Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

Ask any Arizonan whether their summers are more tolerable because “it’s a dry heat” and you’re likely to be asked to turn your oven to 150 degrees, stick your head inside for 20 minutes and report back as to whether or not the humidity within the oven ever crossed you mind.  Probably not.

And while Arizonans have learned to cope with the “dry heat,” this summer has been particularly brutal for people living in the Southwest as temperatures have already soared to over 120 degrees in certain areas.  What’s worse, it’s only June.   Continue reading “Pictures From Arizona’s Heatwave: “Everything Is Literally Melting””

Fellowship of the Minds – by Dr. Eowyn

Thought Crime comes to America.

There are two bi-partisan resolutions in Congress, House Resolution 257 and Senate Resolution 118, which mean to trigger a law enforcement “investigation” if you are deemed to “hate” Muslims or Jews or blacks.

HR 257 is called “Condemning hate crime and any other form of racism, religious or ethnic bias, discrimination, incitement to violence, or animus targeting a minority in the United States”.   Continue reading “Congressional Resolutions (HR 257, SR 118) will sic law enforcement on you for ‘hating’ Muslims, Jews, or blacks”

Mass Transit – by Erin Baldassari

June 21–OAKLAND — BART’s governing board on Thursday will consider adding the four-county transit district to the growing list of local jurisdictions refusing to enforce federal immigration laws.

The proposed policy, dubbed “Safe Transit,” would prohibit BART from spending any money or resources on enforcing federal immigration laws, and it would forbid BART employees, including its police officers, from questioning riders about their immigration status, except if that cooperation is required by federal or state laws, or through a court order.   Continue reading “CA: BART Board to Consider Adopting an Immigration Sanctuary Policy Thursday”

Ars Technica – by David Kravets

A Rhode Island legislative committee has approved a bill that would greatly expand the surveillance state through the deployment of license plate readers. For the first time in the US, these devices would be attached along Rhode Island highways and roads for the stated purpose of catching uninsured motorists from any state.

The House Corporations Committee approved the bill on a 7-2 vote earlier this week. The legislation spells out that the contractor for the project would get 50 percent of the fines paid by uninsured motorists ensnared under the program. The state and the contractor would each earn an estimated $15 million annually. Fines are as high as $120.  Continue reading “Rhode Island bill sees highway surveillance cams ticketing uninsured motorists”

Free Thought Project – by Justin Gardner

Tacoma, WA – Two cops with a fondness for corporal punishment are under criminal investigation for possible child abuse, after telling a woman to beat her 9-year-old grandson with a belt.

As The News Tribune reports, the officers not only urged to do it — contradicting the advice of Catholic Community Service workers who were present — but showed her how. They suggested she could use a small extension of her hand, since she was physically limited, and said it was her legal right to beat the boy.   Continue reading ““You Need to Beat this Boy!” Cops Force Grandma to Beat Disabled Grandson With Belt”

Off the Grid News – by Daniel Jennings

A federal judge has ruled that police have the right to enter homes without a warrant as long as they claim to be conducting a “welfare check.”

Lieutenant Joseph Buccilli did not violate the Fourth Amendment when he forced his way into the home of Timothy, LuAnn and Joseph Batt without a warrant in 2012, U.S. District Judge Frank Geraci Jr ruled earlier this year. The case currently is being appealed, and a ruling is expected this fall.   Continue reading “Police Can Now Say These 2 Words To Enter Your Home Without A Warrant, Judge Rules”

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

One wouldn’t know it by looking at the market, but the biggest developing story today was Russia’s threat to intercept any aircraft – including US – flying in the area of operations of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria, and “be followed as targets” after yesterday’s downing by a US F-18 of a Syrian Su-22 fighter jet. Moments ago the US responded to this unmistakable deterioration in relations between the two nations, when a Pentagon spokesman said U.S. pilots over Syria will defend themselves if attacked by Russians.   Continue reading “Pentagon Responds: “US Pilots Will Defend Themselves If Attacked By Russians””


An Iranian-made drone was shot down by a US F-15 fighter jet in southern Syria, near At Tanf, the US-led coalition said. It is the fifth time in the past month the US has struck at forces allied with the Syrian government in the area.

An armed Shaheed-129 UAV “displayed hostile intent and advanced on Coalition forces” at 12:30 am local time on Tuesday, the coalition said in a statement. The drone was observed in the same area where another UAV was shot down on June 8.   Continue reading “US jets shoot down ‘Iranian drone’ in Syria – coalition”

End of American Dream – by Michael Snyder

Is it possible that the Yellowstone supervolcano is gearing up for a major eruption? If you follow my work on a regular basis, then you already know that I spend a lot of time documenting how the crust of our planet is becoming increasingly unstable. Most of this shaking is taking place far away from the continental United States, and so most Americans are not too concerned about it. But we should be concerned about it, because a major seismic event could change all of our lives in a single instant. For instance, a full-blown eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano would have the potential of being an E.L.E. (extinction level event). That is why it is so alarming that there have been 296 earthquakes in the vicinity of the Yellowstone supervolcano within the last 7 days. Scientists are trying to convince us that everything is going to be okay, but there are others that are not so sure.   Continue reading “There Have Been 296 Earthquakes In The Vicinity Of The Yellowstone Supervolcano Within The Last 7 Days”


Several sailors who went missing in Saturday’s collision between the American destroyer USS Fitzgerald and a merchant ship off the coast of Japan have been found dead in the wreckage of the damaged part of the destroyer, the US 7th Fleet has confirmed.

In total, seven US sailors were declared missing in the incident and three more were injured, including the commander of the ship, Bryce Benson.

The search for the seven missing sailors has ended, but the number of bodies found has not been confirmed as of yet, according to a US Navy commander cited by AP.   Continue reading “Missing sailors found dead in damaged US destroyer following collision near Japan – Navy”

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

The US opioid epidemic has continued to worsen in 2017 as super-powerful synthetic opioids like fentanyl and carfentanil taint the nation’s heroin supply. While the FBI’s final tally has yet to arrive, preliminary data suggest that overdose deaths last year eclipsed the 50,000 recorded nationally in 2015 – the most ever. And the body count is expected to be even higher in 2017. As the death toll in some of the hardest-hit areas of the country skyrockets – in some cases forcing county coroners to build larger freezers to store the bodies – states have begun filing lawsuits against the pharmaceutical companies responsible for making and marketing opioid painkillers, in hopes of offsetting the ballooning public-health costs that have been a byproduct of the crisis.   Continue reading “Tennessee Counties Sue Opioid Makers Using Local “Crack Tax” Law”

Free Thought Project – by Claire Bernish

A new bill seeks to track your money and assets incessantly, will enjoin any business with government ties to act as a de facto arm of DHS, and would steal all of your assets — including Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies — should you fail to report funds when traveling with over $10,000.

Under the guise of combating money laundering, Senate Bill 1241, “Combating Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, and Counterfeiting Act of 2017,” ramps up regulation of digital currency and other autocratic financial controls in an attempt to ensure none of your assets can escape one of the State’s most nefarious, despised powers: civil asset forfeiture.   Continue reading “Senate Bill to Force Citizens to Register Cash Not in a Bank, Violators Get 10 Years in Prison”

Media Matters

Right-wing radio host Michael Savage called for a government takeover of media following a shooting at a baseball practice of Republican members of Congress.

Five people, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA), were wounded during baseball practice in Alexandria, VA. The assailant, “identified by multiple law enforcement officials as James T. Hodgkinson II,” was killed by police after they exchanged gunfire.   Continue reading “Trump ally Michael Savage calls for government takeover of the media following shooting at GOP baseball practice”

Informaza News

Oliver Stone joined Stephen Colbert on the Late Show which aired Tuesday June 13th.  He sat down with Colbert to discuss and promote his upcoming Putin Interviews, which will debut June 15th on SHOWTIME.

Colbert, having watched previews of Stone’s upcoming program, questioned Stone on what he described as Stone’s “apparent sympathy” for Vladimir Putin, despite claims of Russian intervention in the 2016 U.S Presidential Elections. To this, Stone retorted something to the effect of “Israel had far more involvement in the US election than Russia…Why don’t you ask me about that?” according to a source within the audience. To this, Colbert replied “I’ll ask you about that when you make a documentary about Israel!””   Continue reading “Oliver Stone Mentions Israeli Interference in U.S Politics, Colbert Edits it Out of Show”

Information Liberation – by Chris Menahan

The Alexandria shooter is a Bernie Sanders supporter who appears to have been radicalized by the hate-filled mainstream media.

The Washington Post reports police identified the shooter as 66-year-old James T. Hodgkinson of Belleville, Illinois.    Continue reading “‘It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co’: Alexandria Shooter IDed As 66yo Bernie Supporter James T. Hodgkinson”

Free Thought Project – by Rachel Blevins

The United States House of Representatives has passed a bill to criminalize “sexting” among teenagers. But that’s not all. This ominous bill also punishes their parents by making them face a 15-year mandatory, minimum sentence.

H.R. 1761, the Protecting Against Child Exploitation Act of 2017, seeks to “criminalize the knowing consent of the visual depiction, or live transmission, of a minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct, and for other purposes.”   Continue reading “Congress Passes Bill to Throw Parents of Sexting Teens in Jail for 15 Years”

ArsTechnica – by Beth Mole

In a letter dated May 1 of this year, Attorney General Jeff Sessions personally wrote to Congressional leaders urging them to ditch a provision in spending legislation that bars the Department of Justice from cracking down on state-legal medical marijuana.

The letter was revealed Monday by and subsequently verified by The Washington Post.   Continue reading “Sessions wrote to Congress asking permission to go after medical marijuana”

Natural News – by Amy Goodrich

The pharmaceutical world will do everything in its power to protect its cash cow. Anything that stands in its way will be eliminated. In just over one year, more than 60 holistic doctors and researchers have been found dead, most of them in suspicious circumstances.

Christopher Bayley King, 49, is the latest holistic doctor to be murdered in cold blood. He was eating at the Farm to Table Restaurant, Bramble & Hare, when he was approached by a man named Louis Joseph Sebastian, 32, and shot dead on Memorial Day, reported Your News Wire. Just before he got murdered, Dr. King was arguing with his killer. Then they went outside and Dr. King got shot.   Continue reading “Holistic doctor gunned down outside organic restaurant in Colorado as war on natural health continues”