Independent Sentinel – by S. Nobel

The way elites in power do business now is to bully, threaten and coerce. That new approach can be seen so well in the handling of Common Core. New York is currently undergoing massive changes as a direct result of Common Core and you need to know what they are because it’s coming to a state near you.

New York is using the Core to force testing and evaluation criteria on districts and districts are losing all local control. The State Education Department is developing their plan to coerce the public to go along with the U.S. Department of Education.   Continue reading “Wait Until You See What the Department of Education Is Going to Do to Us”

Weapons Man

This is something very different from the usual review, because it’s a review of a ten minute, all-but-dialogueless webisode of a video that’s meant to be sort-of infotainment for preppers and those considering making preparations for family survival in the event of disaster accompanied by failure of Rule of Law.

And further webisodes may never be made; it’s on Indiegogo now, and it’s dying on the vine there, perhaps from a paucity of promotion.   Continue reading “Uncertain Tomorrow (Web pilot, 2015)”

Knuckledraggin My Life Away

Over time there’s been a few posts concerning aspects of survival, post TSHTF beyond beans, bullets and TP, so I thought I would throw out something for your consideration.

Have you ever felt you had something in the bag only to wake up one night at 2 am, in cold sweat, with the realization the bag has a hole in the bottom big enough to drive a Mack truck through?   Continue reading “Things that go bump in the night”

Bearing Arms – by Bob Owens

Vox’s Zach Beauchamp is suggesting that the United States should follow the lead of Australia’s mandatory gun buyback.

Australia confiscated 650,000 guns. Murders and suicides plummeted.
The on-camera shooting of two Virginia reporters Wednesday morning seems bound to evoke, like so many shootings before it, some sort of national conversation about gun control. Which means there will likely be some of debate about whether it would even be possible for the US to limit its millions of privately held guns — by far a higher per capita gun ownership rate than any other country. Continue reading “Vox “Smart Take” Pushes Gun Confiscation. Here’s What Would Happen If They Tried.”

Collapse News

( An Arizona sheriff has claimed that vast portions of his state are essentially a no man’s land, as no jurisdiction – his included – has real “operational control.”

When asked who had control over regions near Florence, Ariz., by a reporter for Breitbart News, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu answered flatly, “Nobody does.”   Continue reading “Mexican Cartels Aided By Obama Administration Take Control Of U.S. Southwest As Government Fails To Defend National Sovereignty”

Practical medical guidance for laymen (non-doctors) working on board a ship. This is the 22nd edition, which is the most up-to-date and complete. Continue reading “The ship captain’s medical guide”

US Crow – by Administrator Ryan

In this guide we will try to make a quick reference beginner’s guide for people who aren’t preppers.  We’ve got a wealth of information on here but the reality is if you’re not a prepper and you aren’t ready for the SHTF, you’ll get jammed up in a hurry.  The goal of this article is to inform those too apathetic or lazy to begin prepping to give you a fighting chance in hell.  When you’re faced with a disaster such as; a natural disaster (i.e. hurricane, tornado, flooding), a terrorist attack, or the government coming to enslave you, you’re going to need to take some pretty important steps in a hurry.  Please keep in mind I am writing this article as a guide for someone who hasn’t prepped for any kind of disaster whatsoever.  Basically this is a crash course for non preppers…   Continue reading “What to do when the SHTF and you’re not a Prepper”

Natural News – by Daniel Barker

Home gardening is a deep-rooted (pun intended) American tradition. Since the nation’s beginnings, gardens have formed an integral part of the landscape, providing healthy, fresh food for millions of families.

Home gardens are a way to save money, increase self-sufficiency and make sure the food we eat is organically grown and free of pesticides and other chemicals.   Continue reading “Government intensifies persecution of gardeners in attempt to criminalize self-sufficiency”

The New American – by Alex Newman

According to an April 2015 piece published in the establishment-controlled Financial Times, current UNESCO boss Irina Bokova (shown) is considered to be the frontrunner to serve as the next secretary-general of the United Nations.

Apparently her candidacy is acceptable to the Obama administration, the Kremlin, and other key players. Plus, she’s the right gender, and she comes from Eastern Europe, and in this day and age of collectivism and identity politics, those traits are considered important for leadership.   Continue reading “Bulgarian Communist and UNESCO Boss Irina Bokova May Lead UN”

Free Patriot Post

Environmentalist’s best kept secret and the concrete industry’s worst nightmare…

… the earthbag method means that you can build a small retreat to withstand bullets, floods, hurricanes, storms and fires much better than a conventional house.

And all at a fraction of the cost!

Earthbag construction is a hot topic in underground circles but has yet to hit the mainstream.   Continue reading “Earthbag Homes: The Ultimate Bullet-Proof Retreat… Cheap And Easy To Build!”

The Last Resistance – by Philip Hodges

If the government isn’t allowed to institute a gun ban then how can the government give my family that authority?

Under current California law, if a friend or family member claims that someone is a threat to himself or others, a “gun violence protection order” can be issued by the court against that person, and that person would have his firearms confiscated. He wouldn’t be allowed to possess any guns for a year after the protection order was given.   Continue reading “California Proposes 10-Year Gun Ban on Those Deemed by Family to be a “Threat””

The side effects of a socialist state ………..

Collapse News

Venezuela is in the mist of a major food shortage. Citizens have been lacking basic necessities, such as detergent, toilet paper and oil, for more than a year now. Lines wrap around supermarkets. Even after sitting in line for hours, many Venezuelans still go home empty-handed.    Continue reading “Venezuelans Now Paying Each Other To Stand In Line For Hours, Desperately Hoping To Buy Basic Necessities In Collapsed Economy”

Wired – by Kim Zetter

NEW EDWARD SNOWDEN documents revealed on Saturday in the New York Times detail a decade-long secret partnership between the NSA and AT&T, which provided the spy agency with metadata on billions of emails. Although the Times story has garnered a lot of attention, it offers few details about how the telecom conducted the siphoning and spying for the NSA.

But two stories published almost decade ago by WIRED and Salon provide in-depth details about the secret rooms at AT&T facilities in San Francisco, Missouri, and other areas across the US that the NSA used to siphon internet data.   Continue reading “What We Know About the NSA and AT&T’s Spying Pact”

WTKR – by CNN Wire

NEW YORK — Flamethrowers were gruesome weapons of war and so controversial that the U.S. military stopped using them after Vietnam.

But as crazy as it may sound, they are available for sale to the public.

A Cleveland startup called Throwflame is selling flamethrowers for $1,599 that can shoot fire for 50 feet. Another company, Ion Productions Team of Detroit, is selling $900 flamethrowers that can eject flames for 25 feet. Both companies started selling them this year.   Continue reading “Flamethrowers – given up by the military – are now being sold to the public”