: ‘Is my paycheck going up? Are my prospects improving?'”
Continue reading “People don’t care if Bill Gates gets richer, Steve Forbes says about limiting taxes for the wealthy”

The Hill – by  John Bowden

Fox News anchor Eric Bolling has been suspended pending an investigation into lewd messages he is accused of sending multiple female coworkers at Fox News and Fox Business Channel.

In a statement, Fox News confirmed Bolling’s suspension Saturday afternoon.

“Eric Bolling has been suspended pending the results of an investigation, which is currently underway,” a Fox spokesperson said.   Continue reading “Eric Bolling suspended from Fox amid lewd message allegations”

McClatchy DC – by Tim Johnson

LAS VEGAS – If you’re prone to forgetting your card key for the office or your computer password, here’s a solution: Get a microchip implanted in your hand.

That’s what Brian McEvoy has done multiple times. He’s got five implants, mostly for functional reasons but one just for fun.

“There’s a glow-in-the-dark implant on the back of my right hand,” said McEvoy, a 36-year-old electrical engineer from St. Paul, Minnesota.
Continue reading “Dawn of the bionic age: Body hackers let chips get under their skin”


NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Arrests of undocumented immigrants in North Texas have nearly doubled since President Donald Trump took office.

Statistics obtained by CBS 11 show they’ve gone up by nearly 40 percent, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

In a Fort Worth tortilla shop that doubles as a restaurant, almost everyone is an immigrant, both legal and not. This morning, an undocumented woman ate a late breakfast and planned for what she believes is inevitable deportation.  Continue reading “Arrests Of Undocumented Immigrants Climbing In North Texas”

Yahoo News

In northern Siberia, rising temperatures are causing mysterious giant craters — and even more dire consequences could be in store, say climate scientists.

The Russian province’s long-frozen ground, called permafrost, is thawing, triggering massive changes to the region’s landscape and ecology. It could even threaten human lives.

“The last time we saw a permafrost melting was 130,000 years ago. It’s a natural phenomenon because of changes in the earth’s orbit,” said professor of earth sciences at the University of Oxford, Dr. Gideon Henderson.   Continue reading “Mysterious craters blowing out of Russia could mean trouble for the whole planet”

Kaiser Health News – by Sandra G. Boodman

The controversial practice has been standard in many teaching hospitals for decades, its safety and ethics largely unquestioned and its existence unknown to those most affected: people undergoing surgery.

But over the past two years, the issue of overlapping surgery — in which a doctor operates on two patients in different rooms during the same time period — has ignited an impassioned debate in the medical community, attracted scrutiny by the powerful Senate Finance Committee that oversees Medicare and Medicaid, and prompted some hospitals, including the University of Virginia’s, to circumscribe the practice.   Continue reading “Double-Booked: When Surgeons Operate On Two Patients At Once”

Wired – by Libby Plummer

Google’s DeepMind is developing an AI capable of ‘imagination’, enabling machines to see the consequences of their actions before they make them.

In two new research papers, the British AI firm, which was acquired by Google in 2014, describes new developments for “imagination-based planning” to AI.

Its attempt to create algorithms that simulate the distinctly human ability to construct a plan could eventually help to produce software and hardware capable of solving complex tasks more efficiently.  Continue reading “Google’s DeepMind creates an AI with ‘imagination’” – by  Malcolm Ritter

At Jef Boeke’s lab, you can whiff an odor that seems out of place, as if they were baking bread here.

But he and his colleagues are cooking up something else altogether: yeast that works with chunks of man-made DNA.   Continue reading “Scientists build DNA from scratch to alter life’s blueprint”

Daily Mail

Jordan’s military released security camera footage Monday of a shooting in which a Jordanian soldier killed three U.S. military trainers at an air base in the kingdom.

The video had previously been shown to the families of the U.S. Army Green Berets by U.S. law enforcement but had not been made public until Monday.

The soldiers were killed on November 4, when their convoy came under fire at the entrance to the al-Jafr base in southern Jordan.   Continue reading “Jordan releases footage of shooting of 3 U.S. troops”

KSTP 5 News

A Wisconsin company is about to become the first in the U.S. to offer microchip implants to its employees.

Yes, you read that right. Microchip implants.

“It’s the next thing that’s inevitably going to happen, and we want to be a part of it,” Three Square Market Chief Executive Officer Todd Westby said.
Continue reading “Wisconsin Company To Implant Microchips In Employees”


Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has fired back at US senators who criticized abuses during his ‘war on drugs.’ While the US lawmakers opposed any possible trip by Duterte to America, the leader said he had no intention of visiting the “lousy” country.

There will never be a time that I will go to America during my term, or even thereafter,” Duterte said on Friday, as quoted by Reuters.   Continue reading “‘I’ve seen America, it’s lousy’: Duterte vows never to visit US”


TORONTO, July 21 (Reuters) – The number of asylum seekers walking across the U.S. border into Canada rose in June after dropping in the previous two months, according to government figures released on Friday.

There were 884 refugee claimants who crossed the border between formal crossings and were picked up by Royal Canadian Mounted Police last month, bringing the total for the first half of 2017 to 4,345, the data showed.   Continue reading “Flow of asylum seekers crossing into Canada from U.S. rises in June”

Dallas Morning News – by James Raglan

Less than five miles from Dallas City Hall — in a South Dallas community that’s home to mostly black and Latino residents — rests a three-quarter-acre tract of land where at least 55 Confederate soldiers are buried.

Not many people know it’s there.

Located at the corner of Electra and Reed streets, right off Malcolm X. Boulevard, the cemetery’s been there for more than a century.

This also happens to be one spot Dallas officials are looking at as a potential location for the Robert E. Lee statue now in Oak Lawn’s Lee Park and the Confederate War Memorial in Pioneer Park Cemetery downtown.

Continue reading “Talk of removing Confederate monuments starts a war of words in Dallas”