Tech Crunch – by Danny Crichton

Who would have thought that the president who writes in 140-character missives would suddenly be interested in 70 Gbps wireless internet access?

The White House released its congressionally-mandated National Security Strategy report (warning: PDF) yesterday. Tucked away in a section on improving America’s infrastructure was this action item: “We will improve America’s digital infrastructure by deploying a secure 5G Internet capability nationwide.” Other than natural gas, 5G wireless service was the only area of technology to get a specific calling out for infrastructure.   Continue reading “Ultra-fast 5G wireless service declared national security priority by White House”

The Guardian

The Democrat Doug Jones has beaten his Donald Trump-backed Republican rival Roy Moore in the diehard Republican state of Alabama, setting off a political earthquake that shook Washington.

His victory in a special election for a US Senate seat – by a margin of 49.9 to 48.4 with 100% of precincts reporting – is a major personal blow to the president and his efforts to pass tax reform on Capitol Hill.   Continue reading “Alabama election: Democrats defeat Roy Moore”

PR Newswire – by The Peoples Initiative Foundation

LOS ANGELESDec. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The Peoples Initiative Foundation has announced the conclusion of a pilot study they organized, headed up by Dr. Gunnar Heuser, showing EHS on an fMRI. This study was originally published by Degruyter in July of 2017, but was absent pictures of the controls.  The company waited until the pictures were placed in the study to issue this press release, as the visual difference between the cases and controls is quite dramatic.   Continue reading “Pilot Study Shows Dramatic Difference In Brain Activity With EHS (Electrohypersensitive) Cases As Compared To Controls (Non EHS).”

USA Watchdog – by Greg Hunter

Michigan State University economics professor Mark Skidmore made an astounding discovery about the finances and budgets of the U.S. federal government earlier this year. He and a team of graduate students discovered $21 trillion missing in the federal budget going back to 1998.  Dr. Skidmore, who specializes in public finance, explains, “We know from official government sources that indicate $21 trillion is, in some way, unaccounted for.  Furthermore, if we come back to the Constitution, all spending needs to be authorized by Congress.  It looks to me, and I think I can conclude with a high degree of certainty, there is money flowing in, as well as out, that is unaccounted for. . . . That’s the one thing we know from these documents, that there is $21 trillion in unaccounted funds.”  Continue reading “Missing $21 Trillion Means Federal Government Is Lawless – Dr. Mark Skidmore”

LA Times

Thanksgiving meals will be served to thousands of homeless and near-homeless individuals today on Skid Row and in Pasadena and Canoga Park amid calls for donations and volunteers for the rest of the year.

The Midnight Mission will serve Thanksgiving brunch to nearly 2,500 homeless and near-homeless men, women and children, according to Georgia Berkovich, its director of public affairs.   Continue reading “Thanksgiving help for the homeless: ‘We haven’t seen numbers like this since the Great Depression’”

Washington Post – by Perry Stein

They ditched school and marched to Capitol Hill en masse, then filled four floors of balconies in the vast atrium of the Hart Senate Office Building. Silent at first, fists raised in the air, they soon erupted into bellowing chants that echoed through the massive marble-clad room.

“Dream Act. Dream Act.”

“Si se puede. Si se puede.”

The demonstration Thursday involving high school and college students from the Washington region and beyond was the latest attempt by undocumented immigrants and their advocates to keep Congress focused on their plight.   Continue reading “‘Undocumented, unafraid.’: DACA recipients storm the U.S. Capitol”

Reader Supported News – by Bill Simpich

About 30,000 JFK files were supposed to be fully released yesterday. The American people only got 2800.

As repeatedly advertised in the media and the National Archives, about 3100 of these files had never seen the light of day. (The others had been released in part.)

By using the 2800 figure and comparing it to the touted 3100 figure, Trump’s people apparently hoped that the busy media would not realize how badly he had dropped the ball. I can assure you that The Washington Post and The New York Times completely missed it. Even the well-respected NBC News (and many other outlets) got it wrong, saying “2891 of at least 3140“ were released, falling into Trump’s trap.   Continue reading “Trump Promised the JFK Files, but the Big Dogs Ate His Homework”

“They say that patriotism is the last refuge to which a scoundrel clings; steal a little and they throw you in jail. Steal a lot and then they make you king” -Bob Dylan

Demagogue: An absolute, unmitigated, lying, treasonous scoundrel hiding very effectively behind false patriotism while shifting the approbation to his detractors… the True Patriots to our Constitution. –author unknown

Spero News – by Martin Barilas

A native of Puerto Rico, Pedro A. Cortes, Pennsylvania’s secretary of state, abruptly resigned from on Wednesday, just three weeks after his office came under fire to allowing thousands of ineligible immigrants across the state to vote. The announcement of his departure came in a “personnel update” from Gov. Tom Wolf (D) that did not specify the reasons for the resignation. Cortes also served as secretary of state from 2003 to 2010 under Gov. Ed Rendell (D).

A spokesman for the governor, J.J. Abbott, told the media that he had no explanation for the resignation. Cortes served as the state’s top election official.    Continue reading “Pennsylvania SecState mysteriously resigns after revelation of non-citizen voters”

ABC News 7

This fall, National Mall visitors might be surprised to find a giant sculpture of a naked woman near the Washington Monument. If the organizers’ permit is approved, the sculpture would become a temporary fixture, allowed to stand there for four months.

For a third year, organizers of Catharsis on the Mall, similar to the Burning Man festival in Nevada, plan to bring music, art and activism to the National Mall over Veteran’s Day weekend.   Continue reading “Giant naked woman sculpture planned for National Mall”

Fox News

One woman was killed and seven other people were hurt after a suspect identified as a Sudanese immigrant opened fire at a Tennessee church Sunday, police said, as federal officials told Fox News the FBI will initiate a civil rights investigation into the shooting.

The suspect, 25-year-old Emanuel Kidega Samson, immigrated from Sudan two decades ago, police said. He’s suspected of bringing two pistols and a mask to the predominantly white Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch, southeast of Nashville, before opening fire just after 11 a.m.   Continue reading “Deadly Tennessee church shooting: Sudanese immigrant arrested, FBI to launch civil rights investigation”

SHTF Plan – by Mac Slavo

Almost half of Florida’s citrus crops were destroyed during the hurricane and when Florida farmers survey the damage caused by Hurricane Irma, and most are saying it’s the worst destruction to their farms that they’ve ever seen.

When the worst of Irma’s fury had passed, Gene McAvoy hit the road to inspect the citrus groves and vegetable fields in Florida. McAvoy is a specialist on vegetable farming at the University of Florida’s extension office in the town of LaBelle. LaBelle is located in the middle of one of the country’s biggest concentrations of vegetable and citrus farms.   Continue reading “Florida Farmers Say Irma’s Damage Is The Worst They’ve Ever Seen”

ADL, March 3, 2014

California Investigative Researcher Joanna Mendelson provided a briefing on Sovereign Citizen ideology and criminal activities at the Riverside Federal Courthouse on February 21. The sovereign citizen movement is an extreme anti-government movement whose members believe the government has no authority over them.

Attending the briefing were Federal Bankruptcy Court judges and court staff from throughout the Central District of California.  The Central District serves seven California counties.   Continue reading “ADL Trains Federal Judges about Sovereign Citizen Movement”

Political Insider – by Rusty

A Pennsylvania man shot his neighbor in the head twice – once while his wife reacted to the scene and witnessed the execution – after a dispute involving lights.

Clayton Carter, whose yard is littered with anti-Trump signs, was arrested for the murder of G. Brooks Jennings.

The two had an ongoing issue which involved police interaction to resolve their differences. Jennings allegedly shined a light into Carter’s eyes however, causing him to apparently snap.   Continue reading “Clayton Carter Executes GOP Committeeman G. Brooks Jennings In Front of His Wife”

Northwest Liberty News – by Tim Brown

On Wednesday, two Pennsylvania Democrat mayors were indicted as a result of an FBI pay-to-play corruption probe.

Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski (D) was charged with 14 counts relating to running a pay-to-play scheme, and other offenses while former Reading Mayor Vaughn Spencer (D) “essentially put up a ‘for sale’ sign in front of their city halls to sell city work to the highest bidder,” according to US Attorney for Eastern Pennsylvania Louis LappenContinue reading “FBI Indicts 2 Pennsylvania Democrat Mayors in Pay-to-Play Probe”

Business Insider – by Kate Taylor

Ben & Jerry’s — a brand famous for its quality and eco-friendly practices — is under fire after a test uncovered a controversial ingredient in its ice cream.

The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) found glyphosate, the main ingredient in weedkillers like Roundup, in 10 out of 11 samples of the company’s ice cream flavors, the New York Times reported on Tuesday.
Continue reading “Ben and Jerry’s faces boycott threats after a new study uncovers a major ingredient in weedkillers in ice cream”