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Insane McCain – Number One Peace Hater

Apparently, the United States is once again pondering a strategy shift in Syria.  The mainstream propaganda is bringing Syria back into the reality of the handful of sheep who are deceived beyond the realms of practicality. Arizona Senator John McCain, … Continue reading

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Israelis Put Down Their Foot in the US Senate

The Zio-Communist dual citizens so called Israeli-Americans, operating within the treasonous cabal in the District of Criminals have introduced the Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act of 2013 in direct defiance of the will of the American people, who made it abundantly clear … Continue reading

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Who is the Number One Terror Organization on Planet Earth?

Al Qaeda rebels have taken Fallujah and John McCain, the US Czar for the industrial war complex is saying, “I told you so.”  These globalist mafia truly do believe we American nationals to be devoid of the ability for critical … Continue reading

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Preparing for Wars of Deception

As the Zionist infiltrators into the United States continue to push for a third world war, it is interesting to note the different techniques being applied.  China, of whom the insurgents in our government are facilitating to purchase more and … Continue reading

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Is Netanyahu Really Mad at His Brother Obama?

The United States and Iran have made a deal in reference to Iran’s development of nuclear technology and Israel’s King Netanyahu is distraught over the matter.  If we just examine the situation using the controlled information we are getting from … Continue reading

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Israel – In Defiance of Peace

King Benjamin Netanyahu has stepped up front and center in the Zion controlled US media to attack the US-Iranian peace process, declaring that any future not involving the conquest of the entire Middle East for Zion to be unacceptable.  Israel … Continue reading

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American Foreign Policy under Foreign Dictate

As our beloved Republic continues to fall under its own weight, as the World Trade Center buildings could not have, the disconnect between we the people and this unconstitutional Zionist controlled government is becoming more absolute with each passing day. … Continue reading

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Syrian Gas Attacks ‘Very Likely’ Secret Op to Instigate US Attacks

The Obama Administration has declared that it is “very likely” that Assad’s Syrian forces have used chemical weapons against the Syrian people.  “Very likely”, well I guess that should be sufficient for an invasion.  And it is indeed interesting how … Continue reading

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22 US Embassies on High Alert – Here Comes the Boogie Man Again

22 US Embassies were closed yesterday and security has been heightened as unspecific warnings of an “eminent Al Qaeda terrorist threat” are flashing across the television screen.  We know the Zionists do not do anything without a reason and we … Continue reading

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Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks … Again?

There is a lot of conjecture in reference to the upcoming peace talks between Palestine and Israel.  Some are of the opinion that Israel is acquiescing due to pressure coming from the Obama Administration.  Israel does not acquiesce to anyone, … Continue reading

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The Never Ending Revolution in Egypt

It is being reported that Egypt is once again under military rule following its annual revolution, and all across America people are asking the question, “Why can’t we be more like Egypt?”  Well I’m sure that the Zionists would love … Continue reading

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Can Zion Salvage Syrian Insurgency?

Has anyone noticed that as the socialist insurgent government in the US is desperately working to salvage the Syrian insurgency, the prospect for World War III commencing is intentionally being buried within the confines of the mainstream propaganda?  Realistically what … Continue reading

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NSA Blanket Wiretapping and Ex Post Facto Search Warrants

It was revealed last week that billions of correspondences between American nationals are being recorded and stored each and every day, and in fact this warrantless random gathering of information has been going on since 2011.  Now, having been caught … Continue reading

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Israel’s Desperation to Perpetuate Aggression will Lead to Its Ultimate Destruction

Red lines on cartoon bombs and lines in the sand are nothing more than catch phrases designed to manipulate and coerce.  The Zionists use their 5th column in the United States with its limitless financing to coerce political agreements in … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Kim Il-Sung

Today would have been North Korean leader Kim Il-Sung’s 105th birthday and it is being speculated that his grandson, Kim Jong Un, may fire a missile as a part of a test to commemorate the day.  The event may have … Continue reading

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North Korea is Starving for a Fight

North Korea has threatened to attack the United States in retaliation for tightening sanctions and military exercises with South Korea, which included near border fly-overs with B2 Stealth Bombers capable of delivering a nuclear payload.  Some of the traitors within … Continue reading

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The Creator’s Law to be Judged by the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court will be taking up arguments for and against same sex marriage, once again, sticking its nose anywhere and everywhere but where it belongs.  Marriage is a religious institution, a covenant between a man, a woman, and their … Continue reading

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World War III Breaking Out

The question is continually being presented as to when World War III will begin and when the United States will join in on the bloodletting frenzy.  Technically the war has already begun and the United States is already engaged on … Continue reading

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World War III, Them, You, and Me

It has been ten years since the United States invaded Iraq for the sole purpose of changing that country’s regime and turning its resources over to the Zionist state of Israel.  We all saw the pictures of Bagdad as the … Continue reading

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Nuclear Arms Talks with Iran are a Deception

As China and Japan posture in the East China Sea, seemingly prepared to go to war with one another at the drop of a hat, and the Middle East continues to destabilize, we are left to wonder not if, but … Continue reading

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