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Obama’s Race War is No Accident

BATR What will it take for citizens to face up to the nature of the state of terror against the American people? All the attention about Islamic suicide fanatics provides ample cover to ignore the pathetic condition of race relations … Continue reading

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TV Propaganda and the Mind Control Culture

BATR Few subjects present an undisputable window into modern society than the electronic version of reality that is dispensed through television broadcasts. This technology does not require interactive skills or critical thinking acumen. Just watch and fall into a daydream … Continue reading

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Clinton Crime Mafia Back in Full Force

BATR In your face and rubbing your nose in it is for all to see. That’s the pattern of the Clinton clan that perfects their criminal culture of corruption and law-breaking. The unmistakable premeditated meeting between William Jefferson Clinton and … Continue reading

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End of Independence Day

BATR The 4th of July should be a day of historic retrospection. For a proper understanding into the significance of the birth of the nation, start with an examination of the perennial BREAKING ALL THE RULES essay, The Meaning of Independence Day. Then … Continue reading

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IMF Proposal to Tax Bank Deposits

BATR – by James Hall A report by Agence France-Presse, the International Monetary Fund strongly suggests countries tax the rich to fix deficit, is a caveat for a bigger risk. “The IMF has set off shockwaves this week in Washington by … Continue reading

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Brexit Victory over the EU Globalists

BATR The globalist establishment has been at war against the people for decades. Centuries of scheming produced the EU centralization monster. The overwhelming deceit and destruction caused by the ruling class has finally received a setback in a plebiscite on … Continue reading

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Economics of Gun Control

BATR – by James Hall Money and guns, often goes together. Sometimes used for the protection of cash, other times made on the sales and use of guns and ammo. Manufactured and sold openly, weapons of every description are a … Continue reading

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Fascist Victory Behind the European Union

BATR Most of what you learned from orthodox history schooling is flat out wrong. Add into this indoctrination, the movie accounts that portray the reasons and motivations about the conflict during World War II. Especially, the European theater which has … Continue reading

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The Permanent Unemployment Economy

BATR – by James Hall The official underreporting of the unemployment statistics is a well-known fact. The cavalier dismissal of the systemic dismantling of the market economy by the Obama administration is undeniable. Notwithstanding, the lack of living wage jobs … Continue reading

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Philosophy of the New World Order

BATR The phrase, New World Order, just does not seem comprehensive enough to explain the circumstances that mankind is living under. The German expression, “weltanschauung” referred to as a philosophical view or apprehension of the universe is often used to … Continue reading

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Immigration Hurts American Employment

BATR – by James Hall Facts mean very little in any debate about immigration north of the Rio Grande. One such example comes from a bastion of journalism, the Daily Beast. Arian Campo-Flores in an article, Why Americans Think (Wrongly) That … Continue reading

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California Hooligans are Anti-Free Speech Thugs

BATR How low can the Lunatic Left go to allow, accept and advance Anti-Free Speech? If the gang of punks at a Trump San Jose rally in California is an indication, the bottom has a long way to go. Decorum … Continue reading

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Watergate to Fast and Furious

BATR The Department of Justice has a long record of acting as the dictatorship of jurisprudence. Acting like council to the mob, the “Consigliore” Attorney General plots protection rackets for the ultimate organized crime syndicate. Eric Holder is the latest … Continue reading

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Americans Derelict for Allowing the Clinton Crime Family

BATR Shame is the hallmark of a lost civilization.  Mislaid ethics is the cause of tolerating generational political corruption. The vast majority of docile bottom feeders live in apathetic denial. Their bewildered love for the congenital Clinton family crime syndicate … Continue reading

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Gun Self-Defense is a Natural Right

BATR The confusion that exists in today’s mercurial society is a direct result of not understanding the nature of individual human rights. All valid authority is based upon willing consent. The cornerstone of human being personhood is the inalienable right … Continue reading

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Money Center Banks and Stricter Financial Oversight

BATR – by James Hall, 2012 Once again, the practices of the “Too Big to Fail” banksters bring the financial money machine to the brink. The J.P. Morgan derivative losses and trading gambles by their “London Whale” demonstrates business as … Continue reading

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Clinton Foundation Bribes for Weapon Deals

BATR “Crooked Hillary” is not just a nickname; it is a way of life. For the latest generation of indoctrinated millennials, who were educated in the black hole of Clinton’s actual political conduct for decades, the notion of selling out … Continue reading

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The Psychotic Militarization of Law Enforcement

BATR How did it ever come down to abandoning peace keeping and accepting law enforcement by any means? Even the New York Times expresses alarm in, When the Police Go Military. “The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 generally bars the military … Continue reading

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Fear of America First by GOP Establishment

BATR “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the … Continue reading

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The 1916 Irish Uprising against British Imperialism

BATR With the Easter Rising of 1916, the world was introduced to the eulogy of Pax Britannica. Much like the coercion used by the Roman Empire, the British Crown were masters at colonial repression and exploitation of royal holdings. The … Continue reading

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