LifeSiteNews – by Robert L. Kinney III

One of the approaches used to determine whether COVID-19 may be a falsified pandemic is to observe the legal actions, plans, and strategies leading up to and during COVID-19 in any way relevant to emerging infectious diseases, vaccinations, or pandemics.

Previous articles discussed several of those legal actions, plans, and strategies which suggest that COVID-19 may be a falsified pandemic “exercise,” “operational exercise,” “exercise program,” or something similar. “Hoax” would also accurately describe a falsified pandemic, but the aforementioned terminology appears to be what is used in U.S. federal law, policy, strategies, and other documents. Continue reading “National security laws may suggest that COVID-19 is a falsified pandemic ‘exercise’”

Global Research – by David DeGraw

An estimated 350,000 of our military service members are being dishonorably discharged for refusing to take a completely unnecessary and experimental mRNA nanotech injection, which is now proven to degrade immune systems and cause many serious side effects.

Committing Total Force to these reckless injections, which do not protect troops from getting COVID, and, in fact, increase the threat of the spread and result in many provable side effects, is the greatest failure of military leadership in our history, at best. At worst, it is a deliberate treasonous attack against the U.S. military by the top of the Chain of Command. Continue reading “National Security Alert: Thousands of U.S. Special Forces and Combat Troops Discharged as Total Force ‘Vaccination’ Decimates Military Readiness”

Yahoo News

A senior cybersecurity official at the Pentagon said he quit because he thought it was impossible for the US to compete with China on AI.

Nicolas Chaillan joined the US Air Force as its first chief software officer in August 2018. He worked to equip it and the Pentagon with the most secure and advanced software available. Continue reading “A Pentagon official said he resigned because US cybersecurity is no match for China, calling it ‘kindergarten level’”

LifeSiteNews – by Patrick Delaney

Eminent COVID-19 expert and highly published physician Dr. Peter McCullough provided a comprehensive well-documented presentation to colleagues regarding the “unbelievable atrocity” occurring in the West due to gene-transfer vaccine campaigns, the necessity for an “unbreakable resistance” against children receiving the jab, and the “astounding … ineptitude and willful misconduct” of public health agencies. Continue reading “COVID expert Dr. Peter McCullogh urges ‘unbreakable resistance’ to vaccines for kids”


This is amazing list, some of these you will never think about. China is buying all America.

Some brands that you may think are quintessentially American are actually owned or overseen by Chinese investment conglomerates. It’s not always obvious until you see it yourself – even sports clubs have some interesting stakeholders. Continue reading “List of US Companies Secretly Owned by China: Tesla, Microsoft, GM, Uber,…”

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist

Tragically, in America, the domestic security force we are forced to pay for, also known as police, kill more people than any other police force on the planet. The numbers that are released publicly are staggering, however, according to a new study, they are actually far worse.

The study, conducted by the University of Washington and published in the British medical journal, The Lancet, found that police killings in America have been undercounted by more than half over the past four decades. Continue reading “Shocking Study Finds Over Half of Those Killed by Police Have Never Been Counted”

LifeSiteNews – by Jack Bingham

The World Health Organization’s publicly accessible database recording reported potential side effects of medicinal products shows over 2 million cases of possible COVID vaccine injuries in 2021 alone, with 69 percent of the cases occurring in female patients.

VigiAccess was founded in 2015 by the World Health Organization (WHO) to allow the public access to VigiBase, the WHO’s database. Continue reading “WHO database reports over 2 million potential COVID jab injuries in 2021, vast majority in women”

Gateway Pundit – by Cristina Laila

NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins on Tuesday resigned just a few weeks after documents exposed he lied about his involvement in gain-of-function research in the Wuhan lab.

“It has been an incredible privilege to lead this great agency for more than a decade,” Collins said in a statement. Continue reading “NIH Director Resigns After Documents Reveal He Lied About His Involvement With Gain-Of-Function Research In Wuhan Lab”

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist

Dayton, OH — If ever you think that all traffic laws are for your safety, one thing can change that view—window tint. In the land of the free, if police feel that your window tint is too dark, they will claim the right to extort money from you. If you resist this extortion, police will claim the right to kidnap or kill you. Unfortunately, in the land of the free, these instances happen so frequently that they are often caught on video too. As the following incident illustrates, fearful cops whose only tool is the escalation of violence, will not hesitate to resort to deadly force over a stop for window tint — up to and including against people in wheelchairs. Continue reading “Cops Attack Paraplegic Dad Over Window Tint, Assault Him for Not Being Able to Exit Car”

LifeSiteNews – by Patrick Delaney

A former Pfizer employee, now turned whistleblower, has provided documentation indicating the pharmaceutical giant—whose gene-based COVID-19 vaccine has now been reportedly injected almost 225 million times into the arms of Americans—knows these shots cause recipients to become more susceptible to contracting COVID-19.   Continue reading “‘If you get the Pfizer vax, you’re more likely to get COVID’: Insider leaks FDA study”

Center for Biological Diversity

WASHINGTON— The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposed today to remove 22 animals and a plant from the endangered species list because of extinction. They join the list of 650 U.S. species that have likely been lost to extinction.

Species being proposed for delisting include the ivory-billed woodpecker, Bachman’s warbler, Scioto madtom, San Marcos gambusia, eight species of Southeastern freshwater mussels, eight birds and a flower from Hawaiʻi, and a bird and bat from Guam. Continue reading “23 Species From 19 States Lost to Extinction”

MSN – The Washington Post

SAN FRANCISCO — YouTube is taking down several video channels associated with high-profile anti-vaccine activists including Joseph Mercola and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who experts say are partially responsible for helping seed the skepticism that’s contributed to slowing vaccination rates across the country. Continue reading “YouTube is banning prominent anti-vaccine activists and blocking all anti-vaccine content”

UAF Report

Body brokers are using Chinese transportation to move body parts of Americans all around the world. One recent shipment contained three tons of body parts valued at $67,204 in a container that was kept at 5 degrees to keep the parts from spoiling.

The families of the deceased didn’t realize that their loved ones’ parts were being sent all over the globe. Some say they might not have minded if they had been told about it when they signed but others were very upset as you may well imagine. Continue reading “Chinese Tanker BUSTED With ‘Tons’ Of American Body Parts in the Hold”


After a year on the front lines, Jason Zvokel traded in his 15-year career as a Walgreens pharmacist for a different kind of drugstore: a marijuana dispensary.

Now instead of administering vaccines and filling prescriptions, he’s helping customers make sense of concentrates, tablets and lozenges. His pay is 5 percent lower, he said, but the hours are more manageable. Continue reading “Greener pastures: Marijuana jobs are becoming a refuge for retail and restaurant workers”

Epoch Times – by Katabella Roberts

A new variant of the COVID-19 virus has been discovered at a Kentucky nursing home, where it has reportedly infected 45 residents and health care personnel, according to scientist William A. Haseltine.

The variant, called R.1, originated in Japan and infected many residents and workers in the Kentucky nursing home who were fully vaccinated, Haseltine said.  Continue reading “New R.1 COVID-19 Variant With ‘Unique Mutations’ Discovered at Kentucky Nursing Home”


In 2020, for the first time in recorded history, more people died in Alabama than were born in the state.

“Our state literally shrunk,” Dr. Scott Harris, the states top health official, said at a press briefing last week.  Continue reading “There Were More Deaths Than Births In Alabama Last Year, A Grim First For The State”

Study Finds – by Chris Melore

RIVERSIDE, Calif. — Vaccinations can be a controversial subject for many people, especially when it comes to injections. So what if you could replace your next shot with a salad instead? Researchers at the University of California-Riverside are working on a way to grow edible plants that carry the same medication as an mRNA vaccine.

The COVID-19 vaccine is one of the many inoculations which use messenger RNA (mRNA) technology to defeat viruses. They work by teaching cells from the immune system to recognize and attack a certain infectious disease. Unfortunately, mRNA vaccines have to stay in cold storage until use or they lose stability. The UC-Riverside team says if they’re successful, the public could eat plant-based mRNA vaccines — which could also survive at room temperature. Continue reading “Vaccines in your salad? Scientists growing medicine-filled plants to replace injections”

Study Finds – by Chris Melore

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. — American politics may be in a disheveled state right now, but it’s apparently making more people aware of their rights as citizens, a new survey reveals. Researchers from the University of the Pennsylvania’s Annenberg Public Policy Center say knowledge about civics has actually increased over the last year — reaching its highest levels since 2006.

The center’s annual poll of more than 1,000 people finds 56 percent of Americans are now capable of naming all three branches of government. In 2006, just 33 percent of respondents could accurately say the three branches include the executive, legislative, and judicial. Continue reading “Just 56% of Americans can name all three branches of government — a 15-year high!”