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Time For Buttigieg And Biden To Go

Video Rebel’s Blog Pete Buttigieg disqualified himself for the presidency when he stole the blankets and cold weather gear from the homeless of South Bend. It will be 16 degrees F tomorrow morning in the mayor’s hometown. What he did … Continue reading

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Join Catherine’s Meme War Against DC Swamp Creatures.

Video Rebel’s Blog Dr Mark Skidmore had worked on state budgets where the biggest missing money item was $300. He saw Catherine Austin Fitts talking about billions of dollars missing from federal programs. He decided she must have meant millions … Continue reading

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Take The Adversary Down With Short, Powerful Arguments

Video Rebel’s Blog Suppose people are talking about Medicare for All which some call Single Payer and you want a short but powerful counter argument. Try this: If you take five annual flu shots, your chances of getting Early Onset … Continue reading

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Soros And the Rothschilds Might Have Tipped Their 2020 Hand

Video Rebel’s Blog One way to make an educated guess about the future is to keep a close eye on the Bankers as they have more power than any other group in the world. As David Rothkopf said in Superclass, … Continue reading

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Dr Skidmore, The Kurds, Iran and The Politicians

Video Rebel’s Blog Catherine Austin Fitts was the managing partner at Dillon Read Investment Bank when she quit her job to serve as Assistant Secretary of Housing in the first Bush administration. Once she went to San Diego where she … Continue reading

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I grew up in earthquake country.

A Grand Solar Minimum is a period in time when the sun is less active and has fewer sunspots. The Maunder Minimum was 1645-1715. The Dalton Minimum was about 1786 to 1816. Below is an excerpt from a recent news … Continue reading

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Why Do You Let Politicians Control Your Immune System?

Video Rebel’s Blog These are the same politicians who lie to you, let Wall Street steal your pensions, let Bankers steal trillions of your tax dollars and get your friends and relatives to die in foreign wars America never needed. … Continue reading

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The Deep State Vs The 2nd Amendment

Video Rebel’s Blog When George W Bush was President, the Deep State created a list of 8 million Americans to be detained in case of a National Emergency. That list surely has grown since Democracy Now and Salon looked at … Continue reading

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Deep State: 18 Years After 911

Video Rebel’s Blog Paul Craig Roberts has brought a new focus to 911, the involvement of former FBI Director Robert Mueller in the coverup. Dr Roberts also highlighted the recently released four year study on the collapse of WTC Tower … Continue reading

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What If The Deep State Had Left Black People Alone?

Video Rebel’s Blog A black child with two parents and a library card will grow up to make more money than the average white. Apparently, the ability to read and to behave in public is a far greater predictor of … Continue reading

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My letter to Tulsi Gabbard’s staff

If the DNC denies Tulsi Gabbard admission to the next debate, I would suggest she go on the floor with questions for her fellow Presidential candidates. Each of the following questions should be asked on separate days. The media can’t … Continue reading

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First. Nationwide Food Riots, Then …

Video Rebel’s Blog In the last Depression 3 million Americans starved to death. Since then we have added 202 million people thanks the benefits the Elite get from unlimited legal and illegal immigration. I estimate that America will lose at … Continue reading

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Convincing Democrats To Support Borders And Honest Elections

Video Rebel’s Blog Last week I explained that politicians were throwing $12 billion a week out the window because they refused to examine the consequences of not still having President Lincoln’s Greenbacks. The real question is this: How do we … Continue reading

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DC Fritters Away $12 Billion A Week. Ask them, why?

Video Rebel’s Blog Tulsi Gabbard has moved the Overton Window on what is acceptable discussion when it comes to U.S. foreign policy. She has punctured the rose-tinted narrative being constructed around establishment favorites like Harris.   Ali A. Taj from … Continue reading

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Kamala Harris Has To Answer For Not Prosecuting Steve Mnuchin

Huffington Post – by Jess Mechanic Kamala Harris has been deemed the democratic party establishment’s next big thing. They’re pushing her as the figure head of the resistance, the anti-Trump: a staunch, strong progressive who relies on her intelligence and … Continue reading

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The Mar a Lago Accords And Permanent Poverty

Video Rebel’s Blog Jim Rickards has written a new book Aftermath. In chapter 6 he discusses the Mar a Lago Accords. He has previously predicted $10,000 gold and $400 silver with no reliable date as to when that happens . … Continue reading

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A Few Grievances Against The 30 Families

Video Rebel’s Blog The World is run by 30 Families and their 6,000 Minions.  David Rothkopf, former CEO of Kissinger Associates. Rothkopf is currently hosting Deep State Radio, a podcast on Sound Cloud. 

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Brain damage in kids. The gut connection

Video Rebel’s Blog These notes are from the video below. 54% of all American children have chronic illnesses. That means we face societal collapse in 10 to 15 years when our children are supposed to enter the workforce and the … Continue reading

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Ten years after 7/7: 13 holes in government & media account of 2005 London Bombings

Video Rebel’s Blog This 30 minute video was produced by British people whose work I value. 

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The Deep State Killed Michael Hastings 6 Years Ago

Video Rebel’s Blog Michael Hastings was a war correspondent. And he was a resistance fighter who knew he was at war with the American government. He said the following before he was murdered: ‘The Obama administration has clearly declared war … Continue reading

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