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Obama Regime: Court Rulings Mean Nothing Unless They Agree With Our Agenda

Sword at the Ready Obama’s EPA says they will continue to enforce a new ‘Clean Water’ rule, despite a federal court ruling against it. The pattern of Despotism and tyranny by the Obama regime continues to be displayed with greater … Continue reading

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Deceptive Transformation: The Truth of Soviet Influence in America and Gun Control

Freedom Outpost – by David Risselada Forward: If there is one thing that has become obvious when it comes to President Obama’s “fundamental transformation,” it is that there is without a doubt, an agenda to disarm American citizens and do … Continue reading

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Harley Davidson Dealership Announced Its Facilities as Meeting Place for Nation of Islam Rally – And the People Spoke Out

Freedom Outpost – by Tim Brown Harley-Davidson has been known as an American motorcycle company, but recently a DC area Harley-Davidson thought it would be a good idea to sponsor a rally for the Nation of Islam for black bikers … Continue reading

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Greek Lizard Camouflage Effectiveness

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The final word on the 14th Amendment

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Celtic Confederates! Tribute to the Scots/Irish and Irish Confederates

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How Covert Agents Infiltrate The Internet To Manipulate, Deceive, And Destroy Reputations

“Whatever else is true, no government should be able to engage in these tactics: what justification is there for having government agencies target people – who have been charged with no crime – for reputation-destruction, infiltrate online political communities, and … Continue reading

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BUSTED: Videos Of Virginia Reporter Shooting Hoax Were Separate Takes!

Activist Post – by Joe Wright The establishment media has gone quiet on the Virginia shooting since evidence that it was a hoax has gone viral. Yet, their silence hasn’t stopped the conspiracy research community from finding even more damning evidence … Continue reading

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What our would-be tyrants risk with their appetites. “Beyond anger lies fury… and beyond that … lies the region of cold and utterly uncaring indifference.”

Sipsey Street Irregulars There is a scene in Audie Murphy’s autobiographical film, To Hell and Back, recreating his actions after his best friend Lattie Tipton (referred to as “Brandon”) was killed by Germans faking a surrender in Southern France in … Continue reading

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When Farmers Get Bored

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“I have some bad news about little Jimmy. Sorry, ma’am.”

Knuckledriving My Life Away

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Restoring the Compact Theory Is Vital to Restoring the Constitution

Militia News – by Tim Dunkin When he authored the Kentucky Resolution of 1798, Thomas Jefferson based his arguments for nullification, in part, upon the compact theory of the relationship between the states and the Federal Government. According to this … Continue reading

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Clinton For President?

Just a quick refresher course lest we forget what has happened to many ” friends ” of the Clintons. 1 – James McDougal – Clintons convicted Whitewater partner died of an apparent heart attack, while in solitary confinement. He was … Continue reading

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What Will It Take To Set Off Your Alarm Bells?

The Defensive Training Group From Project Chesapeake.  Emphasis added. Some key grafs: “The problems we face continue to pile up and doing nothing is not an option if you expect to survive the next few years in tact. Prior planning … Continue reading

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Drone slayer 5000

Eatgrueldog Tired of those pesky quadcopter drones? I have the solution The drone slayer 5000 The drone slayer is  shoulder fired and operates on compressed air  

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A true patriot’s duty

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Food Insurance

Zero Gov – by Greyman As the stock market burns today an oft-predicted day of reckoning seems to be at hand. Perhaps you are ready for this type of catastrophe or perhaps it is taking you completely by surprise. If … Continue reading

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How to be a Prepper without Breaking the Bank

US Crow – by Adminstrator Ryan In this guide we are going to talk about being a prepper without breaking the bank.  I can not tell you how many times we get emails from our readers who are on a … Continue reading

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20 Rules to Win a Firefight…

US Crow – by Runik In this guide we are going to go over the Top 20 Firefight Rules for any warfighter to live by.  In this day and age of high speed drills, and ‘tacticool’ gear we can often … Continue reading

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Prepping 101: Ten Bucks – Worldwide All Band Radio Scanner

Guns of America – by PAUL HELINSKI Resources: Basic blue dongle (820T2 chip) Basic black dongle Dongle with Up Converter no switch $53 Dongle with Up Converter w/switch $70 NooElec Up Converter (Ebay) NooElec Website (Ham it Up, 9:1 Balun, … Continue reading

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