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Michael Strickland Speech Disrupted By Antifa Bell Ringer

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Triggliots Go Bonkers, Campus Cops Try To Shut Down Trump Event

Progressives Today The Portland State University Students For Trump chapter were back at it, this time holding an event called “BUILD THE WALL”, where they literally brought a replica wall to campus. At first campus police told them they could … Continue reading

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Bloomberg Owned Police Chief Moving Up To County Sheriff

Progressives Today Multnomah County Sheriff Dan Staton is stepping down in August, on the heels of several ethics scandals that have come to light. These include dismissing a staffer who revealed that the corrections department uses unnecessary force, afemale deputy … Continue reading

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Meet Portland’s Anti Gun “Acting” Police Chief

Progressives Today As Portland police chief Larry O’Dea takes his paid leave of absence, after he got drunk and accidentally shot a friend on a hunting trip then lied about it to cover it up, assistant chief Donna Henderson has … Continue reading

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Professor Says American Patriots More Dangerous Than Foreign Terrorists

Progressives Today David Alpher has a PhD in “conflict resolution” and teaches at George Mason University. He also writes for some leftists website that no one’s ever heard of until now called The Conversation. His most recent article was picked … Continue reading

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Protest Turns Into RIOT At DONALD TRUMP Rally, Costa Mesa, CA

Progressives Today A protest at a Donald Trump rally in Costa Mesa, CA, turned into a riot, as the mob of people began to smash up police cars and tried to flip them over.  

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Angry Feminists GO NUTS Over Cameraman At “Whiteness” Event

Progressives Today “Whiteness & Feminism” was the title of the event, one of the many sessions that were part of Portland Community College’s “whiteness history month”. This particular event featured Portland State University instructors Roberta Hunteand Sally Eck. The “whiteness” … Continue reading

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“Whiteness” Speaker Reveals True Goal: Eliminating White People

Progressives Today As “whiteness history month” progresses at Portland Community College, the question that has been posed over and over is “how do we dismantle whiteness?” Well, during one of the sessions on Tuesday, April 12th, the speaker accidentally let … Continue reading

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Chaos As SJW Students CRASH “Students For Trump” Meeting

Progressives Today It was utter chaos at Portland State University Thursday evening, as over 100 wackjob commie students crashed the forming meeting for Students For Trump. Fights nearly broke out, doxing and vandalism threats were issued to Trump supporters, Latino students … Continue reading

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Oregon Governor, AG Hold SECRET MEETINGS With Gun Grabbers

Progressives Today It’s been a busy week, apparently, for Oregon’s top elected morons. As they struggle to come up with new ways to enact gun control, Governor Kate Brown, Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, and senate majority leader Ginny Burdick have … Continue reading

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Leftist Troll Harassing Finicum Supporters IDENTIFIED… AND WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE HIS SKETCHY PAST!

Progressives Today The man who has been relentlessly trolling Portland area LaVoy Finicum supporters has now been identified as Peter Fournier. Fournier has recently been spotted at a Finicum memorial rally, on March 5th, with a bull horn, shouting all … Continue reading

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High School Mural Features Communist, La Raza Propaganda

Progressives Today Lincoln High School in Portland, Oregon, sports a series of murals painted in its main entrance that feature communist and La Raza/Aztlan propaganda. Take a gander at these! Note the American flag with the hammer and sickle in … Continue reading

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Protesters Harass Restaurant Over “Colonial” Theme

Progressives Today A new restaurant in Northeast Portland opened up last week, and is already being marched on and protested by the professional protesters. Saffron Colonial specializes in British cuisine, touting their “globally inspired dishes from the height of the … Continue reading

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Moms Demand Action Anti-Gun Groups Mock Christians & Disabled

Progressives Today Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action thought it would be a good idea to post little cartoons of some of the things that pro gun advocates had to say at the hearing on Oregon’s HB 4147 last month, five weeks … Continue reading

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Illegal Aliens Demand Better Work Conditions

Progressives Today Self-admitted “undocumented” farm workers gathered in Olympia, WA, to protest work conditions at Driscoll’s fruit farms. With the help of an interpreter, they complained about having to work in varying weather conditions, such as rain, cold, and heat, … Continue reading

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Oregon Governor Vows “Executive Action” On Gun Control

Progressives Today Governor Kate Brown laments over the “gun safety” bills that were defeated in the recent Oregon legislative session. “I will be working to develop legislation for the 2017 session and explore what might be achieved using my executive … Continue reading

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Senator Patty Murray Called Out On Supreme Court Partisan Hypocrisy

Progressives Today United states Senator Patty Murray gave a speech at a Planned Parenthood rally at the capitol in Olympia, where she dogged on the Republicans for holding up an Obama Supreme Court nominee, made fun of Ted Cruz, and … Continue reading

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Sheriff Says We Need Incremental Gun Control Laws

Progressives Today While testifying in favor of Washington’s HB 2460, the ban of self defense in public parks, retired King County sheriff’s deputy David Hellene says “We look foolish! I’ve got family in Europe, and they can’t understand how this … Continue reading

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When Anti Gunners Ramble… Misinformed Drivel Happens

Progressives Today “You’re trying to be too logical,” says Oregon state Rep. Lew Frederick, after a woman rants about “multi automatic guns”, challenging the 2nd Amendment in court, wanting licensing for guns like we do with cars. Rep. Frederick goes … Continue reading

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THIRD Planned Parenthood Undercover Video Released

Progressives Today For 6 months, Holly O’Donnell’s job was to identify pregnant women at Planned Parenthood who met criteria for fetal tissue orders and to harvest the fetal body parts after their abortions. As if the first two videos involving … Continue reading

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