WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange turns himself in to authorities in London today.  He was arrested and taken to court where he invoked his right to fight extradition to Sweden where he is facing two charges of sexual assault.

Mr. Assange asserts that the charges in Sweden are politically motivated and are indeed retaliation for the documents leaked last week which caused a riff in the international community.

Mr. Assange assets have been frozen in a veiled attempt to shut down WikiLeaks.  He has been denied bail and will be held for extradition hearings.
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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is threatening to release thousands more documents if he is arrested or his site is shut down.  The documents are apparently encrypted with a code that will cause their release all over the world with the push of a single button.  Mr. Assange is presently in hiding and says he fears for his life.

It is also reported that WikiLeaks is experiencing cyber attacks on its servers.  Where the attacks are coming from is unknown however several government officials have been calling for American cyber soldiers to be directed to attack the site.  Also PayPal has canceled WikiLeaks account making it unable to receive donations.
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