As more US troops are being moved into the Middle East and Africa, the prevailing question seems to be, “When will World War III get under way?” and the short answer is that it has already began.  January 30, 2013, an Israeli fighter jet attacked inside Syria.  By international law, this was an overt act of war and as the United States is a party to an absolute binding defense/offense treaty with Zion, we were a part of that aggressive act and did in reality enter into a state of war with the sovereign country of Syria as a result.

The US has financed an Al Qaeda mercenary force which is presently engaged in open conflict with the government of the sovereign country of Syria, again, an act of war.  The US treasonous government has several times via drone, invaded the sovereign airspace of Pakistan and Yemen and in bombing the people of those countries the US has committed acts of war.  Continue reading “Death for the Love of Money”

obama dronesNothing could be more disturbing than finding a group of Israeli-Americans sitting around a table on a mainstream broadcast discussing our government’s authority or lack thereof to order the assassinations of American nationals.  For some reason these Zionists can find nothing wrong with the insurgent government’s assertion than an American’s rights can be arbitrarily removed at the whim of the proper authority.

We are told that we should not worry about the assumptions being made by the totalitarian authority within our government, as the experts are taking great pains to make sure no innocent Americans are put on the assassination list.  Surely the majority of our people hear these words and understand their meaning, though it is shocking to hear the subject bantered about, even in the mainstream propaganda, so casually and nonchalant.  Continue reading “Americans to be Executed after Receiving Due Process of the Dictator”

blood dollarThe petro dollar is on its way out and many, including myself, are wondering what the corporate mafia’s next move will be.  All appearances indicate that the new world order agenda is quite out of sync as it does not look like gun confiscation in the US can be accomplished before the crash of the dollar.

Could it be that the illuminati will attempt to up the ante through United Nation control over the sale of weaponry around the planet?  How about bolstering the petro dollar via the blood dollar and putting the industrial war complex up on point while moving the oil industry back into the ranks of the main body?  Continue reading “Will the International Banksters Replace the Petro Dollar with the Blood Dollar?”

Today is Martin Luther King Day, which, if looked upon through earnest eyes, should induce a feeling of pride in that it marks a time when our people came together across the board to enforce constitutionally guaranteed rights for a segment of our society that was being denied these fundamental protections.  Of course like everything else, the occasion will be used in an attempt to divide, as our enemies will not show the progress we have made, but rather an emphasis will be put on any and all differences that remain.

How convenient that Obama’s inauguration will be on Martin Luther King Day, a great way to work amnesty for his southern insurgency into the message, and woe be it to the dissenters who will be marked as racist as par for the course.
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Syria’s President Assad is stating that he believes that he can maintain control of his country and defeat the insurgency and it is being said that Russia is backing that position, thus causing a rise in tensions between the US and Russia.  The question would be, if the United States is only interested in stopping the killing in Syria, does it matter how that goal is accomplished, especially considering the fact that Assad was supposed to be a US ally prior to the present conflict.

As we have said here at From the Trenches over and again, this entire Arab Spring was designed by the Zionists, both in the US and Israel, to destabilize the governments of the Middle East as this is the only way the Zionists could get past a forty year peace that has been stopping their further conquest of the region.

The agitation to facilitate the unrest was easy to accomplish because the governments of Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and literally every other country in the region other than Iran have been, for the past forty years, accepting US bribes to allow Zionist corporate infiltrators to rob the citizens of these various Middle Eastern and African countries’ of the lion’s share of their wealth.
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As the US withdraws from Afghanistan, the whole episode is being summarily dismissed as a failed mission, with only one brigade of Afghan troops reportedly prepared to give a go at providing the country’s defense, which will probably come down to defending the poppy fields and the US puppet government for as long as possible.

This has been the longest war in US history with 12 years of fighting, 1.2 trillion in US taxpayer dollars, 2,173 US service members KIA, and more than 17,000 wounded, many of which the US taxpayer will have to take care of for the rest of their lives as they were defending our Constitution and Bill of Rights in the foreign country of Afghanistan.
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Twenty children were killed at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, a tragedy as the enemies of our Constitution push for gun confiscation.  The depth of the Sandy Hook murders is spotlighted with pictures of little faces, alternating with the pictures of assault rifles and handguns and the propaganda is being pushed to the point that it should be questioned as to the motive.

It is true that the American public has been conditioned to quickly digest the most heinous acts as they are sucked through the news cycle.  Only last month, November 14th through November 21st, Israeli war planes and field artillery caused the murder of 28 little Palestinian children, but the incident was pushed into the annals of history and forgotten within a week.
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It is truly amazing to watch the Zionist industrial war complex moving the pieces into place as they prepare to go forward with their Middle East invasion.  US warships are off the Syrian coast.  Missile batteries have been put in place in Turkey and Jordon.  And the ultimate excuse of stopping the use of chemical weapons is pulsating through the mainstream like a shot of heroin in a junkie’s veins.

It was relatively quiet yesterday in the mainstream broadcasts, indicating final calculations are being made for the media blitz that is to accompany the invasion, of which the main component will be the cause, the excuse, the explanation as to why we had no other choice.  There will no doubt be many foul-ups in the false flag that is to be portrayed as a precursor.  This is why the excuse will have to be pushed so hard in order to cover up mistakes.
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We are all witnessing the moral breakdown of our Christian nation as the socialists work tirelessly to pervert the 1st Amendment guarantee for religion to a prohibition thereof.  The 1st Amendment states in part, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”.   When the pilgrims came to America, they were seeking to escape religious persecution as the Church of England was government sponsored state religion enforced law.

The very idea that the religious clause in our 1st Amendment would be used to attack Christianity can in no way be imagined to be the intent of our founders.  To this day prayer is still offered in our Halls of Congress and it is rare to find documents from the colonial era that do not contain Christian assertions in their content.  The 1st Amendment was meant to protect Christianity and other forms of religion from government manipulation as the belief in a higher being was the cornerstone upon which our country was founded.
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It has been almost two years since the beginning of the so called Arab Spring and it would seem that the Middle East is right back where it started.  Following the election of Mohammad Morsi as President of Egypt, the contention was put forth that he was a week leader and would have very limited power until a new constitution could be written and a new government formed.

Now once again we see the tents pitched in Tahrir Square and the people of Egypt divided into two opposing camps – the pro-western so called secularists and the hard core Muslim Brotherhood.  And with the recent seizure of power by Morsi, who is now being called the Pharaoh, we could quite possibly have another Middle Eastern civil war looming on the horizon.
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The Egyptian people rose up against their oppressive government and America was in full support.  Then in Libya it went a step further as America stepped in to support the so called rebels, initiating a no-fly zone to stop the evil Gaddafi regime from using air power against those who wanted to oust him and establish a new government.

Now in Syria the United States is in full support of the Al Qaeda rebels endeavoring to free themselves from their oppressors.  It is indeed a cry of indignation we are hearing as the US regime pushes for another no-fly zone to keep the brutal Assad government from using 21st century air power against the resisters, armed only with small pieces of field artillery and short range rockets.
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There is a lot of speculation out there as to the rash of resignations within the Obama Cabinet following the fraudulent election.  I believe that the concept of the international corporate mafia is the reality in the United States today and indeed around the world.  The mafia is made up of many syndicates vying for the enormous wealth being siphoned from the United States and it has always been the way of the different factions to cross and double cross one another in the struggle for supremacy.

I think what we have just witnessed is a double cross of the Chicago Mob by the Clintonistas in coalition with the Israeli Kosher Mafia.   The Chicago Mob, through its brutality and connections internationally with the Russians and Chinese, seen itself as in control of the White House and had made the decision to forestall the invasion of Syria and Iran until after the election.
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The surge to acquire control over all the resources on the planet is intensifying, literally everywhere, from Alaska to Timbuktu.  The country of Mali has come onto the world stage.  It looks like there is going to be another war, maybe another slaughter like that that took place in Somalia.  Of course, as is the case in every instance, the destabilization of Mali is being sold under the guise of political upheaval and economic strife.  This is really becoming old hat.

Mali has actually been progressing in past years and its people are doing better.  That being said one might ask, “So what is the problem?” and the answer is simple, gold.  The people of Mali have been most unfortunate in that the third largest gold reserve in Africa has been found in their country.  The international elite want every ounce of that gold.
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A car bomb went off in Lebanon on Friday, killing Brig. Gen. Wissam al-Hassan and of course the bombing was blamed on Syria.   The incident apparently has triggered mass protests in Beirut which are being met with riot police.

Now hold on a minute.  The theory here is that the people of Lebanon are angry with their government because they are in league with the Assad regime in Syria which is being blamed for the bomb that killed the general who was a member of the government.  I guess the only thing we are supposed to remember here is that the government is in league with Syria which is in league with Iran, hence any and all death and destruction is Iran’s fault.  You know, kind of like the situation in Turkey.  Syria supposedly fired mortars into a Turkish border town and now Turkey and Syria are firing on one another and it is Iran’s fault.
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Headlines coming out of the mainstream read, “Fears Syria’s Civil War will spread” and “Will the US be dragged into the conflict”.  I realize the mainstream reporting coming out of the Middle East is scant and one sided to a fault, but do they really believe us to be this naïve?

Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and John Bolton are all but on the ground, kicking and screaming, to be given the go ahead for an invasion into Syria, while the US CIA and Israeli Mossad are implementing black ops in the countries bordering Syria, putting forth a total effort to escalate the internal conflict to outside Syria’s borders.
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The mainstream propagandists making the case for another Middle East invasion to precipitate World War III kicked back into high gear again on Saturday with the reporting of a man dressed in an Afghan police uniform killing two more NATO soldiers as hundreds of Afghans take to the streets shouting, “Death to America.”

Individual protests are spanning twenty countries worldwide from Gaza to Sydney, Australia, though it is being reported that Egyptian police have cleared the protesters from the streets of Cairo.

The attacks on NATO troops in Afghanistan have now turned to so called “friendlies” shooting down US soldiers while the Taliban have launched another attack on Camp Leatherneck where Prince Harry is stationed.
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When Benjamin Netanyahu spoke before the UN Assembly last week, it was apparent that he was talking to the insurgents posing as our government and the Israeli-American 5th column that is leading the insurgency.  Though Netanyahu referenced we the American people, he did so pointedly speaking to our so called representatives.

Congress has a 9% approval rate and despite the propaganda to the contrary, this rating applies to the insurgent government on every level from the bottom to the top.  Via the Democratic and Republican Conventions, it has been shown beyond a doubt that we the people of the US are disenfranchised, dispossessed, and are civilly dead.
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The propaganda coming out of the Middle East, Northern Africa, and Indonesia has taken on a life of its own, here in the good old U S of A.  We are in fact seeing a desperate attempt to revive the false left-right paradigm, propaganda versus counter propaganda.  From the false right we have the neo-cons saying that these peoples from these other countries hate we Americans and are burning our flag.  And then from the false left, we have the counter attack that says the militias are backing down as Libyan citizens protest militant groups.

In the first place these peoples do not hate we Americans.  They hate those posing as our government and if there is anybody protesting in favor of the United States in any of these countries I have to believe they are being paid quite handsomely for doing so.
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Well it would seem that the strategy to procure one world Zionist rule has taken a turn.  No more incrementalism in the Middle East.  The Israelis have established their own country where Palestine used to be and are now determined to take the entirety of the Middle East and Northern Africa in one full sweep.  And the more blood spilled in the effort, the more pleased their misery loving god will be.

It seems the war on terrorism based on Islamic fundamentalism needed a booster shot as the entire effort was beginning to fail through stagnation because the people of the United State had grown weary of endless wars resulting in the economic collapse of their country.
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On March 22, 2003, the United States invaded the sovereign country of Iraq, calling this glorious act of aggression “Shock and Awe”.  Prior to the invasion, Iraq was the most modern and religiously tolerant country in the Middle East.  They had a functioning society, offering opportunity for prosperity to their people.  They had museums that chronicled thousands of years of Middle Eastern civilization, planes, trains, automobiles, doctors, lawyers, and religious tolerance.

And then the daisy cutters fell from the sky.  The US, in condemnation of weapons of mass destruction, used weapons of mass destruction to an excess on the people of Iraq, destroying their infrastructure, their homes, and way of life and killing a million innocents in the process.  Iraq, had to that date, committed no offense against any American.
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