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“Can you hear me?” It is a simple question, but police say answering it could make you the victim of a scam.

Police in Virginia are now warning about the scam, which has also been recently reported in Florida, and, in 2016, in Pennsylvania.   Continue reading “‘Can You Hear Me?’ Scam Has Police Warning Would-Be Victims to Hang Up Immediately”

Truthfeed – by Amy Moreno

The #WomensMarch event took place on Saturday in D.C., where hoards of anti-Trump “feminists” took to the streets to protest.

However, beyond a general dislike of Donald Trump, no one is exactly sure what they were protesting.

Nevertheless, as you can imagine there were plenty of “cringeworthy” moments.   Continue reading “10 Cringeworthy Pictures From the “Women’s March””


WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — If the city of Chicago cannot get its wave of killings under control, the US government will send in its own federal forces to restore law and order there, President Donald Trump announced in a Twitter message.   Continue reading “US Government Ready to Send Federal Force to Chicago to End Murder Wave”


Lawmakers in five states have introduced legislation that would enshrine the “Right to Repair” electronics, meaning manufacturers will have to sell replacement parts to independent repair shops and consumers and will also have to make their diagnostic and service manuals public.

The bills are squarely aimed at the “authorized repair” model that creates aftermarket monopolies dominated by the manufacturers themselves. For example, Apple has never authorized an independent company to repair iPhones, even though hundreds of companies do so every day (its authorized repair program is only for Mac computers).  Continue reading “Five States Are Considering Bills to Legalize the ‘Right to Repair’ Electronics”


Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said the army will stop at nothing to defeat the enemy in conflicts to come, and they won’t stop until the adversary “waves a white flag.” He also slammed attempts by third parties to meddle.

Speaking at a two-day security conference in Tel Aviv on Tuesday, Lieberman, leader of the nationalist Yisrael Beiteinu party and long-time ally of Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu, said that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) will fight till the bitter end and not settle for half-measures.   Continue reading “Army will go ‘full force’ in future wars, collapsing EU shouldn’t lecture – Israeli defense chief”

Truth Dig – by Emma Niles

American whistleblower Edward Snowden recently gave a lengthy interview at an event hosted by acTVism. “Freedom & Democracy—Global Issues in Context,” moderated by acTVism Munich founder and senior editor Zain Raza, also featured interviews with philosopher Srecko Horvat, Real News Network founder Paul Jay, economist Richard D. Wolff, Intercept founding editor Jeremy Scahill, and German writer Jürgen Todenhöfer.   Continue reading “Edward Snowden: ‘Faith in Elected Leaders’ Is a Mistake Americans Keep Making”

Heat Street – by Jillian Kay Melchior

A Colorado history museum has come under attack after a group of activists renting its facilities hung a Donald Trump piñata, promising attendees “a chance to strike.”

The controversy began last Friday, when one Facebook user posted a photo of the piñata, hoisted by the neck from the rafters of the El Pueblo History Museum. The museum had rented its space out to Chicanos Against Trump for its Popular Vote Fiesta.   Continue reading “Trump Piñata Hung From Rafters of CO Museum For ‘Chicanos Against Trump’ Event”

Washington Examiner – by Paul Bedard

The media is raising concerns about a drone bombing at the 58th Presidential Inauguration on Friday.

On Thursday’s “Today” show, a report indicated that U.S. Secret Service has put in place several anti-drone efforts out of concern that an I-inspired “flying IED” will smash into the crowd, or worse.   Continue reading “Media warns of inauguration drone bombing, not ‘safe’”

Yahoo News – by Alex Dobuzinskis

(Reuters) – An undocumented immigrant from El Salvador is suing San Francisco alleging police violated the city’s sanctuary city policy by turning him over to U.S. immigration authorities after he reported his car stolen.

The lawsuit was filed on Tuesday on behalf of Pedro Figueroa Zarceno, 32, in federal court in San Francisco against the city and its police chief for violating his right to due process and breaking an ordinance barring municipal employees from cooperating with federal immigration authorities seeking to deport a person.   Continue reading “Undocumented worker sues San Francisco for violating sanctuary law”


RT has been blocked from posting content to its Facebook page.

The ban, according to the Facebook bot, will last until Saturday 10:55pm Moscow time (2:55pm EST) and will extend across US president-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration.

A misplaced live streaming rights strike during RT’s broadcast of President Obama’s final press conference seems to have triggered the ban.   Continue reading “Facebook censors RT from posting until after Trump inauguration”

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist

Standing Rock, ND — Over the last several months, the world has watched the American police state in action as cops from more than a dozen states beat, gassed, pepper sprayed, tasered, shot, and severely injured water protectors and protesters in North Dakota. Using their militarized gear, police have blinded at least one person and blown up the arm of another. With all the heavily armed police and military in the area, one would think that having a missile launcher would be entirely unnecessary — however, one would be wrong.

Jon Zeigler has been live streaming from DAPL since last year. On Monday, he found something quite disturbing — the Avenger AN/TWQ-1 Air Defense System.   Continue reading “It Just Got Real — Cops At DAPL Now Have Missile Launchers — Not Kidding”

Yahoo News

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Monica Crowley, the foreign policy adviser tapped for a White House job under President-elect Donald Trump, will relinquish the post, a transition official told Reuters on Monday.

Crowley had been chosen to serve as senior director of strategic communications at the National Security Council. Her appointment had been shadowed by reports of plagiarism in news outlets including CNN and Politico.   Continue reading “Trump pick for NSC post Crowley to step down: transition official”

The Paradise Post

Is Communism dead?
Here is an old anti-Communist comic book from 1947.
If its predictions sound quaint and silly to us now, then Communism is indeed dead.
However, if the subversive tactics have come to pass or are still in use, then perhaps this warning from 66 years ago is not so silly after all:   Continue reading “Is Communism Dead? A 1947 Comic Book Reveals the Truth”

Activist Post – by John Vibes

The unlucky Friday the 13th is one of the most well-recognized superstitions in the Western world. This tradition is over 700 years old and has a very interesting origin. During the 12th century, there was a massive religious war that consumed most of Europe and Asia. Europeans referred to these times as “the crusades.” This war lasted centuries and allowed an elite class of knights to accumulate so much power and wealth that their influence rivaled both the monarchy and the church. The Knights of the Temple of Solomon, or more commonly known as “The Knights Templar” were the most influential political force of their time. They were the world’s first international bankers and were the corporate giant of the Middle Ages.   Continue reading “The Hidden History Of Corruption Behind Friday The 13th”

BBC News

Syria has accused Israel of bombarding an area west of Damascus, with reports of a military airport being hit.

State television quoted the army as saying several rockets landed in the airport compound in Mezzeh, Reuters news agency reports.

It remains unclear if the alleged bombardment, which caused fires, has caused any casualties.   Continue reading “Syria accuses Israel of bombardment”

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

Just hours after NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden urged President Obama to “save [Chelsea Manning’s] life by granting her clemency,” Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange says he will agree to be extradited to the United States if the president grants clemency to the former US soldier Chelsea Manning, who is currently serving a 35-year sentence for leaking documents.   Continue reading “Assange Agrees To Extradition If Obama Grants Chelsea Manning Clemency”

Free Thought Project – by Claire Bernish

Albion, ME — Maine Governor Paul LePage wants to rewrite the law after becoming incensed at the plight of an elderly, disabled couple — one of whom is a veteran — who were evicted from their home of 33 years because they are too impoverished to pay taxes.

According to the Portland Press Herald, in December 2015, the town of Albion moved to foreclose on the “rundown camp” of National Guard and Marine veteran Richard Sukeforth and his wife, Leonette, when taxes went unpaid.   Continue reading “Elderly Couple Evicted, Thrown Out on the Street, for Failing to Pay Property Taxes on Their Home”