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Billions in food stamp payments to come early because of shutdown

Politico The partial government shutdown, hours away from becoming the longest in U.S. history, means that millions of low-income Americans are about to get their February food stamps a few weeks early — an unprecedented payout of billions of dollars … Continue reading

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‘Israel has never been so divisive in modern political history’ — anti-BDS bill fails again in Senate

Mondoweiss – by Philip Weiss Israel has never been so openly politicized in the United States as it is right now. Yesterday afternoon Senate Democrats voted to block the progress of a bill that would punish those who support Boycott, … Continue reading

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Boston Mayor’s Office to Force Doctors to Identify and Document Patients Who Own Guns

Gateway Pundit – by Jim Hoft Joseph Stalin’s firearms registration and confiscation was a tremendous success for the Socialist state. Under the Tsar, Russia was one of the most heavily armed societies on earth. That all changed when Stalin and the communists took control.  … Continue reading

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DOD IG Reveals The Pentagon Let $27.7 Billion ‘Expire’As Trump Seeks $5.7 Billion In Border Wall Funding

The Daily Caller – by Andrew Kerr The Defense Department has relinquished over $27 billion to the U.S. Treasury since 2013 simply because it couldn’t spend the money quick enough, according to a DOD Inspector General report released Tuesday. The … Continue reading

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Mother of Jazmine Barnes Lied to Police – Knew the Killers were Black Men, Killer Was Online Friend

Gateway Pundit – by Jim Hoft Texas authorities arrested and charged a man in the fatal shooting of 7-year-old girl Jazmine Barnes, whose death captured national attention and sparked a manhunt for the killer. The original reports from the family who … Continue reading

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Cash-Desperate Illinois Is Now Taxing Lap Dances

FEE – by Jon Miltimore As anyone who’s ever stepped into a “gentlemen’s club” knows, lap dances can get pretty pricey. But owners of an Illinois strip joint believe the nearly $2 million tax bill they received for lap dance services … Continue reading

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Harry Reid is dying of pancreatic cancer

Fellowship of the Minds – by Dr. Eowyn Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) was Senate Majority Leader from 2007 to 2015 — credited with pushing Obamacare into law — and Senate Minority Leader from January 3, 2015 to January 3, 2017, when he … Continue reading

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An Inside Look At The Social Decay That Is Eating Away At America Like An Aggressive Form Of Cancer

The Economic Collapse – by Michael Snyder The character of a nation is a reflection of the character of millions of individual people, and one of the fastest ways to get a sense of the character of individual people is … Continue reading

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‘What Kind of Maniacs Are Running This Country?’: Pentagon Rings in New Year With Joke About Dropping Massive Bombs on People

Common Dreams – by Jon Queally While people across the world celebrated the dawning of the New Year overnight, the U.S. military thought it would be funny to celebrate and make light of one of the things they do best: … Continue reading

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American Legion Joins VFW in Calling for Congressional Investigation of Israel’s Attack on USS Liberty.

Hub Pages – by Ralph Lopez Due to the persistence of surviving crew members and the continual emergence of new revelations, the national veteran’s group American Legion has passed Resolution 40 calling for Congress to “publicly, impartially, and thoroughly” investigate the attack … Continue reading

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Retailers Rejecting Customers’ Cash As More Ban Paper Money

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden “Your cash is not wanted here”, a growing number of retailers and restaurants throughout the US and UK are telling customers. But are reasons being given by companies for the new “cashless” approach — speed, efficiency, and … Continue reading

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Grid going down, transformers exploding, CenturyLink and Verizon major internet outages, 911 call centers going dark…

Investment Watch Is this what the beginning looks like? Is this a test run of an EMP style weapon to see if they can knock out power and communications at the same time, perhaps just in a limited test run? … Continue reading

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A Stunner: National Debt Interest Will Soon Exceed National Defense Spending

Hot Air – by Andrew Malcolm President Trump has harshly criticized the Federal Reserve in recent weeks for inching up the standard interest rate to guard against rising inflation and threatening the four percent economic growth rate the billionaire likes … Continue reading

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Kansas Supreme Court Says Cops Can Search Your Home Without a Warrant If They Claim It Smells Like Pot

Station Gossip Five years ago the U.S. Supreme Court refused to endorse a principle that could have allowed any cop with a dog to search any home. The court ruled that deploying a drug-detecting canine at the doorstep of a suspected marijuana … Continue reading

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Remy: The Longest Time (TSA Version)

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U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) appears to be gearing up for massive border invasion with new contract to acquire 375 million rounds of tactical rifle ammunition

Natural News – by Mike Adams Anyone who doesn’t yet realize the U.S. government is gearing up to defend America against a major land invasion of foreign nationals needs to look at this press release from December 10, 2018: U.S. Department … Continue reading

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Rand Paul considers law banning lobbyists working for foreign governments

Washington Examiner – by Naomi Lim Sen. Rand Paul is weighing whether to propose legislation that prohibits lobbyists from advocating for foreign governments. “I’m toying with the idea, and contemplating it, and in discussions of whether or not we should … Continue reading

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Incoming Communists Ready A Bill That Will CRIMINALIZE Private Gun Sales

SHTF Plan – by Mac Slavo In the land of the fee and home of the slave, incoming Democrats have already drafted a bill that will criminalize private gun sales.  As a “free” American, you will no longer be able … Continue reading

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Trump administration moves to ban bump stocks

AP News WASHINGTON (AP) — The Trump administration moved Tuesday to officially ban bump stocks, which allow semi-automatic weapons to fire rapidly like automatic firearms, and has made them illegal to possess beginning in late March. The devices will be … Continue reading

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