Electric Intifada – by Ben Norton

Agents working for the US-headquartered real estate giant RE/MAX are promoting themselves as specialists in property built in Israel’s settlements on occupied Palestinian land.

The Colorado-based corporation which says it operates in nearly 100 countries was identified as responsible by a 2013 United Nations’ probe for how its Israeli franchises sell houses and apartments in the occupied West Bank.   Continue reading “How global real estate giant RE/MAX profits from stolen Palestinian land”

The Daily Sheeple

Do you believe the official story on Sandy Hook? Do you have irrefutable proof things happened the way the authorities, the media, and the government claim?

Well then, you can hand it over to YouTuber Joe Jones and claim your $25,000 reward today!   Continue reading “Man Offers $25,000 Cash Reward for Irrefutable Proof Sandy Hook Really Happened”

UPI – by Jared M. Feldschreiber

VILNIUS, Lithuania, Aug. 12 (UPI) — The United States Embassy in Vilnius announced a grant of $500,000 to set up training programs for early to mid-career journalists and other media professionals from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to combat Russian propaganda.

The initiative will provide training sessions and journalism workshops in these three countries, and also enable journalists to conduct their own investigations with cash reporting awards. Study trips to the United States to visit newsrooms, journalism schools and to learn about new models for funding will also be provided.   Continue reading “U.S. allocates $500,000 for Baltic journalism programs to combat Russian propaganda”

The Daily Sheeple – by Joshua Krause

When certain drugs are outlawed, it doesn’t stop people from wanting those drugs. They either turn to the black market, or try to find some kind of legal substitute for their drug of choice. The pharmaceutical industry is more than willing to fill that niche by producing drugs that, while legal, are often much more harmful, expensive, and addictive than the “street” drugs they replace. That’s probably why the number of Americans who die by overdosing on prescription drugs, has more than doubled since 2001.   Continue reading “Prescription Overdoses Decline in Medical Marijuana States”

Armstrong Economics – by Martin Armstrong

I have warned that if you are going to buy gold, make sure it is common date $20, $10, or $5 gold coins since bullion is going to become a dirty word. As of April 1, 2015, Chase Bank in the U.S. is advising its clients who rent safe deposit boxes that they may not use a safe deposit box to store cash or gold.

According to their new policy, “Contents of box: You agree not to store any cash or coins other than those found to have a collectible value.”   Continue reading “Money Laundering & Gold”

Activist Post – by Heather Callaghan

Washington is among the few states where marijuana is legal for medical and recreational use. Some lawmakers, along with the federal government, have yet to uncross their arms.

So, you might wonder why Tacoma – a hub for some 60 medical marijuana dispensaries is about to evict nearly all of them. They aren’t calling it eviction, of course – the city council is about to send letters to them that they now have 45 days to close their doors for good.   Continue reading “City To Evict Nearly All Medical Marijuana Shops”

Govt Slaves

()  An administrative law judge ruled last week that homeowners wishing to rent out rooms or their home on mobile apps such as AirBnB need to obtain a conditional use permit before doing so or be at risk for hefty fines up to $250,000.

During the course of the past year, City of San Diego staffers and elected officials have scrambled to catch up with what has been a growing popularity of home-rental websites. In February 2015, new regulations were posted on the city’s website notifying AirBnB hosts that they are required to pay transient occupancy taxes and other taxes. Continue reading “Homeowner Fined $25,000 For Renting Out Home On Mobile App, Without A Permit”

Ready Nutrition – by Tess Pennington

I am inspired by the very definition of self-reliance: to be reliant on one’s own capabilities, judgment, or resources. Ultimately, it is the epitome of independence and lays the groundwork of what we are all striving for – to live a life based on our personal principles and beliefs.

It is a concept rooted in the groundwork  that made America great. Being dependent on our own capabilities and resources helped create a strong, plentiful country for so long. That said, the existing country as it is now is entirely different than when it began.   Continue reading “Going Rogue: 15 Ways to Detach From the System”

Freedom Watch USA

(Palm Beach, Florida, August 11, 2015). Today, as predicted by many in the media who have been following this case, Klayman v. Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation (15-cv-80388 S.D. Fla), a federal judge appointed to the bench by President Bill Clinton, dismissed a lawsuit, filed under the Racketeering and Corrupt Organizations Act (“RICO”) and other causes of action, which was based on the Clintons’ acceptance of money from foreign and other donors in exchange for favors while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. In addition to filing suit, Larry Klayman asked the judge, Donald M. Middlebrooks, to take into custody Hillary Clinton’s private email server and the thumb drive containing classified information – still in possession of her attorney, David Kendall. The predicate acts of RICO alleged in the complaint hinged on the obstruction of justice in defendants having secreted or destroyed emails evidencing their crimes, most notably the sale of waivers to do business with Iran and the release of classified information about U.S.-Israeli war plans should the nuclear facilities of this terrorist state have to be removed militarily.   Continue reading “Clinton-Appointed Judge Dismisses Rico Case Against Clintons”

Natural News – by Pulford

Epsom salt have been used by many different cultures for hundreds of years. They have a number of different beneficial properties and are used in gardening, household cleaning, and detoxifying the body. Not all external uses for magnesium sulfate have been approved by the FDA. Epsom salt should not be used in place of medication prescribed for you by your doctor.

Epsom salt is high in magnesium; the second most abundant element in humans. Magnesium helps to regulate over 325 enzymes and helps with numerous bodily functions. Most of us are deficient in magnesium (it’s estimated that upwards of 80% of the population are deficient!).   Continue reading “12 Amazing Uses For Epsom Salt You Never Thought Of”

Natural News – by LJ Devon

June 2015: Jolted awake at one in the morning, Veronica Onyskiw of Ontario Canada awoke to the sound of a loud revving car engine. That’s how she described the noise that was growing outside her home. She looked outside and quickly noticed a burning light outside the house, lighting up her backyard. As the revving sound grew louder, the lights in the house dimmed. Then suddenly, the lights went out and an explosion went off. Consumed by the smell of burning plastic and a fear that people were trying to burn down her house, she rushed to the landline phone only to realize it was dead. The smoke alarms weren’t working either. Reaching for her cell phone and rushing outside, she saw the fire, scaling and crawling across the back of her home. The bursts, the cracking, and the popping were coming from the recently installed government mandated Smart Meter. Firefighters on the scene confirmed that the faulty Smart Meter caused the fire, a problem that continues to be reported on throughout North America.   Continue reading “Smart Meters mandated by government spontaneously exploding, setting off fires in private homes”

Anti-Media by Carey Wedler

The Chicago Police’s CIA-style black site, Homan Square, has seen more people detained than died on 9/11 or imprisoned at Guantanamo, according to a new report by the Guardian. The newspaper, which sued the Chicago police to obtain further details on Homan Square, reports overwhelming targeting of minorities as well as other sordid and violative policies.

From 2004 to 2015, at least 3,500 people were detained at Homan Square. These records do not cover the full span of the facility’s tenure, as it has been open since 1995. According to the Guardian, a grossly disproportionate ratio of detainees were minorities, “many accused of low-level drug crimes, [and] faced with incriminating themselves before their arrests appeared in a booking system by which their families and attorneys might find them.”   Continue reading “Thousands Of Americans Have Been Illegally Detained In Chicago’s CIA-Style Detention Center”

Natural News – by Paul Fassa

The labels on retail Roundup containers state in large letters, “Did You Know? Glyphosate targets an enzyme only found in plants and not in humans or animals.”

The reality is quite different of course, and plaintiff attorney T. Matthew Phillips for the truth in advertising lawsuit against Monsanto has the science behind him. Roundup targets the enzyme EPSP synthase, and it is in animals and humans. Continue reading “Showdown soon in Los Angeles: Lawsuit against Monsanto for Roundup false advertising”

The Narcosphere – by Bill Conroy

Clinton Asked Lanny Davis, Longtime Clinton Operative and Lobbyist for Pro-Coup Honduran Businesses, to Arrange Phone Meeting with Coup Dictator

Buried in the latest trove of Hillary Clinton emails made public last week are some missives that shed new light on the former Secretary of State’s role in seemingly undermining President Barack Obama’s policy in dealing with the 2009 coup d’état in Honduras.   Continue reading “Emails Show Secretary Clinton Disobeyed Obama Policy And Continued Funding For Honduras Coup Regime”

NEO – by Eric Draitser

It is late July 2015, and the media is abuzz with the news that Turkey will allow US jets to use its bases to bomb Islamic State (ISIS) targets in Syria. There is much talk about how this development is a “game-changer,” and how this is a clear escalation of the much ballyhooed, but more fictional than real, US war on ISIS: the terror organization that US intelligence welcomed as a positive development in 2012 in their continued attempts to instigate regime change against the Syrian government led by Bashar al-Assad.   Continue reading “The Fake War on ISIS: US and Turkey Escalate in Syria”

Free Thought Project – by John Vibes

Over the years, it has been difficult to tell exactly how many people have been killed by police. So many cases are swept under the rug and totally ignored because the suspect was “guilty” of some small nonviolent offense, or because they ran from the police.

Luckily, in recent years as the alternative media has begun to expose police killings, independent organizations are beginning to keep a tally of every killing they possibly can. This tallying is done to give the public a more accurate figure, and show them how much of a problem this actually is.   Continue reading “121 Dead: July Was the Deadliest Month in Recent History for Police Killings”

Jon Rappoport

“…the [CDC] co-authors scheduled a meeting to destroy documents related to the [MMR vaccine] study. The remaining four co-authors all met and brought a big garbage can into the meeting room and reviewed and went through all the hard copy documents that we had thought we should discard and put them in a huge garbage can.” (William Thompson, CDC researcher)

On July 29, US Congressman Bill Posey made his last stand on the floor of the House. Granted five minutes to speak, he laid bare the lying of the CDC in a now-famous 2004 study that exonerated the MMR vaccine and claimed it had no connection to autism.   Continue reading “CDC destroyed vaccine documents, Congressman reveals; CDC whistleblower case is back”

Daily Caller – by Rachel Stoltzfoos

Another tech giant that says it must import foreign workers because there aren’t enough skilled American workers in the industry is laying off thousands of workers.

Qualcomm — a major producer of smartphone chips – announced last week it’s eliminating 15 percent of its workforce or about 4,500 employees, just weeks after fellow tech giant Microsoft announced a massive round of layoffs.   Continue reading “Another Tech Giant Lays off Thousands, Wants Access to More Foreign Workers”

Investment Watchblog


yeah, after they cut and pasted them to disc, I’m sure.

from csmonitor:

Privacy advocates, rejoice.

In what has become an ongoing struggle to maintain Americans’ privacy rights in national security measures, the National Security Agency (NSA) has agreed to destroy millions of Americans’ phone records collected under its contentious surveillance program, the Associated Press reports.   Continue reading “NSA says it’s destroying all phone records of Americans.”