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Becoming a Naturalized Citizen

I just thought everyone might like to notice this from page 4 of the official document of the USCIS book on becoming a Naturalized Citizen. It’s one of the requirements that the immigration department gives the people to study and … Continue reading

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Just saw this in Austin, TX just now across from UT Austin. Wanted to smash it.

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Luxury doomsday bunkers selling for $2.3 million, complete with pool

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US Embassy in Jerusalem to cost more than $21 million — nearly 100 times President Trump’s estimate

ABC News President Donald Trump may have written the book on deal-making, but when it comes to the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, it appears he won’t be getting the bargain he wanted. Documents filed with the official database of federal spending show … Continue reading

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CBS Reporter Accidentally Witnesses Illegal Border Crossing, Gets Threatened

Your Destination Now Last week, CBS reporter David Begnaud posted a video online of his tense encounter with a human trafficker at the southern border as he witnessed two migrants guided across the Rio Grande “in broad daylight” just a … Continue reading

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Taken in a Walmart in Mckinney, TX.

I don’t know about you, but I find this both hilarious and insulting. Considering that Walmart never opens up a register, forces you to go through self-serve checkout, wants to become the first shopping center to go cashier-less, and the … Continue reading

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Florida lawmaker fires aide who allegedly called mass shooting survivors ‘actors’

ABC News An aide to a Florida state lawmaker was fired on Tuesday after he allegedly referred to some survivors of last week’s mass shooting as “actors that travel to various crisis when they happen,” officials said. Florida state Rep. … Continue reading

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In Memory of David Crowley – August 24th, 2012 interview

The shills are bringing out their version of “A Gray State” in theaters this week which is the FALSE version. Look on Youtube and Rotten Tomatoes A Gray State

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Harvey Causes Gas Shortage all over Texas

Here are some pics I took of people lining up around gas stations. Supposedly there are no gas trucks coming in and all the gas stations along Custer Rd from Plano, TX to McKinney, TX are either all out of … Continue reading

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Fill ’er up. Some DFW stations may run out of gas this Labor Day weekend

Star Telegram – by Gordon Dickson You may want to fill up your gas tank while you can. On the eve of the busy Labor Day holiday weekend, convenience store operators and other gasoline retailers said Wednesday there’s a strong … Continue reading

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Mexico’s Red Cross delivers aid to storm-ravaged Houston

Oh look who decided to help us. How convenient. I’m sure many of those “volunteers” will stay here ILLEGALLY after all is said and done. And I’m sure Red Cross, after screwing the people in NYC after 9/11 will do … Continue reading

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ANTIFA MANUAL FOUND On Evergreen College Campus: Shut Down Their Rallies…Force The Media To Show Our Side As The Righteous One

100% Fed Up This copy of the Antifa Manual, that is used by the George Soros funded, violent, anti-American, anti free-speech radical group, was allegedly found on the Evergreen College campus. The content of this manual is disturbing and should be … Continue reading

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In The Year 2525 (science fiction music video)

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New King Arthur movie has Freemason symbol on it.

Just thought everyone might like to see how the new King Arthur movie coming out next weekend has an obvious Freemason symbol with a sword going through it at the bottom. Don’t make it too obvious or anything, Hollywood. I … Continue reading

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CHAOS ERUPTS IN VENEZUELA – Masses Come Out In Force & They Are Pissed

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Before Trying to Fake Civilian Casualties, You May Want to Make Sure The Cameras Aren’t Rolling… or is it crisis acting practice?

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New video apparently shows bloodied United passenger returning to plane after being forcibly removed

Yahoo News An additional video of a United passenger forcibly removed from his flight emerged Monday, apparently showing the bloodied passenger returning to the plane. The man — who reportedly said he was a doctor and needed to get back to see patients … Continue reading

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For Those Christians Who Still Feel The Need To Cater And Support The Zionist Jews And Their Puppets In Government Like Trump, Cruz, Mccain, Etc…..

For those Christians who still feel the need to cater and support the Zionist Jews, I was reading up on a few things about them and here is how some of them feel about Jesus, Others and You. You know, … Continue reading

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Chemtrail pics

Gee…there must be a lot of airplane traffic in the skies today and this whole weekend in Dallas, TX. No wait. I forgot, the government is just doing its job of protecting us from Space Based Direct Energy Weapons (DEW). … Continue reading

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Elvis Presley Singing Viva Las Vegas

Dedicated to my fellow Trencher and friend NC.

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