The Latino insurgent 5th column and their supporters are aglow with glee following the socialist dictator Obama’s declaration for blanket amnesty for a large portion of the illegal immigrants that have stormed across our borders for the past 14 years.  If you have been listening to the communists on the mainstream, you have heard this statement a hundred times by now.  “Obama has the power to do this.”

Well actually, no he does not.  This action is yet another treasonous violation of our Constitution, in particular the clauses relating to separation of powers.  We have federal laws in place to protect us from invasion.  These laws have been nullified through an executive dictate.  A few have pointed this fact out, but will anything be done to counter this act of treason?  Well, not by anyone occupying a seat in our treasonous government.
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Attorney General Eric Holder was supposed to release thousands of documents to the Congressional Committee investigating Operation Gunrunner by Memorial Day or be held in Contempt of Congress.  Well that day has come and gone and in a new round of hearings last week, Attorney General Holder continued to hold up his middle finger in the faces of those making the inquiries.

If a police officer comes under investigation it is standard procedure that he or she is removed from their duties until the matter is resolved.  So why are those in the highest offices not held to this, the lowest of standards?  I believe a frightening precedence is being set.
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As Europe is experiencing its worst economic crisis in a century, Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating her Diamond Jubilee, marking her 60th year on the British throne.  No expense is being spared.  Giant flotillas on the English Channel accompany the Queen’s royal barge as it floats past monolithic billboards portraying the Queen at different events during her reign.

It is nauseating enough knowing that many British citizens are enthralled at the aspect of worshiping another human, being based on no other consideration than consequence of birth.  It is absolutely sickening to see my fellow Americans following suit.
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Sunland Park, New Mexico is making the national news as voter fraud in a local election has been exposed and the perpetrators have been arrested and are facing prosecution.  I guess this would be considered a good thing.  If so, the question would have to be asked, why is election fraud in a small town in New Mexico all important, while state election fraud, which is in reality national election fraud as the crime being committed, state by state, is the result of a national poll to determine who the GOP candidate will be, is being ignored.

Has there been evidence of voter fraud in literally every state where a primary or caucus has taken place?  Yes. Are there witnesses?  Yes.  Is there hard evidence, as in documents?  Yes.  Are there citizens willing to file complaint? Absolutely.  Are there any real investigations of these crimes?  Nope.  Will anybody go to jail as a result of this voter fraud?  Absolutely not.
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It is reported that there are only 11 million illegal aliens in the United States.

It was recently discovered that a so called tax loophole is allowing the illegals in the US to steal billions of dollars by claiming dependent children who live in Mexico. These illegals are filing returns using a tax ID number that was created to make sure the illegals pay income taxes while working in the United States.   So now, these foreigners, who are here illegally, using stolen or fraudulent social security numbers, are filing for refunds using the child credit deduction and naming nieces and nephews who live in Mexico as dependants at a thousand dollars a pop.
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Today, Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican regional holiday, is being celebrated throughout the United States.  Cinco de Mayo, translated into the English language, means the fifth of May and commemorates the 1862 Mexican victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla, wherein an outnumbered Mexican Army defeated the better armed French who had invaded Mexico in an attempt to collect a debt.

In 2005, the Zionist insurgents in our US Congress passed a concurrent resolution to make this foreign regional holiday a US national celebration for Mexican heritage and pride.
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It would seem that the insurgent Obama, in response to Mitt Romney’s play for the so called Hispanic vote is unleashing an emergency propaganda blitz in preparation for an amnesty push through the House and Senate.  Yesterday it was announced that the insurgents/illegals are storming back over the border to Mexico in hordes, in fact to the extent that the United States is no longer seeing a net increase in their population.  Later in the day, there appeared some more propagandists suggesting that, as the illegal population has stabilized (over this whole day), shouldn’t we go ahead and pass amnesty tomorrow?

This has to be one of the most ridiculous concoction of lies I have ever seen.  The invaders are not going back to Mexico because our economy is bad.  The economy in Mexico is atrocious compared to ours and the Mexican government does not hand out welfare checks and food stamps like we do.
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Will Mitt Romney name Marco Rubio as his running mate for 2012?  This is the big question in the mainstream media as half of this nation still has yet to vote on whether Mitt Romney will be the GOP candidate.  This is not a free election.  It is corporate dictate through the corporate owned Republican Party.

Marco Rubio is a Hispanic American who is a key agitator in the foreign insurgency.  It is being reported that the Hispanic voting bloc represents 50 million in the United States and these people put the interests of the countries from which they have come before those of the United States.  They are fully supported by the insurgency.  They are demanding immigration reform.
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Beginning with the initial meltdown at Fukushima Daiishi nuclear power plant on March 11, 2011, we at From the Trenches World Report were pointing out that the unrealistic information being put out by the Japanese government, TEPCO, and the mainstream media in the United States was purposeful in its intent.  Indeed, in reality most people around the world could not grasp the enormity of the event and its significance.

The Fukushima plant, for reasons unbeknown to any rational human being, was constructed adjacent to the Pacific Ocean.  When we pointed out the obvious in that the ocean waters were being contaminated, we were met with skepticism.
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Men and women, working hand in hand, conquered this country and established control over her resources.  This is a contention that can never be argued as it is our real history.  When we were taming this land, men and women worked side by side along with their children on the family farm.

As we moved into the future and government took more and more control over our lives, our traditional roles were redefined.  During the industrial age the man worked while the woman kept the house and raised the children.  This was the first incursion on the family as it all but removed the father from the lives of the children.  Remember, on the farm the family was together all day long.
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Arizona Boy Scouts are now being labeled racists because of the arm patch on their uniforms, which reads “Caution – Border Patrol – Troop 11”.  These Boy Scouts have been sporting the patch for some ten years, and now it has become an issue as a part of the multi-faceted media campaign to create racial division that is to lead to the different races shooting one another in our streets.  After which the insurgent US government intends to step up to disarm us for our own safety.

Three men and one woman were shot within a mile of each other in north Tulsa at around 1 a.m. on Friday morning. The body of a fifth victim, a man, was discovered outside a nearby funeral home in the predominantly black part of the city after 8 a.m. on Friday.  Three were killed and two were wounded in these attacks.  All the victims are black and the two suspects who have been arrested are white.
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The international insurgent President Barack Obama hosted Mexican President Felipe Calderon and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper for talks on transnational trade and security Monday.  This is a blatant display of an international socialist cabal, intent on further destroying the sovereignty of our republic and our individual states.

Mexican President Calderon proudly stated that his socialist government had confiscated 140,000 firearms in Mexico and then tried to imply that every one of them was bought in a gun store in the United States.  He blamed the rash of violence in Mexico on the sunsetting of our unconstitutional assault weapons ban, suggesting new gun restrictions and confiscations in the United States as a necessity for Mexico’s security.
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Considering the blatant election fraud being exhibited in the GOP Primaries and Caucuses, should not the question be raised as to why those in the Democratic Party are not jumping on the issue in an effort to discredit the Republican Party,, and their bid for the Presidency in 2012?

Has the fraud and duplicity in the US reached such heights and become so omnipresent that there could actually be deals between the Democrats and Republicans, establishing such bizarre agreements as the Republicans saying, “You keep quiet about the voter fraud we are committing in our Primaries and Caucuses, and we will keep quiet when you bring your illegal aliens in to vote in the general election”?  The idea being that so long as Ron Paul is stopped the worst eventuality for either side lies in whose corporate controllers will get to steal the most through their government contracts.  And of course if Dr. Paul is elected, God forbid, both sides might be stopped from stealing.
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When Rick Santorum first came on the scene, he was nothing more than a laughable little weirdo that no one could possibly take seriously.  Now, via a couple of months of election fraud, his image is one of a wannabe little social dictator.  Rick has most recently come out with his plan to attack pornography to save the soul of our country, this after declaring that American citizens should only be allowed to have sex as an act of procreation.

Here is a bombshell for you Rick; you are not running for Pope.  According to the Bill of Rights for the Constitution of the United States, we, as free citizens, have the right to do as we please in the privacy of our own homes and the thought of your pathetic trollish little person thinking you can push your way into our bedrooms, using the power of our presidency, is unacceptable.
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Illegal alien, Daniela Pelaez, was named valedictorian at North Miami High School.  After which, through her lawyer, she received a two year reprieve from deportation.  This young lady is being paraded front and center as the poster child for the Dream Act, which would legalize millions of illegal aliens overnight, and of course every one of them is a valedictorian, right?  Ms. Pelaez is making her choice of which college she will attend and of course that education will be subsidized by the American taxpayer.

The 5th column insurgents in our government and media want us to look upon this young lady and say it is only right that she should get to stay and have every advantage our country has to offer.
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Rush Limbaugh, on his broadcast last week, referred to a young lady, who is a law student at Georgetown University, as a slut because she wants her health insurance to cover contraceptives.  This is an outrage and it must be opposed, and it has been on every mainstream channel.  And now Limbaugh is apologizing.  And…and…but hold it….wait….what am I doing?  Rush Limbaugh calls somewhat a slut and it is dominating the news?  Why?  Oh, that’s right, it is an election year and the mainstream is attempting to divert our attention.  But from what?  Hmmm….

Could it be Eric Holder, Operation Gun Walker/Operation Gunrunner/ Operation Fast and Furious, you know the Obama Administration’s cartel that has been caught running guns into Mexico, trading them for drugs, transporting those drugs back into the United States, selling those drugs on our streets to our people, then laundering the money through the DEA and central banks in Mexico, Central, and South America?
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Water samples being taken 400 miles off the coast of Japan are showing radiation levels 1000 times higher than previous readings according to finding at the Ocean Sciences Meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah.  And of course these levels should not worry us as they pose no significant threat to our health, which begs the question, “How much radiation does it take to represent a significant threat to our health?”

Many of us in the United States take our health seriously.  We abstain from eating red meat, buy only organic produce, and prefer homeopathic cures to the poisons being put out by the pharmaceutical companies.  When we try to practice good eating habits and body maintenance we are confronted by another group of experts, also a part of the scientific community that is telling us that radiation in the Pacific Ocean is insignificant to our health.
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The American people have been inundated with the coverage of the death of Whitney Houston.  One would think that one of our dignitaries had passed away.  It is interesting to note that as a part of the initial reporting, the fact that drugs and alcohol were probably the cause of Ms. Houston’s death were front and center.

Dr. Ron Paul wants to end the war on drugs, reiterating an old reality which is that prohibition does not work.  If we take a close look at the drug industry in this country, that is the pharmaceutical so called legal industry, it is easy to ascertain the benefits to the status quo of an ongoing never ending drug war.
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The cold shutdown at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan is turning out to be just another lie as the temperature in the number 2 reactor has risen to 82 degrees Celsius, indicating that the meltdown is still occurring.  When is the last time you have seen live footage coming out of Japan in reference to Fukushima in the mainstream media?  The International Atomic Industry has spared no expense in removing the Fukushima meltdown from the mainstream reality.

As predicted on this site as Fukushima has been removed and swept under the carpet, not only are we not looking at doing away with nuclear energy, but all plans for further reactors in the US are going forward like nothing ever happened.
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