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Human rights attorney Leigh Dundas speaks at the Orange County, California Board of Supervisors meeting, April 2021. She addresses the covid19 vaccine, informed consent and many other topics in 3 minutes. Links to her social media and website are below.  Continue reading “Attorney Leigh Dundas Speaks At Orange County Board Meeting”

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HEROIC!! Mandy Close, owner of Cattleman’s Restaurant in Savannah Ohio, sued the REPUBLICAN governor Mike Dewine & Ohio health department over their fraudulent mask order, after her restaurant was shut down because they refused to wear masks. Close was represented by The 1851 Center for Constitutional Law.

Great Kudos to Judge Ronald Forsthoefel, who issued the ruling. Continue reading “HEROIC Ohio Restaurant Owner Wins Case Over Fraudulent Mask Order”

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This is great stuff, from Catholic priest Father P.J. Hughes, pastor of Mullahoran and Loughduff Parish in southern County Cavan, Ireland.

He says he will not force anyone to wear a mask and that it’s not right to close the church just because the government says so. We need more shepherds like Fr. Hughes! He was issued a citation with a $500 Euro fine by the government, but says he will NOT pay it, that he’ll go to jail first and will continue to say Holy Mass. Continue reading “Irish Priest Vows To Defy Government & Keep Saying Holy Mass”

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California law protects individuals from illegal discrimination by a business establishment based on Disability, mental or physical; Or Medical condition. Continue reading “California law protects individuals from illegal discrimination by a business based on Disability Or Medical Condition”

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SHASTA COUNTY, Calif. – A local student left behind at the bus stop for forgetting his mask.

Like any other school day, Mohana Pescatore dropped her kids off at the bus stop before going to work. Continue reading “Shasta County mom speaks out after son left at bus stop for forgetting his mask”

Rebel News – by Keean Bexte

Startling reports of multiple sexual assault allegations within Justin Trudeau’s travel quarantine system surfaced on Wednesday. Two women reported sexual assaults, both in the prime minister’s COVID jail system and in mandatory home isolation. One assault was allegedly at the hands of a hired security officer doing isolation-at-home checkups, and another was within a COVID hotel.  Continue reading “Trudeau’s hired security allegedly sexually assaulted woman, more assaults in COVID hotel”

East Idaho News

IDAHO FALLS — The Idaho Falls District 91 School Board of Trustees meeting became heated Tuesday afternoon during a discussion on masks.

The board spoke about bringing all students back to school five days a week rather than the current schedule of meeting in-person Monday through Thursday. The topic then turned to masks. Continue reading “School Board meeting becomes heated during mask discussion”


WASHINGTON (AP) — By the thousands, U.S. service members are refusing or putting off the COVID-19 vaccine as frustrated commanders scramble to knock down internet rumors and find the right pitch that will persuade troops to get the shot.

Some Army units are seeing as few as one-third agree to the vaccine. Military leaders searching for answers believe they have identified one potential convincer: an imminent deployment. Navy sailors on ships heading out to sea last week, for example, were choosing to take the shot at rates exceeding 80% to 90%. Continue reading “Thousands of service members saying no to COVID-19 vaccine”

Remember ‘Event 201’? Well, Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security  is at it again.🙄      😒👥
Excerpts: SPARS Pandemic Scenario | Projects: Center for Health Security
“The Center’s SPARS Pandemic exercise narrative comprises a futuristic scenario that illustrates communication dilemmas concerning medical countermeasures (MCMs) that could plausibly emerge in the not-so-distant future.”

Continue reading “Event 201 redux”


VAERS is the American “Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System” which doctors are supposed to use to report vaccine side effects.

VAERS has registered, officially, 501 deaths and 11,249 cases with side effects related to the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA “vaccines.” 😒👥 🚫💉😷🚫 Continue reading “501 deaths from covid vaccine, VAERS reports”