Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

Update (12:17 ET): Because of the continuing social unrest in Minneapolis, Mall of America, located about 8 miles south of the epicenter of the riots, has decided to postpone its June 1 reopening.

Bloomberg says the mall operator postponed reopening due to the “significant unrest in the community.” No further reopening timelines were given.  Continue reading “Locals Rage At Rioters As Minneapolis Burns”

Gateway Pundit – by Jim Hoft

Hennepin County District Attorney Michael Freeman, a Democrat, spoke with reporters on Thursday. Freeman said he did not want to rush to make charges in the choking death of George Floyd. Then Freeman added this:  Continue reading “Hennepin County District Attorney on George Floyd Case: “Evidence Does Not Support a Criminal Charge””

Gateway Pundit – by Cassandra Fairbanks

Riots are continuing to sweep the nation following the death of George Floyd while in police custody. Denver became the latest city to spin out of control on Thursday evening. Continue reading “Denver Riot Out of Control: Protester Run Over After Jumping on Woman’s Car, Gun Shots Fired Towards Capitol”


At least seven people were shot in Louisville on Thursday night at a protest over the killing of Breonna Taylor, an EMT shot in her home by police on March 13.

At least one of the shooting victims was reported to be in critical condition. Continue reading “7 people shot in Louisville at protest over Breonna Taylor killing”

Yahoo News

MINNEAPOLIS — A police precinct was burning in Minneapolis as protests over the death of George Floyd raged on for a third straight day.

Protesters late Thursday focused their attention on the police department’s 3rd Precinct, the base of four officers who were fired after Floyd’s death in their custody Monday.  Continue reading “Minneapolis police precinct burns as protests rage on”

Breitbart – by John Binder

Nine Republican senators are lobbying President Trump to import more foreign workers, claiming there are not enough qualified Americans to take jobs, even with more than 36 million out of work.

Continue reading “GOP Senators Beg Trump to Import More Foreign Workers While 36M Americans Are Jobless”

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

In the last week 2.123 million more Americans filed for unemployment benefits for the first time (versus the 2.10mm expected).  Continue reading “Over 40 Million Jobless In 10 Weeks – “Nobody Ever Imagined It Would Get This Bad So Fast””

Daily Mail

Jeffrey Epstein‘s surveillance cameras were part of a ‘blackmail scheme’ meant to extort his powerful friends, a major new documentary about the pedophile claims.

Netflix‘s Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich makes the bombshell claim that will add to the intrigue surrounding his death last August while he was awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges. Continue reading “Jeffrey Epstein had surveillance cameras hidden throughout his properties worldwide in a ‘blackmail scheme’ to extort his powerful friends”

Western Journal – by Jared Harris

A Missouri bar found itself at the center of a firestorm after video of a party at the establishment went viral.

Now, the owner is firing back at critics with a defiant statement of his own.  Continue reading “After Party Puts Bar at Center of Virus Fear Firestorm, Owner Refuses To Back Down in Epic Statement”

CBS Detroit

(CBS Local) — “No mask, No service” signs are popping up at all kinds of businesses as the country begins to slowly reopen after the coronavirus pandemic shutdown that began in March.

Some retail chains, like Costco Wholesale, have already started to require masks for all customers and employees. Continue reading “‘No Mask, No Service’ Signs Pop Up As Businesses Begin To Slowly Reopen”

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

Over 300 people were arrested in Hong Kong on Wednesday during demonstrations over national security legislation which would put the semi-autonomous city further under Beijing’s boot. Protesters planned to gather at the city’s Legislative Council during a debate on a related law which would criminalize insulting China’s national anthem – though security forces stopped them before they could get that far. Continue reading ““Revolution Of Our Times”: Hundreds Arrested As Hong Kong Protests Escalate”


The Trump administration is considering offering people a $450-a-week payment to persuade them to return to work amid the coronavirus pandemic, a White House adviser has said.

Plans to offer the payment for a limited time on top of wages is gathering steam among Republicans in the US Congress. Continue reading “Trump administration ‘looking at’ $450 weekly back-to-work bonus”

Yahoo News

One might think Mexican immigrants in the U.S. would be sending less money home to their families as a result of the coronavirus.

The 11.2 million people of Mexican origin living in the United States together send upwards of US$38 billion to Mexico each year. This money, called remittances, supports the basic necessities and financial investments of 1.6 million Mexican households – some 10 million people.  Continue reading “Mexican workers in US are sending record money home despite coronavirus-related economic shutdowns”


Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday directed China’s armed forces to strengthen training of troops and to be ready for war amid coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic’s visible impact on the world’s most populous country’s national security. Continue reading “‘Prepare for war’: China’s Xi Jinping tells army to thwart coronavirus impact on national security”

Breitbart – by Joshua Caplan

Appearing Monday on MSNBC, network contributor Dr. Vin Gupta suggested that lawmakers should mandate mask usage to combat further spread of Chinese coronavirus, comparing the proposal to the ban on smoking inside public facilities.  Continue reading “MSNBC’s Dr. Vin Gupta: Make Masks Mandatory, ‘I Shouldn’t Have to Breathe Exhaled COVID-19’”

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

Government officials, healthcare workers, and residents in Mexican border cities are alleging new COVID-19 outbreaks are connected with infected people crossing the border from the US. Continue reading “Mexicans Are ‘Building A Wall’ To Keep American-COVID-Carriers Out”

News Wars – by Dan Lyman

Fire crews rushed to the scene of a blaze set in southern Arizona by arsonists who illegally entered the U.S. before fleeing back into Mexico, according to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials. Continue reading “Arsonists Cross Border to Set Fires, Escape Back to Mexico”