bdsRichard Silverstein

Of all the lame-brained, lumpen-brained, hare-brained schemes emanating from Aipac’s lobby shop, this is one of the truly lamest.  As Israel forms the most dangerous, aggressive, racist government in its history, Aipac thought this was a good time to remind the American people of that by conniving to amend an already contentious fast-track trade bill with a new amendment that would criminalize BDS in the U.S.  The specific language seeks:   Continue reading “AIPAC Wants Congress to Criminalize BDS”

Image Credit: U.S. ArmyWestern Journalism – by Randy DeSoto

Per President Barack Obama’s directive last fall, the U.S. Army is enlisting illegal aliens who are so called “Dreamers” into its ranks.

The Hill reports that since January, the Army has enlisted 81 illegal immigrants who received deportation deferrals under the Obama administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.   Continue reading “Obama Orders Illegal Aliens To Be Admitted Into Military”

memory wipesNatural News – by Mike Adams

When contemplating the purpose of the JADE HELM military exercises being planned on U.S. soil — with Texas being declared by the military a “hostile territory” — it’s important to wipe your memory clean so that you don’t remember all the times we’ve been lied to by the establishment.

JADE HELM may or may not be a practice run for martial law in America, but with JADE HELM Memory Wipes, who cares? Continue reading “Hey sheeple! Don’t forget to use your JADE HELM Memory Wipes to erase any memory of freedom in America”

The Daily Sheeple – by Lily Dane

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave…when first we practice to deceive.”
― Walter Scott

The death of Freddie Gray, a Baltimore resident who died after sustaining a spinal cord injury while in police custody, has been ruled a homicide. State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby has charged all six officers involved in the incident and said Gray’s arrest was illegal.   Continue reading “Two Tales of a City: Something is Rotten in Baltimore”

The Guardian – by Oliver Laughland, Paul Lewis, and Jon Swaine

Baltimore’s under-fire criminal justice system risked antagonising its already seething local community on Wednesday by suspending legal procedures and imposing bail bonds of up to half a million dollars on the city’s most impoverished residents.

In one especially stark case, a 19-year-old charged with eight offences allegedly committed on Saturday, including riot, theft and disorderly conduct, was set a bail of $500,000. Court records show the defendant, a black man, was sent to jail after failing to produce the funds.   Continue reading “Baltimore imposes bail bonds of half a million dollars in legal crackdown”

Cop-Turned-Lawmaker-Just-Proposed-Making-the-Teasing-of-Cops-ILLEGALFree Thought Project – by Matt Agorist

“If you believe in freedom of speech, you believe in freedom of speech for views you don’t like. Goebbels was in favor of free speech for views he liked. So was Stalin. If you’re really in favor of free speech, then you’re in favor of freedom of speech for precisely the views you despise. Otherwise, you’re not in favor of free speech.”

― Noam Chomsky

Harrisburg, PA — Earlier this week, at the PA state capitol, lawmakers, police officers and their supporters gathered. This gathering was held to give themselves a collective pat on the back for the insane and brutal police state they are complicit in creating. This mass of government force was aptly called, Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.   Continue reading “Cop Turned Lawmaker Just Proposed Making the Teasing of Cops ILLEGAL. No, Seriously”

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist

Breckenridge Hills, MO — A Missouri man’s cell phone video captured the epitome of what’s become Police State USA.

Chris Hoglan was out for a walk last September when he was approached by Breckenridge Hills police officer Matthew Tyler.

In a statement given to the Free Thought Project, Hoglan explains how the encounter began:   Continue reading “Innocent Man Assaulted and Kidnapped by Police for Walking at Night”

KVUE – by Amber Downing

SMITHVILLE, Texas — Homeowners in Bastrop County gathered Monday to express their opposition to special forces warfare training exercises in 17 cities across the southwestern United States, including Smithville.

Jade Helm 15 is a military training exercise involving 60 members to be held on private property volunteered by property owners, and the U.S. Army says residents will have little contact with the military. The exercise is described as an unconventional yet realistic Army training operation that would have special forces troops traversing six states across the southwest.   Continue reading “Bastrop Co. addresses ‘Jade Helm 15’ concerns”

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 11.12.37 AMLiberty Blitzkrieg – by Michael Krieger

Yesterday Shona Banda, the Kansas medical marijuana activist whose home was searched after her 11-year-old son challenged anti-pot propaganda at school, failed to regain custody of the boy, who is now under the control of Child Protective Services (CPS). “I am not giving up,” Banda said after yesterday’s family court hearing. “I will get him, and I am not going to stop until I do.”   Continue reading “11-Year-Old Kansas Boy Taken Away from Mom Due to Her Use of Cannabis Oil to Treat Crohn’s Disease”

marinesGovt Slaves – by Iron Sheik

We just received a tip about an Operational Readiness Exercise conducted at the Naval Weapons Station in Yorktown Virginia. Marines training for riot control.

Per the usual the exercise was given the cover story of overseas preparation. Sgt. Andrew S. Wilbur, a non-lethal weapons instructor said of a similar exercise “Consider they are hypothetically operating within an EMBASSY.”   Continue reading “DOD Releases Footage Of Marines Preparing for Riot Control in America”

This Jan. 28, 2015 photo shows an aerial view of the south side of the Puerto Rico's Capitol building in San Juan, Puerto RicoFree Beacon – by Elizabeth Harrington

The Social Security Administration (SSA) approved disability benefits for hundreds of Puerto Ricans because they do not speak English, despite the fact that Puerto Rico is a predominantly Spanish-speaking territory.

According to a new audit by the Office of Inspector General (OIG), the agency is misapplying rules that are intended to provide financial assistance to individuals who are illiterate or cannot speak English in the United States. Under the rules, Puerto Ricans are allowed to receive disability benefits for their inability to speak English as well.   Continue reading “Feds Consider Puerto Ricans Disabled Because They Speak Spanish”

This is what has me concerned about the up coming “Jade Helm 15” exercise. “Robin Sage 2002” could this happen again but on a larger scale? Are they attempting to kick off martial law?

LA Times – by Megan Garvey, February 27, 2002

ROBBINS, N.C. — Saturday afternoon was chilly and windy–too cold, Deputy Randall Butler later told colleagues, for anyone to be riding around in the back of a pickup truck.

So the second time the Moore County sheriff’s deputy saw the green open-bed truck just outside the limits of this tiny town, he pulled over the driver and two passengers–each unshaven and wearing blue jeans and flannel shirts.   Continue reading “Robin Sage 2002: Army’s Reality Game Takes a Deadly Turn”

vaccineNatural News – by LJ Devon

It is now official. Vaccination by gunpoint is being carried out through the use of police force. The medical police state is being unleashed in Pakistan as thousands of children are force-fed unnecessary and dangerous pharmaceutical drugs.

Multiple hundreds of parents who nobly object to these vaccinations are being arrested or forced at gunpoint to submit their children to the vaccines. According to Feroz Shah, a spokesman for the Peshawar district administration, 471 people have been arrested so far. “This is the first time such drastic action was taken,” Shah said. “This shows determination of the government to eradicate polio.”   Continue reading “Pakistan police arrest hundreds of parents refusing to vaccinate kids with deadly vaccine causing paralysis epidemic”

Vladimir Putin (Screenshot from 'Crimea - The Way Home' documentary aired by Rossiya 1 news channel)RT

The Ukrainian armed coup was organized from Washington, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated in an interview for a new documentary aired Sunday. The Americans tried to hide behind the Europeans, but Moscow saw through the trick, he added.

“The trick of the situation was that outwardly the [Ukrainian] opposition was supported mostly by the Europeans. But we knew for sure that the real masterminds were our American friends,”Putin said in a documentary, ‘Crimea – The Way Home,’ aired by Rossiya 1 news channel.   Continue reading “Putin in film on Crimea: US masterminds behind Ukraine coup, helped train radicals”

H.S. Principal Under Fire for Excluding White Students from ‘Black Lives Matter’ AssemblyWe are a divided people…… what they want.

Yahoo News – by Beth Greenfield

A high-school principal in Illinois found himself criticized recently after organizing a “Black Lives Matter” assembly that was open solely to black students. The event, a culmination of Black History Month events in late February that featured discussion on race relations, drew approximately 350 Oak Park and River Forest High School (OPRF) students. But when some white students attempted to attend the assembly and were kept out, their parents were upset and complained to the school, according to the Chicago Tribune.   Continue reading “H.S. Principal Under Fire for Excluding White Students from ‘Black Lives Matter’ Assembly”

Freedom Outpost – by Suzanne Hamner

Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not – Jeremiah 5:21 (KJV)

It has been reported that a Maryland chapter of the NAACP is squaring off against the Latino activist group Casa de Maryland. The issue centers around the opening of two new schools geared strictly toward immigrant students to help them learn English and decrease the number of dropouts among the Latino immigrant population.   Continue reading “Special School For Immigrants in Maryland to Learn English Faces Opposition from NAACP”