Zero Hedge – by Tom Luongo

We’ve all been so focused on the internal divisions in the U.S. and with Davos trying to run the table here that we’ve neglected somewhat old theses about the potential breakup of the European Union.

The EU is a mess.  Everyone knows this. Its banks are zombies.  Its bond markets oxymorons.  Its trade relations with the world degrading.  And its relationship with the people it nominally governs is turning toxic. Continue reading “Will Germany Finally Start The EU Breakup?”


A self-described “survivalist” who was “totally outfitted” in body armor allegedly shot and killed four people, including a baby, near Lakeland, Florida, before surrendering after a shootout with sheriff’s deputies.

The murders occurred around 4:30 am on Sunday, and the victims included a man, two women and a baby boy who died in his mother’s arms, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd told reporters. An 11-year-old girl also was shot multiple times but was expected to survive after being rushed to surgery. Continue reading “Former US Marine surrenders to police after killing four, including baby in his mother’s arms”

Breitbart – by AWR Hawkins

President Biden’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is gearing up to spend millions of taxpayer dollars fighting the “serious public health threat” posed by gun violence.

CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky referenced gun crime in various cities and said, “Something has to be done about this. Now is the time — it’s pedal to the metal time,” CNN reported. Continue reading “CDC to Spend Millions of Taxpayer Dollars on Gun ‘Health Threat’”

Lew Rockwell – by Bill Sardi

August 23, 2021: The U.S.  Food & Drug Administration announces the Pfizer COVID-19 RNA vaccine has been approved and will be marketed under the trade name COMIRNATY for the prevention of Covid-19 disease in individuals 16-years of age and older.

This announcement is said to provide needed safety data to many people who were waiting to get vaccinated.  Advocacy of vaccine hesitancy is now considered to be “misinformation” in the public square and is being censored in news reports. Continue reading “More Smoke And Mirrors: First Fda Approval of a Covid-19 Vaccine or Was It?”

Bizpac Review

Former Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill, who shot and killed Osama bin Laden, claims he and nine guys could rescue those stranded behind enemy lines in Afghanistan by killing every Taliban member they see while grabbing Americans.

O’Neill appeared on Fox News’ “Primetime” with Will Cain on Friday who explosively kicked off the segment asking, “I want to start with this, a report out today, it’s in the Washington Examiner. It’s by Tom Rogan and it says that major general Christopher Donahue of the United States military has said to his British counterpart ‘Hey, could you stop what you are doing? You are beginning to embarrass the United States of America.’ In other words, stop kicking ass, stop going forward and saving your people because you are making us look bad. What’s your response, Rob?” Continue reading “Ex-Navy SEAL wants to rescue Americans: ‘Give me 9 guys … We don’t ask the enemy for permission. We kick their ass, that’s it’”

Daily Mail

Teachers, bus drivers and other school workers in Washington and Oregon have two months to get fully vaccinated or lose their jobs, the governors of the Pacific Northwest states said.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee said the vaccine mandate will apply to 155,000 educators, leaders and staff at private, public and charter schools statewide. They won’t be able use negative tests in lieu of the vaccine. Continue reading “Washington and Oregon governors force ALL school workers to get jab to keep their jobs”


For more than two hundred years, America’s vast resources and industrious population amassed the largest pile of wealth in history. Now, the forces that generated that wealth are disappearing, but it is still there for the taking. Everybody is maneuvering to get a piece.

What’s one of the best ways to carve out a profit for oneself? Easy. Take advantage of America’s quiet love of affirmative action. Continue reading “Meet America’s Race Czars: A Shadowy Bureaucracy Deciding Who’s “Black Enough” to Get Government Perks”

Citizen Free Press  Continue reading “Biden just handed the Taliban a U.S. weapons goldmine”


Oregon Governor Kate Brown will deploy some 1,500 National Guard soldiers to aid hospitals flooded with coronavirus patients, citing the spread of the Delta variant as the state’s already short supply of ICU beds dwindles.

“To support our hospitals overstretched by patients during the Delta surge, I’m deploying 500 Oregon National Guard members, initially, to hospitals across the state,” Brown announced on Friday, adding that, eventually, “up to 1,500 Guard members will be available to support our hospital workers as needed.”
Continue reading “Oregon governor to deploy 1,500 National Guard troops to assist swamped hospitals”

Ammoland – by John Crump

ORLANDO, FL-( Rare Breed Triggers received a letter from the Tampa branch of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) stating its FRT-15 trigger is a machine gun.

The Rare Breed Triggers FRT-15 is a force reset trigger. When a trigger is pulled, the FRT-15 trigger’s sear forces the trigger to reset. The trigger dramatically speeds up the rate of fire of an AR15 style of firearm. A machinegun is a gun that fires more than one bullet with a single function of the trigger. The shooter has to pull the trigger for every round that is fired, the company correctly believes that the FRT-15 trigger is not a machine gun. But much like the bump stocks, the ATF disagreed with the company’s assertion. Continue reading “ATF Determines That The Rare Breed FRT-15 Trigger is A Machine Gun”

End of the American Dream – by Michael Snyder

Before this pandemic, it would have been unimaginable for Congress to consider a bill that would ban tens of millions of Americans from flying.  But now everything has changed.  A new bill has been introduced that would specifically ban all unvaccinated individuals from ever flying again.  When I first heard about this, I thought that it couldn’t possibly be true.  But it is true.  The following comes from the description of H.R. 4980 that has been posted on…  Continue reading “A Bill Has Been Introduced In Congress That Would Ban Tens Of Millions Of Americans From Flying”

The Post Millennial – by Alex Anas Ahmed

An Oregon high school diploma does not guarantee that students who earned it can read, write or do math at a high school level.

Governor Kate Brown dropped the requirement that students demonstrate they have achieved those essential skills by signing Senate Bill 744 into law. She declined again Friday to comment on why she supported suspending the proficiency requirements, reported OregonLive.

Continue reading “Oregon Governor signs new law allowing students to graduate without proving they can read, write, or do math”

Breitbart – by Joshua Caplan

Walmart’s corporate employees and management-level staff must receive the coronavirus vaccination by October 4, the retail giant’s CEO, Doug McMillon, announced in a memo Friday.

CNBC reports: Continue reading “Walmart Corporate Employees, Managers Must Receive Coronavirus Vaccine by Fall”

Law Enforcement Today – by Pat Droney

OREGON- While crime continues to spiral out of control in Oregon cities such as Portland, it must be gratifying to state residents that some in the state are laser-focused on issues such as eliminating hunting, fishing and trapping.

That is the hope of coastal elites in the state, who are hoping to put a dagger in Oregon’s tourism and sporting industries. Continue reading “Proposed ballot initiative in Oregon would ban hunting, fishing and trapping”

US Dept of Justice Maryland

Greenbelt, Maryland – A federal criminal complaint has been filed charging Thomas Patrick Connally, Jr., age 56, for the federal charges of threats against a federal official and interstate communication containing a threat to harm, specifically for sending emails threatening harm to Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Francis Collins, the current Director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  The criminal complaint was filed on July 26, 2021, and unsealed today upon Connally’s arrest.  Connally is expected to have an initial appearance in U.S. District Court in Greenbelt on Wednesday, July 28, 2021 before U.S. Magistrate Judge Timothy J. Sullivan.  Continue reading “Man Facing Federal Charges for Allegedly Sending Threatening Emails to Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Francis Collins at the National Institutes of Health”

US Provisional Government – by Emanuel Pastreich

The creation of new structures for domestic rule that are militarized, invisible to the public and offer no possibility of appeal to the judicial is the defining characteristic of the Biden administration. The Atlantic Council’s report “Domestic violent extremism and the intelligence challenge” (May, 2021) is the locus classicus for many new arguments made by the administration at congressional hearings and think tank seminars as camouflage for a radical transformation of law enforcement into a division of the intelligence structure. For that reason, the report deserves special attention. Continue reading “How the Atlantic Council’s “domestic extremism” argument lays the foundations for shadow governance”


A US appeals court has ruled against a longstanding federal restriction that prohibits sales of handguns to adults younger than 21, finding that the age-based ban is unconstitutional.

We refuse to relegate either the Second Amendment or 18- to 20-year-olds to a second-class status,” Judge Julius Richardson wrote in Tuesday’s ruling by the Fourth US Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia. Continue reading “US court rules that ban on handgun sales to adults 18-20yo is unconstitutional, striking down age limit that was enacted in 1960s”