Baby Delivery

My dear friends, as you know things are speedily going south. In all of your preps have you considered that you may be in a position to assist in or deliver a baby? No matter what is going on babies will still be born. Please look into how to deliver a baby in an emergency. There are many videos on the internet. Have a birthing kit on hand just in case. It is very inexpensive to make.

In a grid down situation how are we going to alert others in an emergency? I suggest a simple yet effective alert system, a whistle. Equip your neighbors with one so you can alert each other when help is needed. It does not matter if your neighbors are aware of the agenda at hand or not, everyone can relate to loss of power in a disaster.

6 thoughts on “Baby Delivery

  1. I actually delivered my daughter at home, aided by my paramedic hubby (and even three year old son, who comforted me as well). Yet there was a problem–while my daughter was delivered, her placenta was not, so I still wound up in the hospital and my doctor took out the placenta. (BTW, I was 40 at the time). So this is another possibility that one needs to prepare for, especially for women over 35 or so. In other words, delivering your child alone is not a vey good idea…at least get some EMT or paramedic or mid-wife or a nurse or someone who has handled deliveries to be at your side. After all, someone in the know has to “cut the cord” if you know what I mean.

    1. Yup
      I cut the cord on my daughter
      And that’s one gritty tuff hose to snip
      And it definitely needs to be clamped off properly
      And not for the weak stomach types

  2. If these shots work as Doktor Bill Gates has planned, the sterilization of women will be done.
    With the reporting of adverse menstrual periods affecting many female jab recipients it would seem everything is on schedule, so maybe birthing will become a lost art?
    I don’t want to be one to say “I toad a so”, so don’t get jabbed.

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