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Last week we warned readers to be cautious about new COVID-19 vaccines, highlighting how key parts of the clinical trials are being skipped as big pharma will not be held accountable for adverse side effects for administering the experimental drugs.

A senior executive from AstraZeneca, Britain’s second-largest drugmaker, told Reuters that his company was just granted protection from all legal action if the company’s vaccine led to damaging side effects. Continue reading “Red Flags Soar As Big Pharma Will Be Exempt From COVID-19 Vaccine Liability Claims”

Daily Mail

As I walked around the sun-dappled streets of Amsterdam, something felt strange in this world swept by fear and pandemic. There was laughter coming from barges sliding along the famous canals, clusters of cyclists clogged the streets, shoppers dipped into chic boutiques, the barber shops seemed busy and cafes served couples chatting over coffee.

I heard many voices of tourists in bars and restaurants, while even the seedier sides of this celebrated Dutch city had people strolling through them. It took me a moment to realise what was so weird. Then it struck me. It felt like I had stepped back in time, returning to the pre-pandemic normality of a bustling city filled with human beings whose faces were not covered by cloth. Continue reading “Holland’s top scientists say there’s no solid evidence coverings work”

ABC 13

AUSTIN, Texas (KTRK) — Worsening coronavirus trends in Texas have again set another grim milestone.

State health officials on Saturday reported 10,351 new COVID-19 cases, setting the record as the highest single-day number since the pandemic. The previous record was on Tuesday with 10,028 cases. Continue reading “Texas shatters daily record with 10,351 new coronavirus cases”

So the International Corporate Mafia doesn’t want us to be together and wants this lockdown to last until Fall of 2021. Already I am so sick and tired of nanny’s at the stores telling me to stay back 6 feet and playing the same in-store “Safety and Security” commercials/announcements.
For cryin’ out loud, everyone knows the government lies LIES LIES! Yet they still follow their “play along to get along” bullshit. I don’t get it.

Continue reading “Public health expert on coronavirus: Concerts and sporting events won’t be safe until ‘fall 2021 at the earliest’”

Hey all, this is what the toilet paper and bread aisle at my local Walmart looked like the other day. The egg, cheese, milk, meat and frozen food aisles and medicine looked pretty much the same.

I even noticed this strange looking robot thing that I’ve never seen before. Had the name Robi on it. Not sure if it was a cleaning robot or some spy robot. Wasn’t sure if it was going to lash out and taze me if I looked at it the wrong way. lol Continue reading “Pic and videos of my local Walmart in Mckinney, TX”

Spain To Follow Italy Into Nationwide Lockdown As Coronavirus Cases Soar

Covid19 bypassed lockdown in Wuhan after mutating into second strain

WHAT? US Deploys 20,000 troops to Europe for Largest Exercises in 25 Years

Looks like our corporate army is going to go to Europe to help them deal with the Coronavirus (thus infecting themselves and bringing it back to the US weeks or months later and in mutated form). Wonderful….

Hey all, a friend of mine sent me this from a book that came out in May of 1981 predicting that in 2020 the exact pneumonia illness that is going on right now will happen.

Curious how it also states that in another 10 years, it’ll happen again. Notice how he states that “it will suddenly vanish as quickly as it arrived, attack again in 10 years and then disappear completely”.  Continue reading “Omnious warning from a book that came out in 1981”

I just thought everyone might like to notice this from page 4 of the official document of the USCIS book on becoming a Naturalized Citizen. It’s one of the requirements that the immigration department gives the people to study and learn in order to be tested by an immigration officer so they can become a Naturalized Citizen. Candidates must be able to answer 7-10 random questions from this book out of 100 in order to pass the interview/testing process and to move forward with the application process.  Continue reading “Becoming a Naturalized Citizen”

ABC News

President Donald Trump may have written the book on deal-making, but when it comes to the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, it appears he won’t be getting the bargain he wanted.

Documents filed with the official database of federal spending show that the State Department awarded the Maryland-based company Desbuild Limak D&K a contract for $21.2 million to design and build an “addition and compound security upgrades” at the embassy. These updates will be made to the former consular building in Jerusalem — the embassy’s temporary location.   Continue reading “US Embassy in Jerusalem to cost more than $21 million — nearly 100 times President Trump’s estimate”

Your Destination Now

Last week, CBS reporter David Begnaud posted a video online of his tense encounter with a human trafficker at the southern border as he witnessed two migrants guided across the Rio Grande “in broad daylight” just a few hundred yards from a border checkpoint.

Begnaud — whom John Sexton notes is the same reporter who debunked the false claims about the iconic “crying girl” photograph — went down to the border at Roma, Texas for a story about plans to survey the land for a future security fence. Stationed at a “lookout point” near a U.S. Customs checkpoint, Begnaud and his producer drove over the international bridge to the Mexican side of the river, leaving the camera crew on the American side.
Continue reading “CBS Reporter Accidentally Witnesses Illegal Border Crossing, Gets Threatened”

I don’t know about you, but I find this both hilarious and insulting.

Considering that Walmart never opens up a register, forces you to go through self-serve checkout, wants to become the first shopping center to go cashier-less, and the fact that everything is made from China, I’m curious as to how in the HELL they support American jobs and what part of it they are proud of.   Continue reading “Taken in a Walmart in Mckinney, TX.”

ABC News

An aide to a Florida state lawmaker was fired on Tuesday after he allegedly referred to some survivors of last week’s mass shooting as “actors that travel to various crisis when they happen,” officials said.

Florida state Rep. Shawn Harrison said he was “appalled” by the comments made by his district secretary, Benjamin Kelly, earlier in the day and supported a decision to have him terminated.   Continue reading “Florida lawmaker fires aide who allegedly called mass shooting survivors ‘actors’”