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Fargo City Leaders Approve Plan For 5G

KVRR – by Joe Radske FARGO, N.D. (KFGO) – Fargo city commissioners have approved first reading of a revised ordinance covering a new form of wireless infrastructure. Cities must conform to a Federal Communications Commission order that streamlines the process … Continue reading

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Vampire bats in a remote part of Mexico could hold the cure for high blood pressure

Daily Mail Drug traffickers are stopping scientists from reaching vampire bats, which could hold the cure for high blood pressure. Although the blood-sucking mammals are more associated with Halloween, researchers discovered their venom is rich in proteins that boost blood flow.  

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North Dakota legislators eye penalties for service animal fraud

The Jamestown Sun – by John Hageman BISMARCK — People who fraudulently claim their dog is a service animal could face a $100 fine under a bill considered by a North Dakota legislative committee Wednesday, Jan. 16. House Bill 1259, … Continue reading

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A life-saving tool or ‘gun-grabbing’ maneuver? North Dakota lawmakers unveil firearm seizure bill

The Jamestown Sun – by John Hageman BISMARCK — A bipartisan group of North Dakota lawmakers, police chiefs and education officials unveiled legislation Tuesday, Jan. 15, allowing officers to seize firearms from people deemed dangerous, a proposal that could face … Continue reading

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Carl Klang – We Want This Country Back

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Pa. state senator wants to punish women who use drugs while pregnant

Reading Eagle – by Beth Brelje When an infant is born addicted to drugs, the mother cannot be charged with child abuse. That was the Dec. 28 decision of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which found that a fetus is not … Continue reading

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With bills due and paychecks in doubt, Maine Coast Guard families see shutdown as ‘big slap in the face’

Press Herald – by Dennis Hoey Family members of Coast Guardsmen in Maine say they are both furious and terrified about the economic impact they are facing because of the ongoing federal government shutdown. “It’s very scary to know that … Continue reading

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‘Surprising’ Discovery Made About Chronic Wasting Disease

Food Safety News An infectious brain disease that has been killing deer, elk and moose both in the wild and on “captive farms” continues to stalk the land, expanding its domain to 23 states and two Canadian provinces since it was first identified … Continue reading

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When Worlds Collide

Counter Punch – by Patrick Jordan, Steve Kelly A newsfeed came across our inboxes that promoted a notion that China was somehow misbehaving regarding the use of CRISPR to create edited humans.  The dialectic was a non-sequitur because earlier press releases … Continue reading

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The Gael – The Last Of The Mohicans Theme

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Affidavit of Officer Jack McLamb related to murder of Gordon Kahl

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Honduran Family Finds Shelter, Seeks Asylum in Iowa City

IPR A mother and son from Honduras have found shelter in Iowa after traveling with thousands of migrants from Central America. The family arrived in Iowa City on Christmas Day, after fleeing gang violence in their home of Choloma, Honduras. … Continue reading

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Report Finds Montana Needs Funding To Expand Drug Courts

MTPR When the roughly 10 percent of adult Montanans with a substance-use disorder commit a crime, the state lacks enough drug courts to help them stay out of incarceration and navigate treatment. That’s according to a new report on Montana … Continue reading

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Foster Advocates Call For Per Diem Increase

IPR As the new year’s legislative session begins January 3, negotiations over the next two-year state budget will dominate lawmakers’ attention.  The biggest request so far is for the state Department of Child Services. Indiana foster parent advocates say the … Continue reading

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A frantic effort to nourish WWII troops led to this common breakfast staple

NCPR Florida’s $8 billion citrus industry is moving into its prime harvest months of December and January, and supermarkets around the country will be flooded with Florida oranges, tangerines, and grapefruits. But few know that the citrus business owes much … Continue reading

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License Plate Readers Come To Ocean City

WBOC 16 News OCEAN CITY, Md-If you’re a wanted criminal, you may want to steer clear from driving in Ocean City. The Ocean City Police Department has recently installed license plate readers at all entrances into Ocean City.  

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‘Primary enforcement’ seat belt bill filed

Prairie Public News There will be another effort in the Legislature to make North Dakota’s seat belt law a primary offense. Right now, it’s a secondary offense – meaning you have to be pulled over for something else before you … Continue reading

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To Get Mental Health Help For A Child, Desperate Parents Relinquish Custody

NPR When Toni and Jim Hoy adopted their son Daniel through the foster care system, he was an affectionate toddler. They did not plan to give him back to the state of Illinois, ever. “Danny was this cute, lovable little … Continue reading

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New mobile child advocacy centers coming to the North Country

NCPR Jan 02, 2019 — Three counties in the North Country will receive new mobile child advocacy centers. Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the state will channel $4.5 million dollars of federal money to rural communities to fund this project. The counties … Continue reading

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Suit says Vermont continuing to feed immigrant info to feds

Bradenton Herald MONTPELIER, VT.  A lawsuit filed by an immigrant rights group says the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles has forwarded information about immigrant farm workers to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, leading to the arrest and deportation of some of those … Continue reading

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