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NOVE VESELI, Czech Republic (Reuters) – A popular line of toy figures in the Czech Republic have begun wearing face masks along with the rest of the country to raise funds to buy equipment for medical staff fighting the novel coronavirus.  Continue reading “Czech toys don masks to help medics tackle coronavirus”

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More than a dozen homes in a Northern California neighborhood were evacuated Thursday after emergency responders found hundreds of military explosives inside the residence of a 70-year-old man who died of apparent natural causes.

Investigators in Stockton didn’t immediately know how the man came to possess the explosives, FOX 40 of Sacramento reported. Continue reading “California homes evacuated after ‘hundreds’ of military explosives found in residence where 70-year-old man died”

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The mother of an 11-year-old Hamburg, New York boy who recently died from flu-related complications doesn’t want her son to be remembered as “just a statistic” but rather as “the wonderful boy he was.”

Luca Calanni died Saturday at Oishei Children’s Hospital, his mother, Ashley Calanni, told local news station WTKR.   Continue reading “New York boy, 11, dies from flu: ‘We don’t want Luca to become just a statistic’”

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Virginia dad on Sunday brutally beat a man after he caught him allegedly molesting his two young children, police said.

Deputies responded to a disturbance coming from a residence in the 6800 block of Luce Lane in Spotsylvania County Sunday morning, the sheriff’s office said in a press release. Continue reading “Virginia dad pummels man in bedroom allegedly molesting young kids, police say”

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Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan’s former president who has been living outside the country, was sentenced to death in absentia Tuesday on charges of high treason stemming from his decision to suspend the constitution and detain judges in 2007.

Salman Nadeem, a government law officer, told Reuters that Musharraf was found guilty of Article 6 “for violation of the constitution of Pakistan.”  The three-person court ruled in favor of the sentence 2-1.  Continue reading “Pervez Musharraf, former president of Pakistan, sentenced to death for treason”

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Back in 2017 as the socialist nation of Venezuela was spiraling downward into mass starvation, their President Nicolas Maduro put his national military in charge of the nation’s food system, a move that led to not only the Venezuelan military profiting from the Venezuelan people going hungry but many of the 30 million residents of the country barely getting one meal a day.  Continue reading “This Is How Close America Is To Disaster”

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Four big U.S. retailers — Walmart, Kroger, CVS and Walgreens — recently asked civilian customers to leave their guns at home.

While the issue is particularly profound at Walmart after shootings at its stores in Southaven, Mississippi and El Paso, Texas on July 30 and Aug. 3, neither the Bentonville, Arkansas-based retailer nor the others are acting in isolation.  Continue reading “These 10 restaurants and stores want customers to leave their guns at home”