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I was sitting at the bar…

I was sitting at the bar staring at my drink when a large, trouble-making biker steps up next to me, grabs my drink and gulps it down in one swig. “Well, whatcha’ gonna do about it?” he says, menacingly, as … Continue reading

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Think Progress Is Furious That A Woman Defended Herself From Armed Robbery In Chicago

The Federalist – by Madeline Osburn A 25-year-old woman in Chicago defended herself against an armed attacker with her own legally concealed weapon. But according to Think Progress’ LGBTQ Editor Zack Ford, “That’s not how justice works.”  

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Head of international child sex ring beaten to death in prison

Fox 8 News MILAN, Mich. – The head of an international child sex ring has been beaten to death in prison. The Detroit News reported that Christian Maire, 40, of Binghamton, New York, died Wednesday in an attack at Milan federal prison … Continue reading

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Virginia’s Democrat Gov. Pushes Gun Confiscation Orders, Criminalization of Private Sales

Breitbart – by AWR Hawkins Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) proposed gun confiscation orders, criminalization of private gun sales, an “assault weapons” ban, and other gun controls on Friday. Northam claimed these controls will reduce “gun violence” although all evidence … Continue reading

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If They Impeach Me

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Another blood pressure medication recalled over cancer concerns

Fox 8 News EAST WINDSOR, New Jersey – Another blood pressure medication has been recalled over concerns it could contain trace amounts of carcinogens. A carcinogen is something that could cause you to have cancer. The medication is manufactured by … Continue reading

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Game Over

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Michigan Sheriff’s Deputy Charged With Kidnapping, Sexually Assaulting Woman on Christmas Eve

Breaking 911 FLINT– Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton charged a Genesee County Sheriff’s Deputy today with sexually assaulting and kidnapping a woman who he had just arrested for shoplifting at the Clio Walmart. George Charles Zofchak II, 40, is charged … Continue reading

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Mother Sues After Cops Barge Into Mentally Ill Son’s Apartment, Shoot Him 76 Times

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist Atlanta, GA — The family of a 26-year-old Atlanta man who was killed after police shot him 76 times has filed a civil rights lawsuit against the officers involved. In August of 2016, … Continue reading

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CenturyLink internet outage reported across U.S.

KOMO News SEATTLE – Customers of CenturyLink are experiencing a nationwide internet outage that reportedly is affecting 911 emergency calls and causing other havoc in some areas of the country. According to the website, the outage is affecting many areas … Continue reading

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Prescott Sheldon Bush is a traitor.

Patriot or Traitor The Bush political family dynasty began with Prescott Sheldon Bush Sr. who helped Hitler’s rise to power. Prescott also became the Director of Union Banking Corporation when it was suspected of concealing Nazi gold during the Second … Continue reading

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NJ State Police to launch Nazi-style door-to-door gun magazine confiscation campaign… at gunpoint, of course… NJ declares WAR on its own residents

Natural News – by Mike Adams A New Jersey law that makes it a felony to possess a gun magazine capable of holding over 10 rounds of ammunition is now active. This wildly unconstitutional law instantly criminalizes hundreds of thousands … Continue reading

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US Geological Survey Discovers Largest Continuous Oil and Gas Resources EVER in Texas-New Mexico Delaware Basin

Gateway Pundit – by Jim Hoft A new report on Thursday by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) discovered the largest continuous oil and gas resources EVER in the Texas and New Mexico Delaware Basin. The new report indicates the … Continue reading

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Dennis “Nate” Nathan Cain is a patriot.

Patriot or Traitor The FBI raided the home of a patriotic whistleblower who was in possession of documents regarding the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One, according to the whistleblower’s lawyer, Michael Socarras. The whistleblower, Dennis Nathan Cain, had previously turned … Continue reading

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0:03 / 2:32 Wow…. Just wow… (I was asleep when this was recorded by dashcam)

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Google Competitor Reaches 29 Million Searches a Day, Won’t Store Private Info or Bombard You With Ads

Conservative Tribune – by Brian Chai As the world increasingly becomes a smaller place through the internet and social media, so too do the dangers of the internet and social media increase exponentially. After all, the more strangers that are … Continue reading

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On Becoming Illegal

(Actual letter from an Oregon resident sent to his Senator) The Honorable Wyden 731 Hart Senate Office Building Phone (202) 224 3254 Washington DC, 20510 Dear Senator Wyden, As a native Oregonian and excellent customer of the Internal Revenue Service, … Continue reading

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Hurricane Florence achieves DIRECT HIT on Brunswick nuclear power plant in Southport, NC

Natural News – by Mike Adams Hurricane Florence, which achieved landfall early Friday morning, has achieved a direct hit on the Brunswick nuclear power facility in Southport, NC. The eye of the hurricane — where the winds are the most … Continue reading

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Tropical Tidbit for Tuesday, September 11th, 2018

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Serrapeptase: A Wondrous Healing Enzyme for Inflammation

Health Impact News – by Paul Fassa Serrapeptase is a type of proteolytic enzyme, not a brand name. Proteolytic enzymes digest proteins from whole protein foods. But serrapeptase does much more than digest proteins from food.  It scavenges unwanted proteins throughout … Continue reading

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