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Hundreds of camels have died of starvation and thirst after being driven out of Saudi Arabia during its row with Qatar.

Some animals perished when they got stuck in No Mans Land at the border between the two countries where there was insufficient food and water.

Others have been left to die by the roadside after their owners were given one hour to leave their farms.   Continue reading “Hundreds of camels die of thirst in the desert: Qataris kicked off farms in Saudi Arabia amid rift between Gulf nations are unable to save their animals”

Daily Mail

Be it climate change or rogue artificial intelligence, Elon Musk often turns to Twitter to share his concerns regarding the future of life on Earth.

And this time, the tech boss has offered a grave perspective on the fate of humanity.

Responding to a recent article which argues the world may soon hit ‘peak person’ as fertility rates drop, Musk warned the global population is ‘accelerating towards collapse, but few seem to notice or care.’   Continue reading “Elon Musk warns Earth’s population explosion means ‘the world is accelerating towards collapse’ and claims ‘few seem to notice or care’”

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FRANKFURT (Reuters) – German discount grocery chain Aldi North is planning to spend more than 5 billion euros ($5.71 billion) to revamp its stores around the world, which would be its biggest investment project ever, German weekly Bild am Sonntag reported, citing company sources.

Aldi and its German discounter rival Lidl have become giants in European retail, upending Britain’s grocery retail market, and are challenging U.S. retailers as well.   Continue reading “Germany’s Aldi to invest 5 billion euros in stores: Bild am Sonntag”

A horrifying video shows the moment a man traveling down Interstate 80E in California lost control of his motorcycle in a death wobble.

In a hard-to-watch video posted online by Erica Hoff, the man had just merged onto the Sacramento highway when his motorcycle started shaking.

Hoff wrote in the caption of the video that she was driving in the fast lane with her kids at the time of the incident.   Continue reading “Heart-stopping moment a biker loses control of his motorcycle in a death wobble on a highway in California”

Daily Mail – by Sanchez Manning And Stephen Adams For The Mail On Sunday

Transgender women who were born male should be given womb transplants so that they can have children, leading NHS doctors have told The Mail on Sunday.

And fertility experts say taxpayers should fund such transplants for those who identify as women, on the basis of ‘equality enshrined in law’.

Leading the debate on the controversial procedure is medical ethics lawyer Dr Amel Alghrani, who is pressing for a talks on whether womb transplants for trans-women should be publicly funded.

Continue reading “Wombs for men: Astonishing prospect as fertility doctors back operations on NHS so transgender women born as boys can have babies”

Daily Mail – by  Ryan Parry West Coast Correspondent For Dailymail.com In Las Vegas

The doors swung open at the stroke of midnight and the first of thousands of customers poured in – all eager to be part of history.

At 12.01am Saturday, Nevada became the fifth state in the US to make selling recreational marijuana legal and fans of the drug came out in force.

Party town Las Vegas will be the biggest winner from the new legislation with a huge tax windfall of up to $60million predicted for the first two years.

Continue reading “Sin City welcomes weed: Hundreds line up in Las Vegas to legally buy up to an ounce of marijuana as the city brags it will overtake Amsterdam to become world weed capital after legalization in Nevada”

Daily Mail

Security footage shows the moment two robbers broke into a Brentwood, California home and were shot dead by the owner.

The video, which was released by neighbor Reggie Nichols, shows the two men entering the home on the 200 block of Birch Street a little after 11pm on June 21.

Shortly after entering, flashes of light are seen inside the garage as the homeowner shoots at the two.    Continue reading “Two robbers shot dead by homeowner in California”