SHTF Plan – by Mac Slavo

Central bankers at the Federal Reserve are warning Americans that they plan to take action and enslave you for the next 18 months. Neel Kashkari, the head of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, basically said that central bankers own you and they want ultimate control for the next 18 months, according to a report by Market Watch.  Continue reading “Central Bankers: We Own You! Prepare For 13 Months of Shutdowns”

Sovereign Man – by Simon Black

For this week’s round-up of articles, we noticed a theme: the most alarming articles are about governments going over-the-top, grabbing powers in the name of stopping the Coronavirus.  Continue reading “WHO Wants to Separate Families “in a safe and dignified manner” — And Other Insane Weekly News”

My Fellow Americans, And Freeman Around The World,

The Time Is Upon Us To Choose,… Liberty Or Enslavement,… To FIGHT or Submit!

It is painfully clear now, that the global war to enslave all of mankind is now in full operation.  Continue reading “The Time Is Upon Us To Choose,… Liberty Or Enslavement,… To FIGHT or Submit!”

Hi Everyone,

I live here in the God Forsaken State of Nazi-Jersey, with it’s treasonous governor, Phil “Stalin” Murphy. NJ has now gone Full Retard with it’s EO (Executive Order,.. you know,.. illegal requirements..) that if you want to go shopping, you now have to wear a bra-cup on your face,.. or something similar.

Continue reading “NJ Goes FULL RETARD! – “Gov. Murphy: Masks Now Required At NJ Stores””

Ok, here it comes, clearly the psychopaths who have created and are manipulating this scamdemic, want to up the ante and now have people to be literally trained to perform like cattle, this will make exterminating SOOOooooo much easier when the time comes!   Continue reading “WALMART will begin LIMITING customers into their stores nationwide”

This really sounds like another Kennedy assassination, particularly since the Kennedy descents who died of a “boating accident” were both against vaccines. (or at least that is what is mentioned at the bottom of the story).  Continue reading “Kathleen Kennedy Townsend’s daughter and grandson missing in canoeing accident”

In this video, Jim goes into detail about: Corona Virus, The Chinese Outbreak Of Swine Flu (Killed Over 100 million swine) & British Airplane Routes, 5g and Corona-virus, Second Half of this video (at about 34 min) about personal issues – interesting but not of any real value. Continue reading “Jim Willie: 2020 U.S. Election Cancelled?”

This is video 1 of another 2 videos of Jim Willie, which are far better in content and appearance than the last two. In these videos, he goes in technical details that you may not fully understand, but if you stick it through, after you hear this kind of subject material a few times, it starts to make sense to you. Continue reading “Jim Willie: Putin Killing The Dollar, Seeding World With Yuan Via Oil”

Hi Everyone,

JD here, really enjoyed todays show and getting back in the saddle. Brain still making some squeaking noises hence the “Markle” mistake yesterday, but I can feel the WD40 starting to work and my thinking processes starting to kick-in again. (Today is Wednesday?… right?….) Continue reading “Jim Willie – Hot Off The Press”