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One Republican Congressman says instead of sending stimulus checks to every qualifying American, direct payments should go to people who receive the coronavirus vaccine.

“I hope the administration will look at that option because we actually buy something with our $1,400 — and that’s herd immunity,” said Rep. Steve Stivers (R., Ohio) in an interview with Yahoo Finance Live. Continue reading “GOP Congressman: Give $1,400 stimulus checks to people who get the COVID-19 vaccine”

Breitbart – by Alana Mastrangelo

President Joe Biden reversed an order by former President Donald Trump that excluded illegal aliens in the census numbers used to determine each state’s share of congressional seats and Electoral College votes.

On his first day in office, President Biden reversed a Trump order so that illegal aliens will now be required to be included in the census numbers used to decide how many lawmakers represent each state in Congress. Continue reading “Joe Biden Includes Illegal Aliens in Census to Determine Congressional Seats, Electoral College Votes”

Breitbart – by Neil Munro

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce says its corporate members can create jobs for Americans if President Joe Biden’s amnesty and migration bill provides them with “the world’s most talented and industrious people.”

The chamber made the January 20 press statement as it applauded Biden’s draft “U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021” that would dramatically accelerate the inflow of foreign workers into Americans’ blue-collar and white-collar jobs. The statement said: Continue reading “U.S. Chamber to Joe Biden: You Can Help Americans by Importing Foreign Workers”

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

Initial jobless claims were expected to remain depressingly high last week, after spiking the week before, and they did (though slightly better than expected).

900,000 Americans filed for first-time unemployment benefits last week (less than the 935k expected and slightly lower than the 926k revised level of the week before), but still up near 4 month highs… Continue reading “900,000 Americans Filed For First-Time Jobless Benefits Last Week”

Gateway Pundit – by Jim Hoft

On his first day in office Joe Biden killed off an estimated 52,100 American jobs.
That must be a record, right?

After his bizarre inaugural behind fences and 20,000 military troops, Biden hobbled to the Oval Officer were he signed several executive orders including the end of construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline and the end of construction of the Trump border wall. Continue reading “Woo-Hoo! Biden Kills Off an Estimated 52,100 Jobs in First Day as President — During a Pandemic!”

American Lookout – by Mike LaChance

Hundreds of thousands of businesses across the country are teetering on the brink of destruction because of the lock downs associated with the coronavirus pandemic.

What does Joe Biden want to do? Make it harder for them to stay in business. The last thing these business owners need is an increase in the minimum wage. Continue reading “CBO Estimates Biden Plan To Raise Minimum Wage To $15 Could Kill Almost 4 Million Jobs”

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Joe Biden has ordered a halt on the construction of the wall on the US-Mexico border, a key project of the Trump administration, fulfilling one of the most prominent promises made by the Democrat during his presidential campaign.

The 46th president, while terminating the order that declared a national emergency concerning the southern border of the US, said it was “unwarranted and that no more American taxpayer dollars be diverted to construct a border wall.” Continue reading “Biden orders construction workers on Trump’s border wall to stop work”

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TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Four nurses at a rural health department in Kansas are refusing to administer any COVID-19 vaccines, citing the fast development and production of the shots.

Coffey County Public Health Administrator Lindsay Payer said the nurses made their own decisions and expressed their concerns one by one. She called the vaccine documents concerning.  Continue reading “Nurses in Coffey County refuse to give COVID-19 vaccine”

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It began with a cryptic remark by President Trump at a photo op with senior military leaders in October 2017. “You guys know what this represents?” Trump asked the reporters he had summoned to the State Dining Room, gesturing to the officers arrayed beside him. “Maybe it’s the calm before the storm.” Continue reading “As Trump departs office, reality sets in for QAnon cult”

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On Wednesday, January 20, Kamala Harris will not only become the first female vice president, but she’ll also become the first Black woman and first Asian-American woman to hold the position. Harris has made her position on the gun control debate clear: During her presidential campaign last year, Harris declared that she would sign an executive order “mandating background checks for customers of any firearms dealer who sells more than five guns a year,” per the New York Times, if Congress didn’t take action within the first 100 days. She also stated that she would close the boyfriend loophole and ban assault weapons, and fugitives would not be allowed to purchase any handgun or weapon. Continue reading “Kamala Harris Has a Chance to Enact Major Gun Control Legislation”

Breitbart – by AWR hawkins

Gun owners in central Florida began camping out as early as 2 a.m. Monday in order to enter Lake Mary’s Academy Sporting Goods for ammunition when doors opened at 9:00 a.m.

Fox 11 reports that campers voiced concern over President-elect Joe Biden’s anticipated gun control push and wanted to stock up on ammunition while they still could. Continue reading “Florida Gun Owners Camping Out for Chance to Buy Ammunition”

Fellowship of the Minds – by DCG

This should come as a surprise to absolutely no one: Demorats are already paving the way to erode our Second Amendment rights.

On December 22, 2020, Florida State Senator Gary Farmer filed SB 370 entitled, “Assault Weapons and Large-capacity Magazines.” Continue reading “#2APurge: Demorats wasting no time in going after guns”

Daily Mail

A caravan of almost 8,000 migrants, who walked around 200 miles from Honduras into Guatemala last week have dissipated after they were met by security forces wielding batons and firing tear-gas.

Guatemalan forces put on dozens of buses to send the majority of the caravan back home to Honduras following a series of clashes over the last three days. But on Tuesday, small groups could be seen pushing on to Mexico, regardless of pressure from the security forces. Continue reading “Caravan of 8,000 Honduran migrants is broken up and bused BACK to Honduras”


On Wednesday, on the steps of the U.S. Capitol, President-elect Joe Biden will be sworn into office and a new era will dawn.

The last four years of Donald Trump’s presidency were like a dream come true for Israel’s right-wing. Continue reading “With Biden, Israel has a true Zionist in the White House”

Federal Inquirer – by Brittany Jordan

Laura Loomer was right.

In October former Florida Republican congressional candidate Laura Loomer slammed Republican party leadership for ignoring tech censorship of conservatives.

Loomer, perhaps the most censored woman in the world, won her primary while being banned from every major social media platform. Her campaign is also the only one banned from running ads on Facebook. Continue reading “Federal Government Bans Conservative Laura Loomer from Owning Guns”

Washington Times – by Jeff Mordock

A bomb threat was made against the U.S. Supreme Court Wednesday just hours before the presidential inauguration, a court spokesperson confirmed.

“The Court received a bomb threat, the building and grounds were checked out, and the building is not being evacuated,” the spokesperson said in a statement. Continue reading “Bomb threat made against Supreme Court ahead of inauguration”

Wall Street Journal

President Trump has talked in recent days with associates about forming a new political party, according to people familiar with the matter, an effort to exert continued influence after he leaves the White House.

Mr. Trump discussed the matter with several aides and other people close to him last week, the people said. The president said he would want to call the new party the “Patriot Party,” the people said. Continue reading “Trump Has Discussed Starting a New Political Party”