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The organized Jewish community, led by the Anti-Defamation League, has condemned a billboard in Detroit, Michigan which simply reads, “America First, Not Israel,” denouncing the advertisement as “anti-Semitic.”

Considering the dominating and tyrannical influence of organized Jewry in America, where any criticism of Jews or the Jewish state of Israel is strictly forbidden and hysterically decried as “anti-Semitic,” it’s amazing a billboard of this nature would even be allowed to go up in the first place. The Jerusalem Post reports:   Continue reading “Detroit Billboard Denounced As “Anti-Semitic” For Putting America First”

The Intellihub – by Alex Thomas

In what will go down as one of the most disgusting, hate filled articles ever published on the hard left clickbait rag, an author and liberal college professor has written a piece that calls for all gun owners to be shot. 

No, you did not read that incorrectly and this is not hyperbole.

The article, written by Coppin State University teacher D. Watkins, not only calls for all gun owners to be shot but also ridiculously compares them to slaveholders while claiming that there is no legitimate reason to own a weapon.   Continue reading “Liberal Professor compares law-abiding gun owners to slaveholders, calls for them to be shot”

Washington Examiner – by Paul Bedard

The Department of Homeland Security is readying a plan to expand a program that pays U.S. employers to hire foreign STEM students taught in America, a move that could end up punishing American college grads and even the elderly, according to an immigration think tank.

In pushing to allow more foreign students into the so-called “optional practical training program,” DHS said that it will help businesses and colleges by keeping those foreign students in the U.S. following their American-taught science, technology, engineering, and math, or STEM, curriculum.   Continue reading “Feds dangle $12,000 bonus to firms that hire foreign students”

RT – by Sam Gerrans

The United States is in decline. While not all major shocks to the system will be devastating, when the right one comes along, the outcome may be dramatic.

Not all explosives are the same. We all know you have to be careful with dynamite. Best to handle it gently and not smoke while you’re around it.

Semtex is different. You can drop it. You can throw it. You can put it in the fire. Nothing will happen. Nothing until you put the right detonator in it, that is. Continue reading “‘America is a bomb waiting to explode’”

Washington’s Blog – by Robert Barsocchini

After changing its story many times, the US now admits that it intentionally threw bombs, for more than an hour, at the now famous Doctors Without Borders hospital, proving accurate the assessment of DWB staffer Meinie Nicolai, who said the US attack was “a premeditated massacre.”

Since initial US claims that the protected DWB hospital was a “Taliban stronghold” and so forth have been debunked as stupid, the US now claims it targeted the hospital because one man, a “Pakistan Inter-Services Intelligence spy”, was inside.   Continue reading “US Rejects Hospital Bombing Investigation, Instead Smashes into Hospital in Tank, Destroying Evidence”

Activist Post – by Joe Wright

“Americans motivated by anti-government views and racist ideologies” will be the focus of a new Department of Justice position, John Carlin told a George Washington University crowd today.

The Associated Press reports:     Continue reading “DOJ Creates New Position To Target “Anti-Government Views””

The Ron Paul Institute – by Daniel McAdams

Last year’s National Defense Authorization Act allocated half a billion dollars to train “vetted,” “moderate” rebels to attack ISIS in Syria and also to overthrow the country’s sovereign government. This schizophrenic policy goal not surprisingly produced a total (after the others were killed, captured, or willingly gave their weapons to ISIS) of four or five fighters. Even this micro force of five ultimately found itself in the depths of embarrassment as it was carjacked by al-Qaeda. Half a billion dollars to have five guys carjacked! Put ten plumbers in a room and they could craft a more workable foreign policy than the entirety of the US foreign policy establishment.   Continue reading “Defense Spending Bill: $600 Million More to Train “Moderates” in Syria”

EAG News – by Kyle Olson

KYLE, Texas – Emotions are on a hair trigger in schools these days.

So much so, just hearing the word “gum” can cause a school-wide freak-out, as evidenced by an episode Wednesday.

A student at Lehman High School student reportedly asked for some chewing gum, but another student thought the student said “gun,” KCEN reports.   Continue reading “Panic strikes school after student says ‘gum’”

Gateway Pundit – by Jim Hoft

The Obama administration is spending $75 million a year arming EPA special agents with drones, night vision goggles, guns and assault ships.

The EPA special force was formed to take out US polluters.
The Spectator reported:   Continue reading “EPA Spends $75 Million to Equip 200 Special Agents With Drones, Night Vision Goggles, Guns and Assault Ships”

Yahoo News – by Greg Moore

MILWAUKEE (AP) — Jurors ordered a Wisconsin gun store to pay nearly $6 million on Tuesday in a lawsuit filed by two Milwaukee police officers who were shot and seriously wounded by a gun purchased at the store.

The ruling came in a negligence lawsuit filed by the officers against Badger Guns, a shop in suburban Milwaukee that authorities have linked to hundreds of firearms found at crime scenes. The lawsuit said the shop ignored several warning signs that the gun used to shoot the officers was being sold to a so-called straw buyer who was illegally purchasing the weapon for someone else.   Continue reading “Gun shop ordered to pay millions to injured police officers”

Yahoo News – by Dylan Stableford

Marijuana sales blazed past the $100 million mark for the first time in August, the Denver Post reported over the weekend.

According to sales data from Colorado’s Department of Revenue released Friday, sales of recreational pot topped $59.2 million for the month, while medical marijuana dispensaries pulled in $41.4 million, for a combined $100.6 million — the highest monthly total since legal recreational cannabis sales began there in January 2014.   Continue reading “Colorado’s monthly marijuana sales top $100 million”

Liberty Fight – by Martin Hill

  • “The holocaust has been proven to be a lie beyond a reasonable doubt…”
  • “It’s important to note that jews hate free speech & are known bullsh-ters”
  • “I’m a wage slave to ink and paper dollars we print to bailout jewish mega banks as kikes go on bout #WhitePrivilege & I’m not suppose to kill?” David Joseph Lenio – facing 10 years in prison for alleged Twitter posts ‘defaming’ Jews

Continue reading “Prosecutor Justifies Charges Against Man for “Criminal Defamation of Jews” in Montana”


Republican candidate Ben Carson continued his controversial remarks about guns Thursday — suggesting in a new interview that the Jews may have been able to diminish the likelihood of the Holocaust if they were armed.

Carson made the remarks, which drew swift condemnation — on CNN. He said that passengers on Flight 93, which crashed on 9/11, helped avoid further tragedy by rushing the gunman.   Continue reading “Ben Carson Suggests Holocaust Would Have Been Less Likely if Jews Were Armed”

Liberty Fight – by Martin Hill

An astute Facebook user has noticed that footage of the Umpqua, Oregon shooting scene aired on CBS News actually shows footage from the Sandy Hook shooting.

The facebook post, which has 64,007 views, notes that the CBS news video was abruptly removed from youtube. It is unclear if anyone got a copy of it or reposted it, but several people posted screenshots of the CBS video.   Continue reading “CBS recycling Sandy Hook footage as Umpqua shooting footage”

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

Beneath the surface of a St. Louis-area landfill lurk two things that should never meet: a slow-burning fire and a cache of Cold War-era nuclear waste, separated by no more than 1,200 feet.

As AP reports,

Government officials have quietly adopted an emergency plan in case the smoldering embers ever reach the waste, a potentially “catastrophic event” that could send up a plume of radioactive smoke over a densely populated area near the city’s main airport.

Continue reading “St. Louis Prepares For “Catastrophic Event” As Underground Fire Nears Nuclear Waste Cache”

State of Politics

After a community college shooting left 10 people dead, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the 2016 presidential candidates — both parties — should be talking about gun control.

At the same time, Cuomo is calling on Democrats nationally to take a page from the GOP playbook and threaten a government shutdown over gun control.

“I would like to see Hillary and the vice president and whoever else is in the race on both sides talk about this issue of guns and let’s have that as one of the top priorities,” Cuomo said during an interview on NY1. “Rather than the political blather that is now going on and let’s put some real issues on the agenda and let’s put at the top: What are you going to do about guns?”   Continue reading “Cuomo Wants Gun Control To Be Issue In 2016 Campaign”