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The TSA Is Expanding Its Reach Far Beyond Airport Security

Business Insider – by Paul Szoldra The next time you have to take off your shoes and get searched by an employee of the Transportation Security Administration, it may not be at the airport. Ron Nixon reports in The New … Continue reading

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$3 Billion Will Lease the Best Congress Money Can Buy, Lock, Stock And Stinking Barrels for a Year

Before It’s News Over lunch. What really goes on in the corridors of power? The NSA has said that they cannot just take anyone off the street and let them know what’s happening for real… The truth is, we do … Continue reading

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Mars 3D flyover video shows digital mapping of the Red Planet

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Neuroscientists Discover New ‘Mini-Neural Computer’ in the Brain

Science Daily Dendrites, the branch-like projections of neurons, were once thought to be passive wiring in the brain. But now researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have shown that these dendrites do more than relay information … Continue reading

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Quite Incredible! A 3-D “Home Position” Finder Without the Google Earth Hassles – Faster and Higher Res, too

Before It’s News NO place to hide! Better, faster than Google Earth… and if I was the NSA I’d give it away free too… Now, being a Conspiracy theorist, I don’t suspect a thing and am using this myself because it doesn’t … Continue reading

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Obama Signs Bill to Raise Debt Limit, Reopen Government with Over 100% Debt-To-Gdp Ratio

Before It’s News A Mexican Standoff was created last month when the Tea Party pushed GOP leaders to use the threat of shutdown to block a possibly fatally flawed expansion of federally funded health coverage – you can’t even register for … Continue reading

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ALERT: Government Freezes EBT Funds: Orders States to Withhold Transfers to Food Stamp Recipients – by Mac Slavo This weekend America witnessed a limited crash in the computer systems that manage electronic benefit transfers across the country. Within hours of the crash panicked food stamp recipients who were left with no way to … Continue reading

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The Bush Family has been Running the White House Since 1980

Before It’s News I love it when anyone puts aside bias and peer-pressured inclination, reads history from more than one side and connects the dots with common sense logic. We’ve all heard the allegations about Bush Senior and IBM and the … Continue reading

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Obamacare – More Than a Glitch – Hilarious Ad Destroys Obamacare – Heritage Foundation

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NASA Photographs Show 60% INCREASE in Polar Ice Last Year. World Bank Global Warming Video Graphics Show Ice Caps Shrinking… Who’s Lying?

Before It’s News SCARY MOVIES The film Final Hours shows a possible THEORY on how our planet has experienced five major extinctions in geologic history and how “our prolific production of greenhouse gases has the ability to trigger a sixth … Continue reading

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How Redistribution to the Rich Has Broken the Back of America

Common Dreams – by Paul Buchheit Conservative columnist Thomas Sowell recently declared, “The history of the 20th century is full of examples of countries that set out to redistribute wealth and ended up redistributing poverty.” Ironically for thinkers like him, … Continue reading

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Epic fail: 99% of Obamacare applications can’t be processed, ‘nightmare scenario’ coming in January

Natural News – by Mike Adams Obamacare is going to crash and burn from technical issues more than political concerns, it seems. You’ve probably already heard that virtually no one can sign up using the online Obamacare exchanges. The web forms are broken. The … Continue reading

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Robotics revolution to replace most human workers in three generations; labor class to be systematically eliminated

Natural News – by Mike Adams As much as seventy percent of the human race will become obsolete within just three generations. Why? Because robotics technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that highly-capable humanoid robots with advanced vision … Continue reading

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Brian Williams, NBC Nightly News on Fukushima, “the Coverage is Designed to Calm People.” Of 99 Nuclear Accidents only Three Have Leaked into Main Stream Media Fukushima, Chernobyle and Three Mile Island.

Before It’s News Sociopaths believe the truth is whatever they declare it to be. They think they have nothing to fear but a frightened public and make attempts to “Calm People.” Here’s an example: Nuclear advocate Stuart Arm maintains that, … Continue reading

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Government Will Not Save You From Corporations

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US Has more People in Jail than China and Russia Combined. What’s Wrong With that Picture?

Before It’s News Prisons for Profit? Why not? Anything for profit if you don’t mind that fact that the love of money is root of all evil – life-long debt, a Permanent War Policy, killer vaccinations and addictive prescription drugs, lone nuts on Ritalin … Continue reading

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In Stinging Rebuke at UN, Brazilian President Rails Against NSA Spying

Common Dreams – by Sarah Lazare In a furious critique that opened the UN’s General Assembly meeting Tuesday immediately before President Obama took the podium, Brazil’s president Dilma Rousseff blasted U.S. secret surveillance programs for violating her country’s national sovereignty, … Continue reading

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AFL/CIO Elizabeth Warren: “The American people know that the system is rigged against them.”

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U.S SOLDIERS Expose Martial Law Agenda Plans 2013

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DJI Phantom – Niagara Falls

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