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American Nationals Must Stem the Status Quo to Avert One World Slavery

The absolute distraction the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) has become is undeniable.  The very idea of socialized healthcare is unconstitutional on its face.  The fact that the international insurance industry created the unconstitutional legislation and has seen their profits double, … Continue reading

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How Deep have the International Communists Infiltrated Into the United States?

Following the fraudulent 2012 Presidential Election, the international communist insurgents stepped forward and started asserting their absolutism.  Expanded background checks on a federal level could not be stopped.  Obamacare is a fate accompli.  And comprehensive immigration reform, the Dream Act, … Continue reading

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So What is Going on with Immigration Legislation?

If your first exposure to the mainstream media would have occurred in the past week, you would not know that the surrender of your country to foreign invaders from the south is one of the top agendas being pushed within … Continue reading

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Fukushima – Cover It Up

Never in all of history has a world event with such reaching consequences to human life as those represented by the meltdown of the reactors at Fukushima been so thoroughly and absolutely covered up.  By now the effects of the … Continue reading

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Immigration Reality Check

Senator Lindsey Graham, (R) South Carolina, has stepped up front and center to portray himself as the conservative republican spokesman for immigration reform, pushing the propaganda that says his party must acquiesce to the wishes of the Hispanics in passing … Continue reading

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The Broken Immigration System

The powers that be are hard at work in their attempt to legitimatize the foreign invasion into the United States being labeled as illegal immigration.  What fools the regimes of the past have been in instituting military invasions into other … Continue reading

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Immigration Reform – Whether the American People Want it or Not

The Obama administration is telling us that immigration reform will be accomplished this summer and this is where the problem begins.  We are not being asked if we want it, we are just being told that it is going to … Continue reading

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US-Mexican Border – Just another Line in the Sand

Tens of thousands of illegal aliens and their supporters gathered in Washington DC last week to demand that we American nationals surrender a portion of our country to them.  And of course, rather than mass arrests we have seen the … Continue reading

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How many illegal foreigners are there actually in the United States?

It was reported in the mainstream about this time last year that we were seeing an exodus of illegal aliens leaving the United States because of our bad jobs market.  We called this fraud a fraud and countered that as … Continue reading

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The North American Union – Whether You Want It Or Not

On January 4, 2012, the insurgent infiltrator, Barry Soetoro, sent a memo to Homeland Security, putting an end to any illusion of border security and  instituting a blanket amnesty for any and all who would care to stroll across our … Continue reading

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Draconian Obamacare Must be Rejected Outright

It is the third anniversary of Obamacare, and as promised by Nancy Pelosi, we are finding out what is in it…the hard way.  We have seen the largest tax increase upon the middle class and working poor since the communist … Continue reading

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The American National’s Responsibility Under the Law

When we are involved in a traffic accident, the so called law requires that we fill out an accident report and exchange insurance information and if we fail to comply with this so called law, we face stiff fines and … Continue reading

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Fukushima: Two Years of Cover Up

Today is the second anniversary of the Fukushima disaster and the true scale of its effect upon the United States and indeed the world can only be gauged by the extent of the cover up.  Looking at the situation logically … Continue reading

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Obama Administration Unleashes Foreign Criminals on the People of the United States

On June 15, 2012, Obama took an unconstitutional executive action in announcing a “shift in policy”.  The new policy directed the Department of Homeland Security to stop the deportation of one million illegal aliens who would fall under the criteria … Continue reading

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Insurgents from the South Growing Bolder

We here at From the Trenches have been chronicling the foreign invasion from the south and sounding the warning for a good long while now, and it is truly amazing how far the invasion had to reach before the average … Continue reading

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Illegals Grow Bold with Obama’s Backing

The insurgent Barrack Obama used the word “jobs” 49 times in his inauguration speech, but jobs for whom? The White House yesterday leaked Obama’s proposed legislation for so called immigration reform, which in reality is an amnesty for 100 million … Continue reading

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Jesse Jackson, Another Committed Communist

The soviet socialist Jesse Jackson is putting out a call for federal intervention into the streets of Chicago to stop the gun violence.  This is a perfect example of the technique, “problem, reaction, solution”.  You take away guns from honest … Continue reading

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Right Wing and Left Wing Socialists Unite in Opposition to American Nationals

So called immigration reform legislation is supposed to be introduced this week, which will be designed to legitimatize the socialist insurgent forces that have invaded the United States across our southern border.  The insurgents within the US government are coming … Continue reading

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Americans Afraid to Surrender Firearms and Rightfully So

The insurgent Obama and his communist cohorts are expected to introduce legislation to address the issue of illegal immigration.  And what will be proposed as a solution to the southern invasion?  Well, complete amnesty and citizenship, of course, thus sanctifying … Continue reading

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Obama lays out Communist Agenda for 2013

The soviet socialist insurgent Obama will be sworn in for a second illegitimate term as a foreign occupier of our highest seat of power, and he is making it clear as to his intent to bring the population of US … Continue reading

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