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F4F | Jim Bakker’s Magical Trump Coins

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State of Orwell ~ Our Self-Imposed Prison System

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What You Get For $360 Per Day

Activist Post – by Catherine Frompovich This probably will be my last OP-ED and/or article to, which means I know what I talk about as I am spending my last time on Earth in a hospice facility in Southeastern … Continue reading

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Privatization Is Resurrecting Feudalism

Paul Craig Roberts America is a country of scandals. The latest scandal is the Jewish multi-billionaire Mike Bloomberg’s use of prison labor call centers to spread the message of his presidential campaign. It seems to me that Bloomberg’s attack on … Continue reading

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From Hollywood to Silicon Valley, the Justice Department is backing corporate giants

New Canaan Advertiser – by Steven Pearlstein There is a battle going on for the future of American business. On one side are a handful of giant corporations that dominate their industries. On the other are the smaller companies they … Continue reading

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The incredible ibex defies gravity and climbs a dam

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Partners in Crime

This explores the overlooked evidence of the Kennedy assassination.

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Video of fake Trump shooting media.

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The Corporation: A Peculiar Institution

News with Views – by Servando Gonzales Big mega corporations are a new form of slavery. People who see corporations as something normal have exactly the same mindset as the people in the 19th Century who saw slavery as a … Continue reading

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Trump’s Promises Not Kept

Capitol Hill Outsider – by J.W. Bryan Before President Trump was elected, he made many disparaging remarks about NAFTA, and how disastrous it would be for Americans and would continue to be, and that if he was elected, he would … Continue reading

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Law Firm Admits Absence of Creditor

Living Lies – by Neil Garfield Hat Tip Bill Paatalo You are right, Bill. You can’t make this stuff up. But somehow judges still don’t want to believe it. How can you be attorney in fact for a nonexistent entity? 

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What Would It Take To Build A World Without Globalists?

Alt-Market – by Brandon Smith You can bet that whenever you find people analyzing the root of a problem you will also find other people trying to derail those efforts with dishonest arguments. For reasons that we can guess at … Continue reading

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El Paso Shooter’s Father Was a Therapist Tied to John of God

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At least 9 dead, 26 injured in mass shooting in downtown Dayton, Ohio

ABC News In the second mass shooting in less than 14 hours, at least nine people are dead and more than two dozen wounded after someone opened fire in downtown Dayton, Ohio, early Sunday, according to police. In addition, the suspected shooter … Continue reading

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William Cooper – Hour Of The Time – Very First Broadcast – Legendary.

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“With 5G, We are Guinea Pigs”: Swiss Magazine Reports First 5G Injuries in Geneva

Global Research – by Marc David This article was originally published in French on L’illustré, translated into English by Claire Edwards on EMFacts Consultancy. Since 5G antennas were installed near their home in the heart of Geneva, these residents of the same … Continue reading

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They’re Preparing Us For Something! The Scary Truth..

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This Will Leave You Speechless! It’s Really Happening..

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Parents Told They Could Lose Kids Over Unpaid School Lunches

US News KINGSTON, PA. (AP) — A Pennsylvania school district is warning that children could end up in foster care if their parents do not pay overdue school lunch bills. The letters sent recently to about 1,000 parents in Wyoming Valley West School District … Continue reading

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Family Gets $750k After SWAT Raided Their Home, Killed Their Dog—Over Unpaid Utility Bill

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist Over a dozen SWAT officers raided a family’s home, held children at gunpoint and killed their dog because they couldn’t afford to pay the electricity bill. St. Louis, MO — Nothing says Police State … Continue reading

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