We have been witnessing a media blitz specifically targeting the 2nd Article of our precious Bill of Rights.  This is nothing new, but it is pure hypocrisy as law abiding gun owners set square in the cross hairs, there is an intentional cover up afoot.  It is said that 11,000 Americans were killed last year in the US with guns and this is a number the enemies of freedom want left alone.  I think it would be prudent to break those numbers down, but as usual, through lack of recording by the insurgent government and lack of reporting by the mainstream media, the numbers are scattered and obscure to the point that they cannot be ascertained.

Here are the questions I would like to see answered by the so called expert providers of information.  How many of the 11,000 killed were shot by police and how many were killed by foreigners here illegally in this country?  There is absolute gun control in Mexico and 20,000 of their unarmed innocents were killed last year with guns.  But when you bring this fact up the propagandists counter, “Well, there is a drug war there.”
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Employee protests at McDonald franchises are erupting around the country as the devaluation of our currency is making it more and more impossible to survive on the little that the jobs these establishments offer.  Of course the neo-con elite are stepping up in defense of the international franchises and their multi-billion dollar profits, saying that a job at McDonalds is not intended as a career choice to support a worker, but rather it is being said these are jobs for high school children at the entry level.

Hold the presses.  For the past thirty years, since the elitist Bill Clinton signed NAFTA and our industry began being shut down, we have been told that we are being moved into a service industry economy.  From the get go many argued that this assertion in reality was a cover for the destruction for our standard of living.
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A new emphasis in the mainstream is being put on the fact that illegal aliens/foreign invaders are being given access to our public dole with exclusive websites to encourage these foreigners to take all we have to give, including SSI.  The powers that be are in an internal struggle for the determination as to who within the American poor and middle class will be next to sacrifice for the enrichment of the international elite.

In reporting on the siphoning of US resources through the safety net by foreign nationals, the most important aspect is being absolutely ignored, which is how can any foreigner/non-US national receive US benefits?  We have to go above and beyond to prove our citizenship just to buy a driver license.  And this situation was accommodated by the assertion that we had to keep driver licenses away from illegal aliens.  Isn’t this always the way of things?
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There is a lot being said today about the breakdown of the educational system in the United States and there are many theories as to what is going wrong as the United States falls further and further behind the rest of the world.  I think our education system is being destroyed by design, just as surely as our economic system has and is.  If you take something that works, start changing it, and you see the changes are adversely affecting the function, do you continue to change, or do you go back to what worked?

Billions of dollars are being spent on curriculums which dissuade from reading, writing, and arithmetic and toward multi-culturalism and social order and we wonder what is wrong?
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Colorado and Washington have passed laws making the recreational use of marijuana a legal activity.  This would seem a blow for freedom but like everything else in the United States, there has to be a drawback.  For starters it is being said that the Mexican drug cartels are angry about the legalization as it will cut into their profits.

I do not believe so.  In fact I have to think that a lot of Mexican insurgents voted in those Colorado and Washington elections for the marijuana initiatives.  If you follow the news you know that year to year there has been an increase in massive marijuana grows on public lands by the Mexican drug cartels and of course there have been some big busts to go along with the grows.
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Mitt Romney has stated that he will end funding for Public Broadcasting System if he is elected president and the uproar can be heard across our nation.  Truly amazing.  The NDAA with Sections 1021 and 1022, calling for military arrests and indefinite detention for US nationals, is put into law, seemingly without any objection from the general population.  But suggest defunding PBS and immediately the people begin to organize in opposition.

A million muppet march on Washington Mall is being called for on November 3rd.  At issue is $445 million of government funding for PBS.  It is very interesting how different concepts are pulled apart and reassembled in double negatives.  The very idea of public broadcast is independence and freedom from influence.  I guess the thought here is that the government does not influence those it finances.  Do you believe that?
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As a result of the failed attempt by so called black leaders to direct black Americans to join with the Zionists against their fellow American nationals, another attempt is now being made to preserve what little is left of the racial divide in the United States.  The communist insurgents within are now once again bringing Affirmative Action back to the table.  This is a futile attempt and will accomplish nothing as we Americans of every race have come to the realization that the agenda for the international soviet insurgency is to bring every American national into a state of slavery, regardless of the color of our skin.

When an entire population is enslaved, any pretense of social order among the enslaved in reference to skin color is dispelled.  Maybe this is the equality the corporate elite have been talking about all along in that we will all be equally reduced to bonded servitude, regardless of race, creed, or color.
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The town of Farmers Branch, Texas will be trying to enforce a law that would ban those who have crossed our borders illegally from obtaining rental properties.   The move is designed to address overcrowding and overburdens on schools, jails, housing, and hospitals.  It would seem the good people of Farmers Branch are racists and that they have a problem with drive by shootings being perpetrated by illegal insurgents, which have, in one instance at least, resulted in the death of a two year old child.

Farmers Branch’s law was originally found unconstitutional by the 5th Circuit Court, saying it would interfere with federal authority. Now, there’s a surprise.  Once again we are looking at the Judicial Branch of government examining and declaring what are the powers of we the people.
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The US poverty rate is at a 20 year high as entitlements mount.  This is the propaganda coming out of FOX News.  More people are apparently impoverished as they go on entitlements and now the existence of entitlements is to be blamed for poverty.  Not the loss of 20 million jobs, not the 30 million foreign nationals who have come into our country illegally, but rather the mere existence of food stamps and welfare.

Now this might be considered a definite incentive for peoples all over the third world to be pouring over our borders, but in the reporting the illegal invasion and entitlements are never linked.  You see these elitists at FOX are trying to turn those in the middle class, still fortunate enough to have a job, against their brothers and sisters who have been victimized by the international theft of $32 trillion in real wealth, taken from the American people by the international banksters, said banksters never having been so much as investigated, let along prosecuted for their crimes.
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A fifth suspect was arrested in Mexico on Friday for the murder of our Border Agent Brian Terry, who as we all know was killed by a gun provided to the Mexican drug cartels by US Attorney General Eric Holder’s Fast and Furious gunrunning scheme.  I guess the US government mafia thinks that if they hang a few Mexican peasants we the people of the United States will be content that justice has been served.

How many US nationals have been prosecuted because a family member gained access to one of their lawfully owned guns and used it to commit a crime?  It is just a further example that the so called laws in the United States are for the peasant population here and that the elite so called citizens of the world are not bound in any way by any law.
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This week we will see if civil control over we the people can be maintained in the face of the blatant fraud that is to be perpetrated enforcing Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as the Republican ticket upon we the people.  The status quo believes that if they can just make it through this week and force us to accept this tyranny, there is nothing to stop them.

If the Tampa fraud is allowed it will be followed by massive fraud in the general election to the point that nobody will really know what actually happened the day after the election on November 7th.
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The estimated 700,000 foreign insurgents from south of our border to be affected by the insurgent Obama’s unconstitutional Dream Act dictate, has morphed to 1.7 million, then 1.8 million, and now 2 million as the illegals fill our streets to get in line to claim their piece of our pie.

I believe this number will go as high as 10 million before anyone in the mainstream says, “Whoa, wait a minute.”  But by then 10 million will be a fait accompli and there will be another 40 million who have crossed into our country and will be taking our jobs, receiving welfare, public health care, and free education as they await the next act of amnesty, that is if we allow this outrage to continue.
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The international socialist insurgents within the US government have just made another large purchase of ammunition.  The Department of Homeland Security has just put in an order for 9.766 million rounds.

Following the staged false flag in Aurora, Colorado the communist propaganda was centered on James Holmes’ purchases of firearms and online purchases of ammunition, body armor, a gas mask, and smoke grenades, all legal purchases.  The insurgents immediately began pushing to monitor online sales of ammunition; saying that no one purchases 6000 rounds for legitimate purposes and those who are making these large purchases must be intending to massacre Americans.  (Would this include purchases made by the government?)
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Whether you believe in creationism or evolution, the fact is there are no two people exactly alike.  We are individuals, absolutely.  Following the Aurora, Colorado shooting, the psychiatric community has descended in the mainstream with 101 pushes to elevate their status among, and power over, we the people.  Considering that no two people are exactly alike, it is the most arrogant assumption in that any one person, or even group of persons, can define reality and thus set a standard for mental competency.

The psychiatrists represent the ultimate parasites upon human existence, as they produce absolutely zero products, yet wish to be empowered and compensated to the extreme.  And to accomplish this goal they will attach themselves to the soviet socialist insurgency, as they have in every instance in the past where the opportunity has presented itself.
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There can be no count, exact or otherwise, as to how many illegal aliens have and are entering our country.  Really, the closest we can come to diagnosing the situation, is in examining the effect the illegals are having on our lives.

The neo-cons are pushing for reforms to the food stamp program, saying expenditures have doubled since 2008.  Of course we all know that many Americans have lost their jobs and have been forced to turn to food stamps to keep from going hungry.  But these people in no way represent the bulk of the increase, as most choose to lose everything and work any job as an alternative to the food stamp program.
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The insurgent Obama’s nightmare executive order to accommodate the southern invasion is coming to fruition as thousands and thousands of new invaders pour across our southern border and are granted work visas, which in essence gives them permanent citizenship.  There is absolutely no system in place to verify eligibility under the Dream Act Executive Order.

Any invader from six to twenty-eight years old can enter the United States and simply say that they have been here and/or went to school for more than five years, and that is all it takes.  These fraudulent insurgents can then set up shop as drug dealers and actually travel back and forth across the border, unhampered at will, as they retain their Mexican citizenship and are in the United States through a work visa.
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An attack on our 2nd Amendment is being launched in earnest as the anti-gun propagandists come out of the woodwork with 101 new good ideas to prevent another incident like that which occurred in Colorado on Friday.  This false flag was designed so specifically that it is being identified as such by every non-brainwashed American that sees it.

Purchases of firearms in the US have been increasing to the millions per month as the soviet socialist insurgency is moving closer to martial law and a totalitarian dictatorship.  The enemies of our Republic are showing their desperation to stop the American people from arming for our defense.
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Title 4 USC 1 Flag

Veterans in Minnesota are reacting with outrage as The Department of Transportation has ordered that United States flags flying from overpasses there be removed.  The DOT sites safety concerns but the veterans are not buying it.  It is becoming the predominant opinion that the removal of US flags in venues across our nation is a deliberate attempt to undermine our veterans and their service to our country.

This could not be further from the truth.  Though it seems that every removal of the flag has a veteran at its center, the removal of a flag actually has nothing to do with them.  You see, veterans tend to fly the Title 4 USC 1 American Free Flag of Peace.
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The US has purchased six patrol boats for the Rio Grande at $550,000 a piece, adding to the burden US taxpayers are bearing in what seems to be a futile attempt to shut down our southern border.  A recent story in the mainstream showed what is a new wave of invasion, and why not?  Where is the deterrent as the dictator Obama is now saying, “Come one, come all.  Once you get here you will be provided for and eventually all that is America will be yours through our insurgent campaign of attrition.”

Mexico’s Presumptive President Enrique Pena Nieto, in an interview on CNN, condemned Arizona’s attempt to stop the Mexican invasion into their state, calling it discriminatory and saying the invaders from Mexico are crucial to the United States’ economic development.
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From the implementation of the Dream Act through the insurgent Obama’s executive order; to Operation Gunrunner, which was an international gunrunning, drug smuggling, and money laundering crime; to state controversies involving the giving illegal aliens in-state tuitions that American citizens from other states cannot get; to 30 million American jobs being worked by illegal aliens at a time of record unemployment in the US; to our social safety net being overwhelmed by illegals; it has become apparent that the interests of the foreign sovereign country Mexico and its citizens are affecting the day to day lives of Americans more than our own actions and activities.

This is an insurgency by definition.  The insurgents are now increasing their efforts to restructure our body politic to accommodate their further invasion.  Obama has already committed yet another blatant act of treason in acting against the will of our Congress and in the interests of foreigners who are in our country illegally.  And of course as this is an election year, this is all coming forward front and center politically.
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