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My Way or the Huawei? The United States-China Race for 5G Dominance עברית

INSS Insight The race for dominance in the data highways of the future is at the forefront of the strategic competition between the United States and China. The two powers compete for other countries’ support and infrastructure, seeking to obtain … Continue reading

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American Factory, the first film in the Obamas’ Netflix slate, is one of the year’s best docs

Vox American Factory The premise: In December 2008, the last truck rolled off the assembly line of the GM plant in Dayton, Ohio. Thousands of people were out of work. Then in 2014, a Chinese company reopened the factory and rehired … Continue reading

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Trump’s steel tariffs are hated by almost every US industry

Vox Business leaders from nearly every American industry are furious with President Trump right now. They’ve been pressuring his administration to back off from its plan to add steep tariffs on imported steel and aluminum, which are used to make everything … Continue reading

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The Family: It’s Not About Faith, It’s About Power | Official Trailer

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Time To Drill Down Into Chabad Lubavitch

Abel Danger Ed.’s note. Now we know why Russia under Vladimir Putin refuses to return to the Brooklyn, New York Chabad ghetto sect the archives of the Lubavitcher Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson. Vladimir Putin said it would “open up a Pandora’s box.” … Continue reading

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Don the Real Estate Guy’s Trade War With China

Abel Danger “Ye shall know them by their fruits.” [Matthew 7:16] Ed.’s note: The evidence is arriving daily. One policy after another and we can begin to see how Don the real estate guy has been seemingly tasked with taking … Continue reading

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The Trump Card (Updated) – Walter Veith in Copenhagen – October 2017

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Dogs dying from toxic algae exposure after swimming in lakes

Fox 13 At least four dogs have died in the past week after swimming in water with toxic algae in it, according to their owners.

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Victoria’s Secret owner claims Epstein stole tens of millions from his charity

Washington Examiner – by Jerry Dunleavy, August 8, 2019 The billionaire owner of Victoria’s Secret said Wednesday accused child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein stole huge amounts of money from him and his family. The claim Les Wexner, the founder and … Continue reading

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How Trump became the Russian Mafia’s bitch

Veterans Today – by Ian Greenhalgh, March 31, 2017 Consulting and security firms with  nation state clients are now putting out an alarm.  America has entered a “constitutional crisis,” the government is wrong somehow, terms like “deep state” or “rigged … Continue reading

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New York’s Cultural Revolutionary Education Reforms

The Epoch Times – by Clifford Humphrey On July 31, the New York State Board of Regents initiated a cultural revolution. The politically progressive board—which supervises all public schools in the state—voted unanimously to declare war on the “complex system of biases and structural … Continue reading

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Trump Moves Ahead to Freeze Maduro Regime’s Assets After Citing Billions from Russia, China

Epoch Times WASHINGTON—The Trump administration froze all Venezuelan government assets Monday after he cited foreign involvement in supporting the illegitimate socialist administration of Nicolás Maduro by Russia and China on Aug. 1 and hinted at further action. The ban blocking American companies and individuals … Continue reading

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Chinese-Russian Military Cooperation Targets US Security

Epoch Times – by Rick Fisher While some experts assume that China and Russia would never enter a formal military alliance against the United States and its friends and allies, the two nuclear neighbors are now actively increasing the depth and scope of their military cooperation … Continue reading

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Two Nurses Sentenced to Five Years for Manslaughter and Negligence in MMR Vaccine Deaths of Two Babies

Health Impact News – by Brian Shilhavy Chief Justice of the Samoa Supreme Court Vui Clarence Nelson sentenced two nurses this week (August, 2019) convicted of negligence and manslaughter in the death of two infants who died immediately after receiving … Continue reading

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Texas Lt. Gov. Orders Antifa to ‘Stay Out of El Paso’ After Walmart Shooting

Epoch Times – by Zachery Stieber Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said that the far-left extremist Antifa group should stay away from Texas in the wake of a mass shooting at an El Paso Walmart on Aug. 3. Patrick, speaking to Fox News, was addressing … Continue reading

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Log Cabin TIMELAPSE Built By ONE MAN In The Forest

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Study Links Statins To 300 + Adverse Health Effects

Collective Evolution – by Arjun Walia A study recently published in the BMJ Open Journal really put a damper on industry-recommended treatment of high cholesterol, if indeed high cholesterol is still seen as a problem at all. If there’s one thing I’ve … Continue reading

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MTM Case-Gard High Low Shooting Table Review

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Himari YOSHIMURA – 7 yo Japan – 1st Grand Prize – International Grumiaux Competition 2019 – Paganini

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Israel’s Choice for U.S. President

Global Research – by Philip Giraldi In late June, President Donald Trump flailed away with his own particular brand of nondiplomacy at the G20 Summit in Japan, but it is worthwhile noting on the plus side that his administration is so … Continue reading

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