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Predictive programming

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Heavy spraying here in south central Missouri for the past several days.

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When you absolutely, positively need to photo-shoppe in people to make it look like a crowd attended Hillary’s rally in Ohio.

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Marcus Mumford after Bundy verdict.

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Picture worth a “P” word!

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A Hard Rain’s a Gonna Fall

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Hillary’s press conference

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Oscar night at the DNC

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The “Fog of Breaking News” in Orlando

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Orlando Shooting HOAX Crisis Actor May be the WORST Ever!!

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Orlando Shooter Employer Stages Crisis Events

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Sky painting in south central Missouri 4/14/2016

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Was she there?

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Just a coincidence

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A Former Soldiers Message about LaVoy Finicum’s Murder

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And these are the choices people line up to vote for?

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Puppets’ Day would be more fitting

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Oregon Militia Asked to Sign Talent Release Running to Shut Off Feed

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Yesterday’s sky art over the south central Missouri Ozarks

The weather forecast was for clear weather, full sun, mid 40s temps yesterday~UNTIL- #1 Early Morning

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Even those doing comics seem to know the TRUTH!

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