Lew Rockwell – by Andrew P. Napolitano

When former spy Edward Snowden revealed to the world that the federal government is spying on most Americans, most Americans were surprised and unhappy. But half of official Washington yawned before it roared. Somehow the people in the government had a pretty good idea of what government spies are doing, and they more or less approve of it – but not all of them.

Politicians as diverse as Republican Speaker John Boehner and Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein called Snowden a traitor. So did former Vice President Dick Cheney, and President Obama said that for once Cheney’s words were music to his ears. On the other hand, former Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Republican Sen. Rand Paul, my Fox News colleague Bill O’Reilly and I have all referred to Snowden as a hero.   Continue reading “Fidelity to the Constitution When We Need It”

Before It’s News

The fact that ‘the system’ is not made for you and I, but for the rich and powerful, should seriously be in our faces by now.

Sharing, under the so-called Judeo Christian Capitalist Boom-Bust ‘work ethic’ does not exist on any real scale, anywhere; profit before people and a system heavily skewing the distribution of wealth is the norm.   Continue reading “Prepping: “The Localization of Economies” or Growing Your Own Food Vs the Globalisation of Capitalist Economies and the Virtual Genocide of ‘the Poor””